Update list for Exult XML Conversion Wizard

Exult XML Conversion Wizard 2.5 changelog from April 2, 2008

Nov 05, 2007

1. Bug fix to truncate column names to the correct limit for each
database. Particularly important for Microsoft Access since the
limit is a very low 32 characters.

2. Bug fix: Change in the case of element names in XML needs to be
properly accounted for by creating the column names. This is
required since the database column names are not case-sensitive.

3. Facility to directly read XML from a URLs added (currently
supporting http or ftp).

4. Using the more secure SHA algorithm for computing the hash value of
an XML file to decide whether to it has been previously loaded.

Aug 03, 2007

Exult 2.3 released.

1. Bug fix in handling NULL values arising due to non-existent XML

2. Eliminated silent truncation of column data under some conditions.

Exult XML Conversion Wizard 2.4 changelog from January 10, 2008

Nov 05, 2007

1. Truncate column names to the correct limit for each database.

2. Correct handling of XML element names which differ only in case.

Older Exult XML Conversion Wizard versions:

2.5 (Apr 2, 2008)2.4 (Jan 10, 2008)

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