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pack.zip - archive ZIP
>pack.zip\exertrack legs standing barbell calf raises podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack podcast welcome advanced.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack shoulder barbell squat podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack shoulder bent over row podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack shoulder front dumbell raise podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack shoulder military press podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack shoulder military press podcast_1.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack podcast General Guidelines.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack podcast tips.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\Exertrack podcast Welcome.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack abs knee raises podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack abs twist crunch podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack arms bicep barbell curl podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack arms biceps concentration curls podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack arms tricep dumbbell kickback podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack arms triceps lying barbell extension podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack back seated back pulldown podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack back seated front pulldown podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack chest Flat bench press podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack chest Inclined bench press podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack legs deadlift podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack legs leg press podcast.mp3 - OK
>pack.zip\exertrack legs Lunge podcast.mp3 - OK
pack.zip - OK
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