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 9001 St. Gallen Switzerland

English Text Attribution 2.0

Text Attribution to a particular subject field. Content recognition. Statistics of meanings.

English Question Answering 2.0

Question Answering: English. Ask a question. Get an answer.

German Question Answering 2.0

Question Answering: German. Ask a question. Get an answer.

Linguaterm 2.0

Multilingual electronic thesaurus of linguistic terminology

Geoatlas 2.0

Electronic thesaurus of place names. Groups together related place names. Describes location for countries. English, German, French and Italian.

Softhesaurus 2.0

English electronic thesaurus

English into plain English Translation 3.0

English into plain English machine translation

Logical Inference (English) 1.0

Logical Inference: English

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