Email Address Juggler distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

a. You are automatically licensed to use this software within the terms of this agreement in its unmodified free/shareware form, or in its upgraded form if you are the registered user of the software.

b. You may freely distribute the software to other potential users but only in its original, unmodified free/shareware form complete with this licensing agreement.

c. Unofficial upgrades in any form are strictly prohibited. Registration numbers or user names must not be disclosed to any unauthorised third party.

d. Registration is not transferable without the prior permission of Mirage Audio Visual Media.

e. You may not upgrade more than one copy of this software for each registration purchased.

f. You will not attempt to plagiarise, disassemble, decompile or modify the software or associated documentation in any way.

g. You will not use the software to send unsolicited promotional material, obscene, racist or any other offensive material to any other person.

h. Title to this software shall remain with Mirage Audio Visual Media which reserves the right to, without notice, and for any reason, cancel any rights a user may have to continue using the software. If requested to do so by Mirage Audio Visual Media, the user will immediately and indefinitely desist from using the software and permanently remove it from their computer. The user will not be entitled to any compensation.

i. You must include your valid reply address in all email sent with this software.

j. You will comply promptly with any request by an addressee to remove their address from your mailing list(s).

k. This software and associated information and files are provided `as is` and neither the author nor his agents will be held responsible for loss or damage of any nature arising either directly or indirectly as a result of its use or misuse. No warranty of any kind is given relating to the accuracy or suitability of this software or associated information or files for any particular purpose.

l. In the event of a dispute all parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in England.

m. In any event, the liability of the author or his agent will not exceed either (at their discretion) a replacement of the product or refund of the original purchase price.

n. Mirage Audio Visual Media will be entitled to claim damages from any user who does not fully comply with the requirements herein. By using this software you agree to be bound by all the above conditions.

You may freely distribute the software to other potential users but only in its original, unmodified free/shareware form complete with the Licensing Agreement.

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