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Jet Lane Racing 1.89

3D racing game.

3D racing game. Racing on the most challenging tracks in the galaxy! Race through tunnels, loops, and blazing fast corners to win races and unlock tracks and new ships.

Jet Lane Racing 64bit

Simulation Freeware, On June 27, 2017 updated, downloaded 133 times.

Top Solitaire 1.0

Top Solitaire includes 500+ card games.

Top Solitaire 1.0 is a free solitaire game with 500+ Top Solitaire 1.0 games. This program includes Adding Games, Baker's Dozen, Beleaguered Castle, Canfield, Faerie Queen, Fan Games, Flower Garden, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, FreeCell, Klondike, Mathematical, Memory Games, Non-Builders, Pairing Games, Puzzel Games, Queen of Italy, Row Games, Simple Games, Sir Tommy, Sly Fox, Spider, Yukon, One-Deck, Two-Deck, Four-Deck and Stripped Deck Games.

Cards (Solitaire, Poker) Freeware, On June 22, 2011 updated, downloaded 54 times.

Tram Simulator 1.00

2D Tram Simulator

You start as an ordinary driver with the fact that you-ll be recognizing new lines, fulfill the demans for opening those other lines and earn money for new trams.

Tram Simulator 64bit

Simulation Freeware, On March 19, 2011 updated, downloaded 106 times.

Super Mario Bros. X 1.2.2

Massive fan remake of Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. X 1.2.2 is a massive project that blends elements from Super Mario 1, 2, 3 and World. It has many power ups, such as the Hammer Suit, Tanooki Suit, Kuribo's shoe, The Billy Gun, and many old and new Yoshis. You can also play the game with a friend in the 2 player co-op mode, were the screen seamlessly splits and combines as the players separate and rejoin.

Super Mario Bros. X 64bit

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On July 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 115 times.

PC Backgammon Online 2.2

Online backgammon room with thousands players

Welcome to the amazing backgammon world where you can play for real money or for fun absolutely free of charge. Our room is one of the biggest online and you can play with thousands players from all over the world any moment. The software offers classical backgammon (tavla) for 2 players with perfect 3D graphics and sound, the board is set in a traditional wood colors. Playing with others you can see their national flag and skill level.

PC Backgammon Online 64bit

Board Games Freeware, On June 12, 2011 updated, downloaded 72 times.

Barbie Dress Up Game 1.0

Game for girls. Barbie dress up

Game for girls. Barbie dress up. Chose from over 20 dresses, make your doll stylish. Many fashionable styles for your Barbie doll. Dressing up Barbie will help you improve your own style.

Kids Freeware, On May 14, 2010 updated, downloaded 83 times.

Cartoon Mahjong 1.0

Popular addictive free game for kids

Popular addictive free game for kids and everybody by Find identical tiles and click at them to delete. But pay attention that the tiles should be unlocked, i.e. no tile above-below or to the left-right. Tiles with figures and pets with text match even if they are not identical. Cartoon Mahjong 1.0 is extremely bright, colorful and relaxing.

Cartoon Mahjong 64bit

Puzzle solving and Tetris Freeware, On March 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 82 times.

Program Five 6_49 2.00.1

Professional Lottery Software

Professional Lottery Software to win Lotto, Lottery, 6/49, Fantasy, Quina, Loto, Daily, Quick-Super Cash, Kicker, Hosier, Lucky, Megabuck, Keno, Melate and every kind of Lottery games over the World. Turns your PC into a strongly tool to develop winning lottery systems. If you are fond of gambling, or better, if you are one of those players who invest a considerable amount of money on his bettings, improve your odds, have a try at PF!

Casinos & Gambling Freeware, On January 31, 2010 updated, downloaded 99 times.

Imperial City: The Crown of the King 1.1

Search the Imperial Crown!

Search through the colonial grandeur of Petrópolis, Brazil for the Emperor’s Imperial Crown! After arriving as a tourist, you discover the royal crown has gone missing. Embark on hidden object quests at the Imperial Museum, Crystal Palace, São Pedro de Alcântara Cathedral, and more!

Imperial City: The Crown of the King 64bit

Puzzle solving and Tetris Demo, On October 20, 2009 updated, downloaded 65 times.

PartyGammon Backgammon 7.9

Online backgammon for serious players.

We offer the finest software and the most reliable games. Online backgammon players of all skill levels can enjoy`s elegant boards and clean, easy-to-use interface, whether in table or avatar mode.Players from all over the world are playing around the clock so there`s always action to jump in to.

PartyGammon Backgammon 64bit

Board Games Freeware, On October 6, 2009 updated, downloaded 68 times.

Arcade Classics 2

Free Games: Pac-Man, Asteroids, Berzerk, MORE

This is a very easy to use platform for playing "Mame Rom Games" from Windows. These are original program code for the arcade games. The download has 15 of the games. Asteroids, Berzerk, Burger Time, Centipede, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, Joust, Pac-Man, QBert, Rampage, Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros., and Tempest. All 1592 games can be downloaded from web site at New controller and high score support!

Arcade Classics 64bit

Arcade Freeware, On October 15, 2013 updated, downloaded 165 times.

Super Mario Mario - Sonic Armageddon 1.00

Sonic World is attacking!

Sonic World is attacking! Defend the Mushroom Kingdom. The hedgedog the Sonic hero is the last hope. Evil Dr Eggman want to kill everybody in Mario Dimension. You must stop him. Many colorful levels filled with enemies and bonuses.

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On July 2, 2009 updated, downloaded 104 times.

YoudaMarina 1.3

Create the Marina of your dreams!

Tropical vibes and the sound of breaking waves! Create the Marina of your dreams…Youda Marina is a wonderful simulation and time management game in one. It offers you sun and fun each time you play! Be creative and manage your exotic Marina and it´s everyday problems just the way you want to! You are the Harbor master, responsible for keeping all your Marina visitors happy and satisfied.

Simulation Shareware, On June 29, 2009 updated, downloaded 86 times.

Robinson Crusoe 1.04

Casual game

Inspired by Daniel Defoe’s classic masterpiece, Robinson Crusoe 1.04 is a story of XVII century mariner who survives a terrible shipwreck and finds himself cast away on an island in the Caribbeans. In this incredible hidden object adventure that spans over 28 years, help Robinson explore the island, fight with cannibals, visit a lost village and construct a boat to sail back home

Other Games Shareware, On June 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 177 times.

DownloadRoute good awardWorld of Warcraft Image Plugin for WP 1.0

WP World of Warcraft Image plugin.

World of Warcraft Image Plugin for WordPress. The WP World of Warcraft Image plugin displays random World of Warcraft screenshots on your WordPress blog. The plugin works in templates, with shortcode, or as a Widget.

World of Warcraft Image Plugin for WP 64bit

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On May 31, 2009 updated, downloaded 128 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardStarcraft Flash Action 3 1

More Starcraft Flash Games!

You`ll never believe how much action is in this 3rd flash Starcraft game!

Arcade Freeware, On June 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 119 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPlay Intimate 1.0

Intimate game for couples

Play Intimate 1.0 is an adult sex game that allows couples come closer together in a truly unique and intimate way. Played like a typical board game, Play Intimate 1.0 gives couples a chance to answer personal questions, answer sex facts and explore exciting intimate acts on their partner. (For Ages 18+)

Other Games Demo, On May 27, 2008 updated, downloaded 666 times.

Desene Animate 1.0 - (cartoon drawing for kids 1.0) 1.0

Cartoon drawing for kids 1.0

Desene Animate 1.0 for kids is a software that let you draw your own cartoons. You might think this sounds too hard for your kid, but is verry simple to use, this software is creatin artists, you can vizit our website for other software and pictures for kids...

Kids Freeware, On January 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 119 times.

Game Speeder 2.1

Tool to adjust speed of games and programs

Game Speeder 2.1 is our Award winning program, which makes your game to run faster or slower so that you can have a better control of your game. Game Speeder 2.1 contains all the secrets to speed up or speed down the games. For example, you can move super fast after you speed up your game with Game Speeder 2.1. You can also slow down the action games so that you can see the bullet`s flight line and avoid it easily.

Editors & Tools Shareware, On October 29, 2009 updated, downloaded 105 times.

Sudoku 0.29MB

free sudoku game puzzle generator/solver

free Sudoku 1.3 game puzzle generator/solver/creator/assistant with different difficulty levels, autosaving, pencil mode, temporary branch mode, printer support, candidate display, candidate highlighting, ...

Words Games Freeware, On December 23, 2007 updated, downloaded 150 times.

RoadCP 3.58MB
DownloadRoute good awardRoadCP 3.00

Difficult game.

Difficult logical game for sharp. The objective of the game is «laying» of tracks from special crates of a field in four corners of a game field up to a special crate of a field in central area of a field. The laying of tracks is executed by offset of bars of game blocks before their connection. If all special crates of a field appear joint, the round is considered completed. Each course reduces your score.

Words Games Freeware, On February 14, 2011 updated, downloaded 101 times.

Hot Cats 3 1.0

Other Games Comercial, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 210 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award3-IN-A-BED WORLD DARTS 16.0

Worldwide online computer darts game

Welcome to the 3-IN-A-BED World League where you can play internet darts online. The World League is a social gathering of computer darts players who meet online to test their skills on the dartboard.

Sport Games Freeware, On January 15, 2008 updated, downloaded 163 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardTennis Elbow Manager 2 v0.70

Become a tennis coach !

Become a tennis coach and manage up to 9 tennis players : take care of training sessions, planning, sponsors, team members, and more ! Will you be able to lead your players to the top of the world hierarchy ? Tennis Elbow Manager features 3500 players evolving other 70 years, from 1973 to 2042, competing in more than 400 tournaments per year, both in singles and doubles !

Tennis Elbow Manager 2 64bit

Sport Games Shareware, On June 27, 2018 updated, downloaded 141 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEW-MineSweeper 1.0

A MineSweeper Clone.

EW-MineSweeper 1.0 is a replication of the original MineSweeper from Microsoft, but with more functions, more modi and a user ranking for each modi. Also you are able to pause your game and continue it later.

Words Games Freeware, On January 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 189 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award100% Free Chess 7.45

The King of All Chess Games!

The King of All Chess Games! Discover a new set of friends with an exciting game of Championship Chess All-Stars! Our 24 realistic characters span across 5 levels of difficulty. Savvy Chess players will love challenging, while Checkers beginners get extra help with our personal in-game DreamCoach(TM). We'll go beyond just showing you what to play, we'll explain why you should play it. Learn the more you play!

100% Free Chess 64bit

Board Games Freeware, On November 26, 2013 updated, downloaded 272 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAbsolute Acey Deucey Backgammon 6.1

Ready for a fun game of acey deucey

Ready for a fun game of acey deucey or backgammon! Try this excellent, feature packed and easy to use acey deucey and backgammon game. Now includes 6 variations of acey duecey and backgammon.With superb graphics and up to 5 skill levels, you won't be disappointed. For all levels of player, from beginner to expert. Gives advice on moves, can take back moves, plenty of help, can pick up more than one piece at a time, shows best moves and much more.

Absolute Acey Deucey Backgammon MAC

Board Games Shareware, On May 24, 2015 updated, downloaded 158 times.

Seven 0.8MB
DownloadRoute good awardSeven 1.3

Seven games in Excel

Play 7 fantastic games in Excel Snaker, Tetris, Attax, Video Poker, Mines, Connect4, Guess

Board Games Freeware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 158 times.

BlubiX 0.74MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardBlubiX 1.1

A Puzzle-Game.

There are coming balls with different colors and speed from all sides and are docking onto the center. Dock three balls of the same color together to make points and get into a higher level.

Words Games Freeware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 109 times.

Mahjong In Poculis 5.64

Mahjong In Poculis is a free Windows Mahjong

Mahjong In Poculis 5.64 is a free Windows Mahjong game coming with 300 layouts and 6 themes. This Mahjong game, developed with simplicity in mind is a excellent way to challenge your memory. In this game, you'll have to select pairs of tiles having identical symbols to make them disappear. The main difficulty comes from the classical Mahjong Solitaire rule: only layout's border tiles are candidates for selection...

Mahjong In Poculis 64bit

Board Games Freeware, On August 20, 2014 updated, downloaded 256 times.

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