Granada Racer distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


Please read carefully this license before installing the game.
This license is a contract between you, the "user" and "Velocitynet" that gives the user non exclusive and non transferible rights of videogame use.

By installing the game, the user has to respect the terms and conditions of the license

1- The License

Velocitynet gives the user a non exclusive non transferible license to use the videogame, but is still the propietary of all associated rights.
The rights not specifically transfered by this license is still property of Velocitynet. The VideoGame is not sold to the user, he only gets license to personal use, and is not an intelectual property transfer.

2- Property of The VideoGame

The user must know that all the rights relative to the Video and their elements (specially titles, software, themes, characters, names, stories, dialogs, places, concepts, images, photographs, animations, videos, music and texts included), the rights of the mark, the rights of the authors, and copyrights are property of Velocitynet and they are protected for the Spanish Laws.

3- Use of the VideoGame

The user is authorized to use the videogame with the instructions within the manual of the multimedia product.
The license is only for personal use.

It is Prohibited:
- Make copies of the VideoGame.
- Make Commercial Use of the VideoGame.
- Bad use of the game or opposite to the laws.
- Modify the multimedia product or any element of it.
- Transfer the videogame using the phone network or any other electronic way, except in the case of playing the multiplayer option of the game in authorized networks.
- Create and Distribute Scenarios or models without explicit agreement.
- Decompile, or use reverse engineer of the game.

The user cannot sell, sublicense, or rent the game to a third.
The user cannot transfer the videogame unless the receiver accepts all the terms of the license, in this case the user must delete all of the information about the game of his computer or the license will become invalid.

4- Rescission of the License

The license is valid since the moment the game is used for the first time.
It will become invalid automatically by Velocitnet, without explicit notification, in the case that the user doesn`t respect the terms of the license.

5- Guarantee

When you need to contact us, please take note before of all the information about the computer where you are using the game. Operative System, Free Memory, Processor, Graphic Card, Cd-ROM Drive, Modem, Internet Configuration, etc...

Support Service:

You can contact with the support service of Velocitynet using the phone, fax or email. If you use the phone, please have all the information near.

Velocitynet guarantees the original buyer of the game that the CD of the download file is not damaged nor corrupt and will not break with normal use.

If during the first nineteen days (90) from the date of buy of the bill, or any other time right to the actual laws, you notice any problem with the CD, Velocitynet Will: Reeplace the CD or Give the money back if the product is full of package and with the original bill.

Please return any original broken videogame together with the manual and cd-key, and include the full name, address, etc... You can change the videogame in the place you bought it too.

If we receive a cd in the original case without proof of buy and withouy explanation of the fault, or after the guarantee period, Velocitynet Will choose to repair or reemplace, with a cost for the user. This term is not valid if the disc has been damaged due to negligent use or abnormal use.

6- Guarantee Limits.

The user admits explicitly that the user of the videogame is under his only responsability,
The videoGame is supply as it is. The user assumes all the costs of repair and/or fix of the multimedia product.
Under the law limits, Velocitynet denies any guarantee about the satisfaccion of the user or his aptitude to use it correctly.
The user assumes all the risks of lost of benefits, lost of data, errors, lost of information, or any other for using the videogame.
Some laws doesn`t allow the guarantee limit, so it is possible that is not valid to the end user.

7- Responsability,

In NO case, Velocitynet will be responsable for any direct damage, indirect, accidental, special, accesory, including the previous notice to Velocitynet, and if the user doesn`t use it as the manual says.
This license gives specific rights to the end user and can be different according the laws of his country.

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