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Hungry Animals 1

The food and animal types must match.

Hungry Animals 1 is a game that has great learning potential. There are three kinds of animals an herbivore, carnivore, and an omnivore. The player has to match the foods that appear during the game to the right animal in the fastest time and has three lives. Educative, the game introduces to children through play food habits in nature. The screens have striking design and colors that are pleasing.

Simulation Freeware, On May 1, 2010 updated, downloaded 79 times.

3D Snooker Online Games 1.8

3D Snooker is a free multiplayer online game.

3D Snooker is a free multiplayer online game with lively 3D graphics and a friendly worldwide community. This program includes Full Snooker, Short Snooker and Mini Snooker, which the operations are the most similar as you do in your real life. You can compete with and chat with many real players around the world. Tournaments are held every day.

Sport Games Freeware, On April 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 69 times.

Play Poker in your language

Play Online Poker in your language, Play for Free or Real Money. Multi-lingual International Online Poker Room, Great gaming software absolutely free. Welcome to Everest Poker, the first multi-national, multi-lingual poker destination that is dedicated to bringing together poker enthusiasts from all over the world for an exciting global gaming experience.

Everest Poker Global version 64bit

Cards (Solitaire, Poker) Freeware, On November 27, 2010 updated, downloaded 62 times.

Memra 30.39MB
Memra 1.0

Memra is a fun puzzle game.

Memra 1.0 is a fun puzzle game. The gameplay is like in Memory the popular card game for kids. Memra 1.0 is simple but it gets hard on higher levels, because the little girl Memri has fun doing crazy stuff with the cards. We know you will like her! Learn to memorize things fast to get through the 60 levels of increasing difficulty. The game rules change a bit over the levels to make it even more fun and challenging.

Memra 64bit

Puzzle solving and Tetris Shareware, On April 24, 2010 updated, downloaded 40 times.

Photo Beauty Rank 1.0

Which photo do you look best in?

Which photo do you look best in? This is a unique program that is based on scientific algorithms and face recognition software to assess the beauty of a person's face. Of course, beauty is subjective. Even the most complicated program won't allow you to measure subjective beauty. But we have implemented amazing algorithms that can analyze an objective series of manifestations, to create a Face Beauty Rank for each of your photo's. 100% FREEWARE

Photo Beauty Rank 64bit

Other Games Freeware, On May 16, 2011 updated, downloaded 96 times.

Mario Trooper 1.00

Mario adventures in addictive free arcade

New Mario adventures in addictive free arcade game with shooting elements by Rule Mario, grab stars, shoot at flying jellyfish with plasma-gun and jump on the creeping beetles to kill. You have 5 lives and possibility to get life bonus. Use Space to jump and mouse to shoot.

Mario Trooper 64bit

Strategy Freeware, On March 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 105 times.

Xeno Ultima Browser Game 0.2

Colonize distant worlds in space. Start now!

Colonize distant worlds in space with this free online browser game. Manage your colony and turn it into a mighty empire. Place your name in the Galactic Archives! Fight your way up to becoming the Supreme Ruler of this galaxy. Thousands will stand in your way, but you will crush them all. Start your ascension right now! A free Strategy Browser Game in Space from Evolution Vault.

Xeno Ultima Browser Game MAC - Xeno Ultima Browser Game 64bit

Strategy Freeware, On June 29, 2010 updated, downloaded 94 times.

5 Realms Of Cards 1.0

5 Realms Of Cards is an puzzle game.

5 Realms Of Cards 1.0 is a new incarnation of a massively popular solitaire game. Unlike previous solitaire variations, 5 Realms Of Cards 1.0 has a revolutionary new gameplay. Besides, the game presents a wonderful storyline and has an element of intrigue – realms in the game stand for spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. As for the fifth realm, it’s a surprise for the player to find.

Puzzle solving and Tetris Freeware, On March 4, 2010 updated, downloaded 109 times.

Brick Buster 19.52MB
Brick Buster 1.1

Fast paced break out against the clock.

Brick Buster 1.1 turns this genera of games into a fast-paced, action-packed, arcade style game against the clock. Control the ball and bust all the bricks as fast as you can. Play over 80 levels unique particles and control system were you build up power maneuverability and busting power. Try not to lose your ball ,easier said than done. Because if you do lose your ball you will also lose half of your power, and maneuverability

Arcade Shareware, On March 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 81 times.

Super Quick Football Manager 15.7

SQFM (Super Quick Football Manager).

SQFM (Super Quick Football Manager 15.7) is a European football (i.e. soccer) management game designed specifically for people with limited free time.The ideal quick play footy game that can have you buying players, building world class teams and chasing trophies within a short period of time. The average time to play a season in SQFM is approx 20 - 30 mins, as oppose to 4-5 hours on many modern football games.

Sport Games Shareware, On August 18, 2011 updated, downloaded 79 times.

Green Moon 161.42MB
Green Moon 1.2

A journey which will take you everywhere

Prepare to go on a fantastic journey which will take you from damp prehistoric forests, to the sultry deserts of ancient Egypt, to dirty Wild West saloons, and luxurious medieval castles! Green Moon 1.2 is a Hidden Object game like no other, combining science with magic and reality with mysticism. Travel to a unique world full of mystery and exciting opportunities as you learn ancient and timeless secrets!

Green Moon 64bit

RPG & Adventure Freeware, On February 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 147 times.

Shape Shifter 3.1

Best Tetris game ever made, fast and unique

Shape Shifter 3.1 is the best Tetris game ever made, fast and unique. Play with up to 4 shapes in the same arena. This redefines the way you play tetris. Includes over 80 game types and challenges. Play on 3 different scrolling modes and a very cool and interesting level. The most important feature is that you can play with more than one shape in the game arena at a time. This little change really opens up the game play, which allows for a big change

Puzzle solving and Tetris Shareware, On March 12, 2010 updated, downloaded 95 times.

Battle Painters 2.1

Multiplayer action game for family

Battle Painters 2.1 is a simple multiplayer action game in which the person who paints the most percentage of the playing field in their color wins the game. You will play against three other players controlled by either the computer or human opponents.

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On March 25, 2010 updated, downloaded 80 times.

Amazon Chess 15.27MB
Amazon Chess 1.6.1

Play chess against an army of Amazons.

If you love chess games then don`t miss out on Amazon Chess 1.6.1. It is one of the most singular and unusual chess games you can find. Apart from the traditional game, you can play in amazon mode, where amazon warriors violently fight each other in place of conventional pieces. Amazon Chess 1.6.1 has isometric graphics, each amazon piece is carefully designed to have excellent graphic quality. A curious and original chess game like few others.

Strategy Shareware, On January 7, 2010 updated, downloaded 106 times.

BeCrossword for PocketPC 1.08

Application for getting and solving crossword

BeCrossword is a handy application for getting and solving crossword puzzles on the palm of your hand. Latest crossword puzzles across the world in most popular Across Lite (.puz) and uclick (.xml) formats from most famous publishers in the world such as New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, MacNamara`s Band Inc, Thinks com, uclick Puzzle Society as well as from many others, daily come to your pocket.

Words Games Shareware, On December 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 84 times.

L!ght Deluxe 1.0

L!ght Deluxe is a logical puzzle game.

L!ght Deluxe 1.0 is a logical puzzle game from Nemo Games with an innovative design. If you`re seeking an addictive puzzle game, L!ght Deluxe 1.0 will be your choice! Your main goal is to direct light-rays from lights sources to light receivers! You are provided with tools like mirrors, light filters, prisms, etc. You can create your own levels with the use of our L!ght Deluxe 1.0 Level Editor. Upload Your Levels to our website and share them with others.

L!ght Deluxe 64bit

Puzzle solving and Tetris Demo, On January 10, 2010 updated, downloaded 66 times.

WoW CT Addon - Served by Computer Repair Port

WoW CT Addon - Served by Computer Repair Portland - pc repair, computer repair

WoW CT Mod - Computer Repair Portland 64bit

Play Online Freeware, On December 23, 2009 updated, downloaded 75 times.

Guns And Angel 1.0

Guns n Angel - A little girl with big guns

Guns n Angel - A little girl with big guns! Choose from many weapons like pistols, lasers, miniguns, grenade launcher and many more. Fight against evil forces. Collect bonuses and coins to buy better weaponry.

Guns And Angel 64bit

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On December 14, 2009 updated, downloaded 114 times.

Lotto Logic Lottery Software 7.1.9

Lotto Logic software tracks lottery history.

Whether you're a regular user or completely new to lotto logic, you'll love the simplicity and ease of use found in Lotto Logic Professional Version 7, advanced lotto software that works. Faster, easier, smarter, more flexible and manageable. New Range Finder and Range Tracker technology are unique powerful features only found in lotto logic which help you home in on those winning numbers unlike any other lottery software has before!

Lotto Logic Lottery Software 64bit

Casinos & Gambling Shareware, On June 1, 2017 updated, downloaded 187 times.

Turtle Toss 10.79MB
Turtle Toss 1.0

Toss the Turtle Use cannons, bombs.

Toss the Turtle Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as far as possible! Collect cash to upgrade your equipment. Controls: Click and hold to gain power, release to fire Use the WASD keys to control the turtle in flight Click with your mouse to shoot the turtle

Turtle Toss 64bit

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On December 1, 2009 updated, downloaded 72 times.

Megaman RPG Final 1.0

First, you get to battle the original six

First, you get to battle the original six robots from mega man in any order. You then win their moves to use in battle. After the six robots; Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, and Fire Man have been destroyed, take on the Evil Dr. Wily at his Castle where many perilous fights await . . . Play the sequal! And don`t be a cheap ass and cheat!

Megaman RPG Final 64bit

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On November 23, 2009 updated, downloaded 74 times.

Entropy Poker A.I. 1.3.0

Improve your Poker with Entropy Poker AI!

Improve your Poker with Entropy Poker A.I. 1.3.0 - the essential poker training tool. Entropy is the state-of-the-art in Poker artificial intelligence giving you the chance to practice your skills against a fearless expert poker player! Entropy's unique 'Probability Diamond' images help take the uncertainty out of poker by showing the hands your opponents are likely to be holding.

Entropy Poker A.I. 64bit

Cards (Solitaire, Poker) Shareware, On September 6, 2013 updated, downloaded 74 times.

3D Pool Online 1.3

3D Pool is a free multiplayer online game.

3D Pool is a free multiplayer online game with lively 3D graphics and a friendly worldwide community. This program includes 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 15 Ball, and Snooker, which the operations are the most similar as you do in your real life. You can compete with and chat with many real players around the world.

Play Online Freeware, On November 7, 2009 updated, downloaded 112 times.

Matchday 1.98MB
Matchday 2.1.6

Free online football manager game

Matchday 2.1.6 is a free football manager game played over the internet. Matchday 2.1.6 lets you build and manage your own football club. You control every aspect of your club from team selections to club finances. In Matchday 2.1.6 you compete against other managers from all over the world. Your on-field success will depend on how well you manage the club finances, if you can buy the right players and if you can make the right tactical decisions.

Matchday 64bit

Sport Games Freeware, On January 3, 2014 updated, downloaded 84 times.

The Three Musketeers: The Game (Mac)

Become a Musketeer in this swashbuckling epic

Take on the role of d`Artagnan in his quest to become a Musketeer. Beginning in a small 17th century village, you will journey to Paris and befriend the famous three Musketeers: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. When the evil Cardinal Richelieu launches a plot to disgrace the queen, you`ll have to use your wits and swords to defend her honor. Gather loot, duel enemies, and fire flintlocks in this swashbuckling epic. All for one and one for all!

The Three Musketeers: The Game (Mac) MAC

RPG & Adventure Shareware, On February 9, 2010 updated, downloaded 67 times.

Mario Online 12.53MB
Mario Online 1.0

Mario Online is a game with Mario!

Mario Online 1.0 is a game in which you control a moustached plumber with a glorious name, Mario. This time neither evil Bowser nor his companion, wizard Kamek, are plotting some vile plan. It is Mario, all alone, who makes a time tournament, he took a bet with his brother, Luigi, that he can crush the Bowser`s army, with a little help of weaponry made by Toad, an engineer who worked as a shopkeeper in Mario Forever Galaxy. In this freeware game you

Mario Online MAC - Mario Online 64bit

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On September 24, 2009 updated, downloaded 81 times.

3D Billiards 1.1

3D Billiards is a free multiplayer game

3D Billiards 1.1 is a free multiplayer online game with lively 3D graphics and a friendly community. This program includes 8 Ball, 9 Ball and 15 Ball, which the operations are the most similar as you do in real life. You can compete with and chat with many real players around the world.

Sport Games Freeware, On September 22, 2009 updated, downloaded 108 times.

RVL Hacker 33.81MB
RVL Hacker 1.0

Hacker simulator game.

The concept behind RVL Hacker 1.0 is to create a game that challenges the gamer`s intelligence, attention and focus, creating a captivating mind game. Solve puzzles, examine code and bits of information, to help you achieve your objectives.

Simulation Demo, On September 12, 2009 updated, downloaded 128 times.

Truck Parking 1.0

Fun truck parking game to play online.

A simple yet addicting Truck Parking 1.0 game. Park your dump truck perfectly through 5 different locations with 8 challenges. No lives, no time limits, just practice your driving skill! Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to steer your truck. Use the UP key to accelerate. Use the DOWN key to decelerate.

Truck Parking 64bit

Play Online Freeware, On September 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 111 times.

Number Lottery Director 5.8.5

Create and manage your own lottery

With Number Lottery Director 5.8.5 you can create and manage your own lottery. A lottery contains up to 99 scenes with certain sequence, every scene has its own title, subtitle, picture, music, number group and so on. Random winners are drawn from the number group in each scene, you can set winner quantity and winner columns in each scene, both font and color of winners, title, subtitle can be changed.

Number Lottery Director 64bit

Other Games Shareware, On March 3, 2016 updated, downloaded 131 times.

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