Flash Web Kit - Flash Website Builder - Professional Edition distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

IntroWizard Flash Website Builder Trial License

Rest assured, No Spyware or Ad-Ware is in this software trial.

Key Points:
1 The trial can be used for an unlimited amount of time for free. Please buy the Flash Website Builder online if you like it at: http://www.IntroWizard.com/store/

2 Free support tutorials, knowledge base, and community forums can be accessed online at: http://support.IntroWizard.com

3 Enjoy evaluating the trial, and if you like it, buy the IntroWizard Flash Website Builder to receive the full version with no time limit: www.IntroWizard.com/store/

4 Please do not abuse the image feature by using copyrighted images in designs you create. Please ask for permission from the author for any images you would like to use.

5 This trial can be distributed freely unmodified as provided from IntroWizard.com. More information about this software can be found online at: www.IntroWizard.com/flash-website-builder/

This trial is for evaluation purposes, if you enjoy using it, please consider buying the IntroWizard Flash Website Builder. You can do so online at: www.introwizard.com/store/.
IntroWizard Technologies reserves any rights not stated in this agreement and does not imply any warrantees or guarantees as to the working of this program and is not liable for any damages caused by downloading or using this product. By installing this product you agree to be bound by these terms.
If the trial does not install, please download a new copy of the trial from www.introwizard.com/downloads/.

Free distribution or in uses like on a magazine CD or in a contest.

Please contact us if you should have any questions or visit www.IntroWizard.com for more information about any IntroWizard products.

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