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Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple VOB Files Into One Software 7.0

Append multiple VOB files. Save result as a new file.

Convert Multiple CSV Files To Text Files Software 7.0

Convert one of many CSV (comma-separated) files into text files. Replace commas or comma-spaces with other characters.

CNN News Ticker (Automatic Scroll and Crawl) Software 7.0

Automatically show headlines from cnn.com at the bottom right corner of the screen every so often. These headlines lead to articles when clicked. This application sits in the system tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Control Time Spent On Computer Software 7.0

Set time range for the computer to be used. Computer will be locked with username and password during unusable times.

PDF To SWF Converter Software 7.0

Convert multiple PDF`s to SWF`s.

Swap Left and Right Mouse Buttons Software 7.0

Swap mouse buttons with one another to create a left-handed mouse.

DWG To PDF Converter Software 7.0

Convert multiple DWG`s to PDF`s.

GIF To JPG Batch Converter Software 7.0

Convert multiple GIF`s to JPG`s.

DWG To JPG Converter Software 7.0

Convert multiple DWG`s to JPG`s.

Filter Text Lists Software 7.0

Filter lines in text files based on characters they do or do not contain.

Text To Morse Code Converter Software 7.0

Convert multiple characters to morse code. Play results as audio or save results as text files.

Clipboard Editor Software 7.0

Change the contents of the clipboard. Remove or replace user-specified characters, spaces, enters, tabs, etc. Add character(s) to beginning, end or inside by position or referencing surrounding character(s). Remove alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric.

FLAC To MP3 Converter Software 7.0

Convert multiple FLAC`s to MP3`s.

Crawl Multiple Sites Looking For Links Software 7.0

Find HTML and file links within one or many specified URLs. Save results as text files.

MS Project Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple Project Files Into One Software 7.0

Combine data in many MS Project files into one. Project 2000 or higher required.

MS PowerPoint To Flash Batch Converter Software 7.0

Convert many PowerPoint files into SWF`s. PowerPoint 2000 or higher required.

MS PowerPoint Marketing Plan Presentation Template Software 7.0

Create marketing plan presentation templates in MS PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2000 or higher required.

MS Project Import Multiple Text Files Software 7.0

Import one or more text files into a blank MS Project file. Project 2000 or higher required.

MS Word Add Headers and Footers To Multiple Documents Software 7.0

Change headers and footers in one or more Word files. Text can be added to the end of existing headers and footers, or the existing headers and footers can be replaced with new ones.

MS Word Print Multiple Documents Software 7.0

Print many MS Word files without having to open each one. Word 2000 or higher required.

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