GedFiliations distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Copyright (c) 2003 SenseLogique
All rights reserved.

You must accept the following terms and conditions of the license to use

1) This software and its documentation are the property of SenseLogique.
You are not permitted to translate, decompile,
modify, reverse-engineer or correct them. You are not permitted to
delete or modify the license key or to distribute it to others.
Leasing and renting this software is not permitted. You may not
dismantle elements of this software to use on multiple computers.
Only the author is entitled to perform these tasks.

2) The unregistered version of the software may be distributed freely as
long as no fee is charged and that all files are included without

3) For the registered version, you are authorized, for backup purposes
only, to make a single copy of this software. You are not authorized
to install and use this software on more than one computer (hard
drive, monitor and keyboard) even if, upon purchasing the license
key, the software was presented on multiple media (diskettes or
CD-ROM for example) and for various operating systems.

4) Transfer of registered license. You are authorized to transfer your
user rights on a definitive basis only and on condition that no
copies are kept and to uninstall the existing version from your
computer, to transfer the whole (original license, updates,
documentation and media) and as long as the beneficiary accepts the
terms and conditions of this license agreement.

5) If this software is an update, you must already have purchased a
license key from a previous version of the same software to take
advantage of it. An update replaces the license and a previous
version of the software. The update and the original license must be
considered as a unique product. You are not authorized to give them

6) By using this software, you agree to respect its copyrights.

7) You are permitted to distribute and publish any web page generated by
GedFiliations as long as you do not remove or alter the "Evaluation
version" notice on any web page generated by the unregistered
version. You may not remove or alter the "GedFiliations" name and the
link to "" on any web page generated by the
unregistered or registered version of GedFiliations.

8) GedFiliations is provided as is, without any warranty. The author
does not accept any liability for loss of data, time, business or
private information or other damages of any kind, whether direct or
consequential arising out of the use or inability to use the software
or any part thereof. Any liability of the author will be limited
exclusively to product replacement or refund of the registered

GedFiliations may be freely distributed, provided that:
1. You not alter, delete or add any files in the distribution archive.
2. The distribution does not include a registration number or information on
disabling the registration features. You are also forbidden from distributing a registered
version of GedFiliations.
3. No money is charged to the person receiving the software, beyond reasonable
cost of packaging and other overhead.

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