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DownloadRoute excellent awardBonaparte 1.4.4


... re back in the year 1789, the French Revolution has just begun. Now you ... re getting the chance to step into Napoleon`s shoes. Chose one out of ...

Shareware | Feb 1, 2008 | downloaded 60 times | 11.1MB

Download Leopold 1.1
DownloadRoute excellent awardLeopold 1.1

Free online fantasy wargame.

... castle in this free online strategy game. The tactics and strategy involved in ... the gameplay is drawn from miniatures wargames, collectable cardgames, and chess. ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 58 times | 13.63MB

Cake Mania 1.0

Let`s get cookin` as you help Jill make her

... With 48 levels and four different bakeries, Cake Mania is full of mouth-watering fun.Let ...

Shareware | Jan 24, 2008 | downloaded 34 times | 13.84MB

Yokka Wars is a turn based strategy game.

... turn based strategy game. You start with ... turn based strategy game. You start with ...

Shareware | Jun 25, 2007 | downloaded 39 times | 10.97MB

The Memory Machine 1.1

A simon-like game where you save a robot.

... burning furnace using your memory in this Simon-like game. This game features additional twists on the ... burning furnace using your memory in this Simon-like game. This game features additional twists on the ...

Freeware | Oct 30, 2007 | downloaded 53 times | 3.12MB

Empire Deluxe Internet Edition 3.5

The Classic Empire Deluxe Is Back

... Empire Deluxe Internet Edition is an abstract strategic global conquest ... players via network or email. This version of Empire Deluxe has been upgraded to work on the ...

Demo | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 64 times | 3.29MB

Soldiers of Empires 1.6

Wargame about East Front.

Soldiers of Empires. High-detalized turn-based wargame. 1941, East Front. Stalin or Hitler? USSR or Germany?

Shareware | Sep 15, 2010 | downloaded 46 times | 4.84MB

DownloadRoute cool awardPirate Isles 1.9

A fun game of pirates and treasure hunt.

... The game Pirate Isles is ... game of strategy and luck about treasure hunt and pirate exotics. The player controls the ... team of pirates to explore the island and collect more gold ... her ship then enemy teams of pirates. The game can be played with multiple human players as ...

Shareware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 71 times | 6.9MB

Bank Robber 1.1

Strategy Game Bank Robber by YoudaGames

... lot in bank robbery. Combination of best team and efficient tools will ... drill are available to help you in the bank robbery.Youda Games have recently launched ... new exciting game ‘Bank Robber’ to entertain you and to give you ...

Freeware | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 92 times | 7.8MB

Download mud hunt 1.00

`Dig-Dug` revamped

... This game is essentially `Dig-Dug` revamped for the 21st century ... fearless mouse who digs his way through tons of sub-terrainian dirt. Blast ...

Demo | Jul 3, 2007 | downloaded 40 times | 0.98MB

DownloadRoute good awardBattles of Norghan 1.12

Unique fantasy turn-based strategy game

... unique tactical fantasy turn-based strategy computer game with RPG and team managing elements. You recruit ... unique tactical fantasy turn-based strategy computer game with RPG and team managing elements. You control ...

Shareware | Oct 20, 2016 | downloaded 65 times | 22MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFaces of the Famous Cube for Windows 1.0

A new variant of the famous game

... Sides of the Famous Cube is ... more challenging problem/game than the original Rubik ... one side of the cube. The aim of this game is the same ... reach the state where each side of the cube has all facets with the same color. There ...

Shareware | Jan 26, 2008 | downloaded 52 times | 0.1MB

Hexagonal Chess 2.0

Play hexagonal chess game with PC or friend

... traditional chess game. Play hexagonal chess, checkers, nard or backgammon against computer or friend, find new ... chess trainer. This game includes various starting positions, multiplayer chess; standard, giveaway and suicide chess modes. Built-in powerful ...

Shareware | Nov 8, 2009 | downloaded 50 times | 7.72MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSupernova: Galactic Wars (MAC) 1.1.4

Mix chess and a shoot`em up

Supernova combines chess with shoot`em up. Choose your side: the evil Red Legion or the mystic Blue Army? Every side has 10 unique ships, each ship has up to 3 different types of fire for a total of 26 different weapons!

Shareware | May 13, 2008 | downloaded 59 times | 7.91MB

A strategy trading game set in outer space

... simulation trading game where you become an outer space merchant, traveling from planet to planet in the ... Randomly generated economy and planet set-up every game, battle ...

Demo | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 76 times | 7.78MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardThe Perfect General Internet Edition IE

The Perfect General Is Back

... The Perfect General Internet Edition is the revival of the classic ... abstract game of strategy on ... tactical level with tanks and artillery. This game is turn based, with ... try to capture and hold strategic areas. The Perfect General Internet Edition is also IP capable for ...

Demo | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 72 times | 11.35MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardCrime Fighter 1.53

CRIME FIGHTER: crime simulator, 1-4 players

... Crime Fighter is absolutely addictive. Freeware.CRIME FIGHTER V1.5 ... Strategy-, adventure-, action-game. Up to four players try to seize the ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 108 times | 0.84MB

DownloadRoute cool awardLineup Four 1.6.2

Indulge in the endless fun of the strategic b

... of your color discs so that they form ... columns. You will be using discs in yellow color, while the computer will use red pieces. You ... and the computer will take turns to place discs into empty spots on the board. During your ...

Freeware | Oct 11, 2015 | downloaded 82 times | 0.64MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAtomic Cannon Pocket 3.0

Duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction!

... The ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction ... Prepare for an action packed battle leading tanks to global domination. Atomic Cannon features ...

Shareware | Nov 23, 2008 | downloaded 101 times | 1.6MB

DownloadRoute cool awardLux Delux 6.59

The best computer version of Risk there is!

... Lux is an awesome game of strategy and domination. Based on the time tested gameplay of the ... board game Risk, Lux adds everything you could ask for in ... network play, challenging computer AI, and hundreds of maps along with an included map editor. An active ... user community exists in the online games and forums. Download the free demo and you ...

Shareware | Sep 1, 2017 | downloaded 73 times | 36.48MB

Believe in Santa 1.0

Believe in Santa?

Just before Christmas, Sandy visits her granny and learns that granny`s bank loan on her gift shop is due in 10 days! How is she going to make $10,000 in such a short time? With the help of two cheerful elves, Sandy is off on a toy-making adventure,

Shareware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 56 times | 14.55MB

DownloadRoute excellent award1941 Operation Typhoon 1.06

Wargame covering Operation Typhoon in 1941.

... by the end of winter.A great turn based wargame covering Operation Typhoon in late 1941. Replay the ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 83 times | 6.32MB

Planetary Defense 1.1

Space strategy/arcade game

... Planetary Defense is ... space strategy game where you take charge of ... planets defenses against waves of attacking aliens. Defend against missiles, multiple warhead rockets, cloaked starships, meteors, ... homing missiles and laser-armed satellites. Some of the 21 missions ...

Shareware | Mar 14, 2010 | downloaded 64 times | 2.93MB

Download Icarus 2.0
Icarus 2.0

The best internet chess program ever.

... Tired of playing chess against your computer--a near-infallible machine with no real ... flavor to its game? Wouldn ... Icarus is the newest interface for the Internet Chess Club, an online group of thousands of chess ... interface will help you get connected and playing chess in no time. ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 68 times | 1.16MB

DownloadRoute cool awardChinese Checkers 1.10.0

Conquer the enemy base with your pieces!

... Your target is to move all your marbles to the enemy base before your opponent does ... bases of different colors. The 10 blue marbles on your side are placed in the blue ... area, while the 10 green pieces of the computer are ...

Freeware | Nov 12, 2018 | downloaded 121 times | 0MB

Aevum Obscurum 2.6.15

Multiplayer Strategy Game

... have what it takes to rule the known world? Join Aevum Obscurum and show us what you ... re made of!Aevum Obscurum aka Royal AO is ... free online turn-based multiplayer strategy game, where you take the reigns of ... budding empire and struggle against fellow players for control of ...

Shareware | Mar 12, 2008 | downloaded 94 times | 9.93MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEmpire Deluxe Enhanced Edition 4.000

Strategy Game of Empire`s Latest Evolution

... Enhanced Edition is the latest evolution of the Empire Series. With it ... rules. Modifiable as well. Come see what many Empire veterans are calling ...

Demo | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 66 times | 9.6MB

Download KnXion 1.0
KnXion 1.0

Delightfully addictive, fast-paced block game

... Placed firmly in the boundary between strategy and reflex games, KnXion may very well be ... the next Tetris. Addictive game play, superb graphics and escalating difficulty make this ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 48 times | 5.11MB

Falling Balls 2.14

A relaxing falling block game.

... This falling blocks game is ... one player game of strategy. Along with the Ray-traced balls, there are Wild ...

Shareware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 78 times | 1.18MB

Download Indyo 1.065
DownloadRoute cool awardIndyo 1.065

Help Indyo to defeat Morkh - 60 3d levels -

... Help Indyo to defeat Morkh through 60 levels. The game ... Help Indyo to defeat Morkh ... The game lets you traverse 60 different 3D scenes from ...

Shareware | Jun 6, 2008 | downloaded 55 times | 10.64MB

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