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DownloadRoute excellent awardPocket Wargasm_ PPC 1.0

one of the classic games

Pocket Wargasm is a new action-packed remake of the classic arcade battle tank game. We hope you will enjoy playing this game so much as we did creating it! Your mission is to destroy all enemy tanks and defend your headquarters. Modern 2D graphics and sound guarante

Arcade Shareware, On January 24, 2008 updated, downloaded 135 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardBugged Out Rally (WIN) 1.07

A fun rally game with bugs instead of cars!

Bugged Out Rally is a fun racing game where you take control of bugs instead of cars! There are total of eight bugs in the game. Player starts with a beetle, the weakest bug, but can be upgraded to a faster and a higher performance bugs. To do this, races must be won and earnings collected. Bugs are won and earned in this order: beetle, ladybug, c***roach, grasshopper, hornet, praying mantis, scorpion, and blackwidow.

Action / Shooter Games Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 176 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardMix & Match Association 2.3.0

Customizable Memory/Concentration Game

Let your creativity be your guide as you create awesome gamesets for this special memory / concentration game! Match a picture of a dog to the sound of a dog barking! Or match English text to French Text. Song clip to album cover! The educational value is limited only by your imagination! This memory match game supports 3 game sizes, multiple players, Timed game option, Gravity, and Intermittent Shuffle.

Kids Shareware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 137 times.

The Dudes 163.71MB
DownloadRoute cool awardThe Dudes 1.5

The best game for the family

More than 10 challenging levels! Control the three dudes in their wild journey. Overcome obstacles and enemies. Defeat the evil sorcerer and bring The Dudes 1.5 back to their mansion.

Board Games Demo, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 145 times.

Jazz Radio 0.67MB
DownloadRoute cool awardJazz Radio 1.0

Over 100 jazz radio stations on your browser

With the Jazz Radio 1.0 toolbar you can listen to over 100 Jazz Radio 1.0 stations worldwide. the toolbar presents news and information about Jazz from the leading websites, Forums and Jazz fans communities. it will always keep you informed for Jazz festivals, new jazz music, exciting Jazz clubs,new Jazz artists,Jazz downloads and more stuff that can be an interest to a jazz music fan. join a fast-growing community , get it now free.

Jazz Radio MAC

Other Games Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 221 times.

Pipe Engeneer 1.1.29

This is a sequel to the logic game Pipe Engin

This is a sequel to the logic game Pipe Engineer. You can control Robot to pick up various bonuses. To complete a level you must assemble the piping and also collect some required item. This version of the game features a single but very vast world and each level is more interesting and challenging than the previous one. There are 60 levels in the game and almost each of them features new items Buy and enjoy! Good luck!

Arcade Shareware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 119 times.

ThinkTanks 6.64MB
ThinkTanks 1.102

3D tank combat game; solo and online gameplay

ThinkTanks 1.102 is a tank combat game designed to be a blast for the new and experienced gamer alike with lighthearted, fast paced pandemonium. Either battling against brain-hungry bots in solo play or going head-to-head against others online, ThinkTanks 1.102 has something for everyone.

Action / Shooter Games Shareware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 174 times.

Babala for Linux 0.5.0

Fend off evil muggers, requires keen strategy

Out of some high monastery comes Babala, a simple logical game with elements of move strategy. The enemy muggers (they can't shoot) are situated on the field. Intently, they dog your every turn. You'll have only limited moves and shots to deploy during your each round, then the enemy makes a measured advance. 300 expertly-crafted levels, ranging from super-easy to tearing your hair out. It's quite an ascent, a test of wits, not reflexes.

Memory Freeware, On November 17, 2011 updated, downloaded 240 times.

Little Shop of Treasures 1.0

Find your way to fun at the Little Shop of Tr

Welcome to Huntington, a charming little town where if you look close enough, your dreams will come true! Help Huntington`s shop owners find more than 1,200 unique, and cleverly hidden, items for their customers and earn enough cash to open a shop of your own! Featuring two great ways to play, an innovative hint feature, endless re-playability and more, this eye-popping challenge will bend your brain and dazzle your eyes.

Puzzle solving and Tetris Shareware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 148 times.

Asteroid Rain 1.5

"A big space station is in danger"

"A big space station is in danger because of the asteroids. Thousands of Free Online Games, Free Flash Games, Free Games and Free Addicting Games at Factorygames - Play all of our free flash games completely free online right now! Play your favorite free flash games in our flash arcade games. Play free online games created in java games, flash games, shockwave games, and hundreds of more great free games"

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 154 times.

Domino Drop 1.0

The #1 domino toppling game on the PC

In Domino Drop 1.0, you will travel the world beating a series of domino toppling challenges in order to uncover fabulous riches! On each level your task will be to place the various dominos in such a way that once the first one is pushed, the resulting chain reaction will knock down every last domino. Sounds easy? Think again! These are no ordinary dominos...

Words Games Demo, On July 2, 2007 updated, downloaded 122 times.

Boggle 2.38MB
Boggle 2.1.1

Boggle variant that uses online dictionaries

Boggle 2.1.1 is an interesting game and can be very educational. This version of the game allows you to play and compare your performance with the computer. The game uses the OSPD. You can lookup words based on online dictionaries and build wordlists. These wordlists can be viewed as flashcards later.

Words Games Freeware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 163 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardAddams Family 1.0

This is an arcade/action game.

The Addams Family 1.0 is a platform game based on the characters and settings from the movie (which, in turn, is based on the famous 1960`s television series). As Gomez, you must tour the Addams mansion in search of your lost family, battling out mysterious monsters and evading traps, and eventually face your nemesis, Tully.

Arcade Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 191 times.

RotoBlox 4.58MB
DownloadRoute good awardRotoBlox 2.1

RotoBlox is a collection of fun Tetrises.

RotoBlox 2.1 is a mixed collection of classic and newest tetris games. Play your favorit games, and try new game types of this highly addictive arcade. The game has different skins. Sink in a jungle world, distant galaxy or construction plant. Download RotoBlox 2.1 and play any of these magnificent tetris games. The game is a nice gift for a real tetris maniacs!

Puzzle solving and Tetris Shareware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 153 times.

Red Dog 0.39MB

A gambling game that depends a lot on luck.

A gambling game that depends a lot on luck, Red Dog 1.0 is not popular in casino play, but is often played at home just for fun- the stakes are meaningless. Bet weather the next card will be of the same suit and lower than the first five cards dealt. There is a minimum bet of one coin and a maximum bet equal to the pot. All loses are donated to the pot. The game starts with one-hundred betting token. The game is over when you run out of tokens.

Cards (Solitaire, Poker) Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 120 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardSpeedy Lander 1.05

Land the lander as soon as you can..

Land the lander as soon as you can.. you must use the parachute at the right time and thrusters to land it! After you land it on the all three landing pods, you need to get the satellite signal by going 100 meters away from the ground... When lander finish sending data the game is over and your mission time is compared with other scores on the HighScores list to list you up..!

Arcade Freeware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 121 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMelody error game 10.28

Ffind error at the melody ear training

Find error at the melody ear training. find error at the melody. find error at the melody. Online game. find music guitar chord. Music typing ear training. Music type ear training. use this game for training you music notes ability. Note teacher ear training listen and repeat music ear training. free online music ear training flash game. These educational games for children and adults. Ear music training: music type ear training game. use this g

Melody error game MAC

Simulation Shareware, On July 10, 2012 updated, downloaded 146 times.

Super Poker - AI Game 1.2

AI - A Poker Game You Had Never Played!

Super Poker is developed as an AI project by taking inputs from various professional players and by studying heuristics suggested for this game. Computer plays by a predetermined procedure which is unlike many other games is not based on randomization. In the statistics generated it was found that if your game play is randomized, there is a high probability that you will lose.

Puzzle solving and Tetris Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 147 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardCrazy Digit 2.1

Logical combination game with sticks

It will be possible to create 55 different figures with the 5 sticks connected together, turned or mirrored figures excluded. The aim of the game is, to re-lay these 55 figures in short time by moving sticks. Choose the figure, you are going to re-lay carefully, because if you move more than one stick, it will be unfavourable for your score.

Memory Freeware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 165 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardThe Bouncy Killer 1.20

Another great game by Bottomap Software

A fast and funny arcade remake of an old VIC20 game. By Bottomap Software. Made entirely with Botolib (our upcoming, ease-to-use game programming library) NB:DirectX9.0+ required

Arcade Freeware, On January 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 131 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardStreet Credit 1.00

A fun racing game

Officials down the line have cleared the onlookers, the concrete strip radiates heat, and the rumble of 6000 RPMs fills the afternoon air. This is Street Cred’ and you’ve got to prove you’ve got the skills or lose your car and your reputation. Drive at top-speeds through the closed off city track or in Miami and reach the finish line before time runs out!

Arcade Freeware, On January 22, 2008 updated, downloaded 129 times.

ClearMoveU 4.42MB
DownloadRoute cool awardClearMoveU 2.58

The mind free game.

This ClearMoveU 2.58 game has appeared as a result of development of the popular ClearMove game. The rules of the game differ unsignificantly. The main difference that the game can proceed as long as you like. All depends on your art.

Words Games Freeware, On May 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 154 times.

Tetruzzle 3.31MB
DownloadRoute excellent award

Play Tetris, solve puzzles and create games

Tetruzzle 2.0 keeps original Tetris` simplicity and offers fine twists: playing the game reveals a puzzle, scenery is changeable & shareable, game builder allows for easy new scenery creation and Make EXE option generates stand alone custom made games.

Puzzle solving and Tetris Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 127 times.

Shell Whirl 14.77MB
DownloadRoute good awardShell Whirl 1.0

A new spin of a beach themed matching game!

A beautiful beach themed matching game with a totally new spin! Give it a Whirl! Kick off your shoes and transport yourself to an island paradise where you while away your time spinning shells at the beach. Choose from four different beach themed games while you relax to island music or natural ocean sounds. Enjoy 100+ levels of fun, addictive game play. Beautiful island imagery and soothing animations will clear your mind and relax your world.

Shell Whirl MAC

Puzzle solving and Tetris Demo, On January 24, 2008 updated, downloaded 174 times.

Play Solitaire Online 2.0

Solitaire is a one-player game.

Solitaire is a one-player game that takes patience. This program is uses flash technology and can be played using your current web browser. Play the simple and relaxing game of Solitaire online and take your mind away from the real world for a moment. This program simply installs a link on your desktop to give you convenient access to an online version of solitaire.

Play Solitaire Online 64bit

Cards (Solitaire, Poker) Freeware, On February 1, 2011 updated, downloaded 164 times.

ArtMemory 2.5MB
DownloadRoute good awardArtMemory 1.37

Each tile may be clicked to reveal picture.

This is a matching game where the player is presented with a number of face down covers. Each tile may be clicked to reveal the underlying picture. Once a picture has been revealed the player may then click another cover to try to find the matching picture. Pictures must be matched in pairs and once all matching pairs have been found the game is over.

Kids Shareware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 139 times.

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