EditPad Classic distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

EditPad is copyright (C) 1996-2000, by Jan Goyvaerts.

The software (EditPad Classic) is provided "as is". In no event shall I, the author, be liable for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance or use of this software. This software has been written with great care but I do not warrant that the software is error free.
You may not attempt to reverse compile, modify, translate or disassemble the software in whole or in part.

You may freely give copies of EditPad Classic to others, as long as the software is unmodified. You may not change a single bit, you may not exclude any files or add any to the package and you may not make EditPad Classic part of another package.
You may not charge any money for the copying and/or distribution of EditPad Classic, also not for EditPad itself.

EditPad Classic is postcardware. You are allowed to install EditPad and to try it out for a short while (a week or two), but if you want to continue using it you are kindly requested to "pay" by sending the author a nice postcard to the address shown below.
A postcard is a piece of thick paper with a pretty picture on one side (showing something about where you live, what you do, what you like, etc.) and some nice words written by the sender on the other side.
I collect postcards. Only real ones, not the electronic/virtual version.
Used phone cards are also welcome, as my sister collects them.

After your postcard has arrived, you are allowed to use EditPad Classic for as long and as much as you want, without any other cost. You also have the right then to update your copy of EditPad Classicwhen new versions come out.
If you mention your email address very clearly on the postcard, I will send you a message when I receive your postcard.

Please note that this "payment" is strictly personal. Everyone who uses EditPad Classic has to register, even if someone else installed it on your computer or if you found it on some CD-ROM you bought. (You paid for the CD, not for EditPad Classic.)

Even if EditPad Classic seems to be a simple application, writing it was not a very easy task. So if you like it, send me a nice postcard.
If everyone would say "thank you" when someone else did or said something nice, this world would be a much better place.

If you feel that EditPad Classic is definitively worth some money, feel free to put your postcard in an envelope and include a few dollars (or your local currency). This will surely encourage me to go on with the development of new EditPad versions.
You may also consider buying a license to EditPad Pro at http://www.editpadpro.com

Send your postcards to this address:

Jan Goyvaerts
Lerrekensstraat 5
2220 Heist-op-den-Berg

EditPad Classic may be freely distributed on the conditions that this is done by duplicating the .zip file as can be downloaded from the author`s web site (http://www.jgsoft.com) and that no money is charged for EditPad Classic itself (which the recipient must be aware of).
EditPad Classic may not in any way be distributed as part of another package, unless that package is a collection of freeware and shareware packages and is clearly advertised as being that.

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