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Learn Italian with (51005) 1.0

Enjoy!********************For more info: www.

Ready to learn Italian? Whether this is your first time learning Italian, or if you already know some basic Italian and just want to improve your speech and expand your vocabulary, the SPEAKIT LANGUAGE Course will make speaking and understanding Italian much easier than you ever imagined! Each SPEAKIT language-learning course includes 20 videos (a total of around 2.5 hours), with each video covering a different everyday situation, from getting to know people to talking on the phone to shopping - and even to doing business! All in all, you’ll learn a total of 600 essential vocabulary items and useful phrases. When taking a course, you’ll listen to the language, read the subtitles, and repeat each word or sentence you hear - not just once, but twice! This gives you a chance to read... to absorb... and to speak! And, hey, if it doesn’t work for you the first time, it will work the second time or maybe the third. Practice as many times as you want, whenever you feel like it! The most important thing to remember is that you should never to be afraid to speak. OK, so others will guess it’s not your native tongue. So what? Language brings people together, and people always appreciate it when you try to speak their language, even if you make a few mistakes…Each SPEAKIT language-learning course includes the following videos:Preface and Introduction1. Things You Need to Know2. Starting to Speak3. How Much, How Many?4. Common Questions5. Important Words6. Adjectives7. Numbers8. Colors9. Days of the Week10. Telling the Time11. Personal Details12. Hotels 13. Car Rentals14. Friends and Business15. A New Language16. Phone Conversations17. Restaurants and Food18. Taxis19. Public Transportation20. ShoppingReady to start learning a new language? Let’s get started!Enjoy! Team********************NOTE: In this version only Chapter 1 ("Things you need to know") and Chapter 12 ("Hotels") are available. Upgrade for the FULL VERSION to download all movies of the course. Enjoy!********************For more info: Italian Video Course | Watch & Speak | 20 lessons | 2.5 hours ■ Movies downloaded are viewed offline! (no Internet is required)

Miscellaneous Freeware, On June 5, 2013 updated, downloaded 50 times.

WX Image Art 412.55MB
WX Image Art 8

Editor and viewer full effects

Image viewer and editor with more than 70 effects...

WX Image Art 64bit

Picture Editors Freeware, On May 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 55 times.

DP Animation Maker 3.0.4

Powerful, easy-to-use animation software

DP Animation Maker 3.0.4 is powerful, easy-to-use animation software that lets you create animated backgrounds, animated gifs for websites, and other content within minutes. A unique toolset with a wide range of animations allows you to turn almost every picture into a professional-looking video.

DP Animation Maker 64bit

Morphers & Animations Shareware, On May 5, 2014 updated, downloaded 106 times.

QIP Shot 3.77MB
QIP Shot 3.4.0

Tool - Screen shots, video and Broadcasting

QIP Shot 3.4.0 is a multi-purpose application for Windows. It allows you to capture snapshots of your screen and upload them to the QIP Shot 3.4.0 servers. It also allows you to upload any Images from your computer to their servers and retrieve it later. The screen-capturing part of the application is perhaps the most complete one. QIP Shot 3.4.0 can capture the whole desktop, an area of it, or any active window.

QIP Shot 64bit

Capturing Desktop Freeware, On August 25, 2014 updated, downloaded 98 times.

Howler 24.5MB
Howler 9.5

Realistic painting and animating

Project Dogwaffle Howler 9.5 is a complete media suite in one program. Paint with a large number of natural media styles as well as unique medias like particle foliage, animated brushes and more. There are also a large number of filters that operate in real-time and full-screen.

Howler 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On October 20, 2014 updated, downloaded 108 times.

PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter 4.0

PowerPoint to HTML5 Conversion Tool

HTML5Point is a comprehensive and efficient conversion tool that helps you to easily convert professional looking PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 format. The converted output in HTML5 format allows you to view the slideshows on mobile devices or easily distribute it through most of the web browsers. View the converted presentations on mobile technologies like iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter 64bit

Graphics Extensions Shareware, On December 11, 2016 updated, downloaded 89 times.

Jpg2Pdf 0.25MB
Jpg2Pdf 2.3

This tool creates PDF files from JPG files.

Jpg2Pdf 2.3 creates easily PDF files from images and photos (JPG). It allows drag and drop and image preview. The order of the pictures can be done by the user.

Jpg2Pdf 64bit

Photo Organizers Shareware, On February 1, 2013 updated, downloaded 64 times.

Code QReator 1.0

Code QReator is a QR Code generator program

Code QReator 1.0 is a QR Code generator program. It can generate QR Codes for text, website url, phone number, sms and vCard. You can specify size and color of the QR Code. QR Code images can be saved using different picture format: png, jpg and bmp. To generate QR Code you must enter text (data) and press the "QReate" button (or just click the "QR Code" image area). The program is developed by the online service.

Code QReator 64bit

Other Design Utils Freeware, On January 29, 2013 updated, downloaded 67 times.

Millions in Photo Frames 1.00

100 most expensive painting on your desktop!

100 most expensive paintings of the world on your desktop! Every day a new picture of the new frame! Our pictures will not take much space, you can hang it anywhere on your desktop! You can also select a frame for a picture of a dozen options. There are additional options - you can show or hide information about the picture, and show or hide the painting price. You can view a picture closer - just click button "picture".

Millions in Photo Frames 64bit

Photo Organizers Freeware, On January 23, 2013 updated, downloaded 67 times.

Colortypist 3.0

View Colors while typing their name or code.

With Colortypist 3.0 you can type in a color by its name or code, and see it fill your entire screen, in real-time, while you type. You can easily set any color you like as your Desktop Wallpaper, and get a more modern looking Desktop and a faster PC. You can also save any color to a tiny and fully portable HTML file, that can be opened by any browser, PC, tablet or smartphone. Or copy colors for reuse in other applications.

Colortypist 64bit

Graphics Extensions Freeware, On January 12, 2013 updated, downloaded 64 times.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Find duplicate and similar photos in a click

Compare photos, find duplicates, delete similar images and manage your albums the smart way! Duplicate Photo Cleaner will intelligently scan your photos, compare them just like a human would and help you delete duplicate photos quickly and easily. With Duplicate Photo Cleaner you will get rid of duplicate photos once and for all, and have a beautiful photo collection.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner 64bit

Photo Organizers Shareware, On October 27, 2017 updated, downloaded 194 times.

CoolTweak 0.6MB
CoolTweak 3.1.0

Resize, watermark and share your pictures

Resizing, adding watermarks and sharing your pictures has never been so easy before. This free software that fits into the right click cascading menu of your files is a great time saver. By a single click you can process a entire set of images at once. Give it a try and this handy tool will quickly becomes essential.

CoolTweak 64bit

Converting Picture Formats Freeware, On February 8, 2017 updated, downloaded 78 times.

TurboCAD Deluxe 2016

TurboCAD Deluxe: Precision 2D/3D Drafting, Mo

TurboCAD Deluxe 2016 is powerful and complete 2D/3D CAD software with hundreds of drawing, modifying, dimensioning and annotation tools. Materials, lighting, and photorealistic rendering let you create powerful presentations of any architectural or mechanical design. Now 64-bit compatible with extensive file support including SketchUp SKP, AutoCAD DWG and more. Activate with serial no: TCKK-1981-0950-5341-8340 and activation key: EFFC-B992-2783-3686

TurboCAD Deluxe 64bit

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On July 18, 2016 updated, downloaded 90 times.

uPhotoRobot 1.0.0

A batch photo editor and convertor

uPhotoRobot 1.0.0 is a batch photo editor lets you batch processing tons of photos in a simple way. uPhotoRobot 1.0.0 divide batch processing task into four steps: select photos to be processed, add operations, configure output and start process. Operations are organized as a pipeline. By configuring needed operations and adjust their sequence, you can resize, rotate, crop photos; Add watermark and timestamp to photos; Convert photo file formats and etc.

uPhotoRobot 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On August 13, 2012 updated, downloaded 42 times.

Ensoul 1194.17MB
Ensoul 1.1.3

Ensoul. Give your iPhone a little soul.

Ensoul 1.1.3 is a Mac application for creating stunning contact images and splendid wallpapers that perfectly fit for your iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S. Its interface allows to instantly see how the image will be seen on your iPhone with iPhone-inspired visual frame. Ensoul 1.1.3 also gives the possibility to adjust colors or apply different effects to the desired images so they could be even more individual and unusual.

Ensoul MAC

Picture Editors Shareware, On September 11, 2012 updated, downloaded 41 times.

Funny Photo Maker 2.4.2

Freeware for funny photo editing

Funny Photo Maker 2.4.2 is an easy-to-use free photo editor. It offers user-friendly interface, well-designed funny photo frames, funny photo effects, funny face fun effects and collage effects. Besides, this free photo editor can also crop, filter, rotate, flip and add text. With this free photo editor, you can easily turn your photos of artworks, export them in high resolution pictures or animations, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker.

Funny Photo Maker 64bit

Picture Editors Freeware, On April 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 88 times.

Ultra Fabulous 3D Internet Drawing Toolk 3.1

Design JPEG pictures for web page

Software produces GIF images, texts and banners for your Website. It has convenient design which helps you edit pictures, work with texts, and apply digital effects like shadows, glows, opacity as well as warp and transition. You can produce animations from your own pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP, AVI, ICO, PNG) and combine it with bold text and shapes. The ready-to-use shapes like banners, buttons and logos, create the product even easier to use.

Ultra Fabulous 3D Internet Drawing Toolk 64bit

Morphers & Animations Shareware, On April 5, 2012 updated, downloaded 81 times.

Graph Earth 0.9.5

Generate 3D Google Earth (KML) graphs & maps.

Visualize your data in 3D! Quick, easy and inexpensive. Graph Earth 0.9.5 enables management, marketing and other business professionals to create stunning visual representations of their data, all without the time and costs associated with a full-featured GIS. Viewable by Everyone! Create one of a kind deliverables and distribute them to the world, recipients need only install Google Earth. Map sales territories, embed 2D charts and more!

Graph Earth 64bit

Other Design Utils Shareware, On March 21, 2012 updated, downloaded 90 times.

PonyPhoto 2.0

Best photo editing app for Windows Phone 7.

PonyPhoto 2.0 is one of the best photo editing app for Windows Phone 7. It is a marvelous photo editor with variety of adjustments and effects, which you could freely select to edit your photos. Also, it has manual or automatic adjustment for your photos such as filter effects, rolate, flip, colors, frames, collage, compose animated Gif images and so on. Last but not least, you could even share your photos easily to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr.

Picture Editors Freeware, On June 21, 2012 updated, downloaded 70 times.

Images Generator Free 09.22

Powerful graphic editor let you to create art

Powerful graphic editor of wide scope. It allows creating 2D and 3D excellent images, which it is difficult to create by other ways. The unique method of transformation of raster images and a plenty of modes of selection of image parts can be used for processing a photo. Parts of the image can be used for creation of collages and cartoons. You can to adjust colors simultaneously on 13 parameters. Program is easily understood for novices.

Images Generator Free 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On November 30, 2011 updated, downloaded 76 times.

ArcSoft Perfect365

Perfect365 is an One-touch facial makeup app.

Perfect365 is a photo makeover application with easy-to-use touch-up, makeup, and enhancing tools. With a single click of a button, it turns mediocre photos and portraits into perfectly shareable ones, with natural results. Users can glamorize their eyes with a hint of color, emphasize their brows, or whiten their teeth using individual enhancing tools. There's built-in support for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

ArcSoft Perfect365 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On July 19, 2013 updated, downloaded 51 times.

Photo Shapes 0.1.05

Photo Shapes is photo collage software.

Photo Shapes 0.1.05 is photo collage software. It allows you to create photo layouts quickly. You can generate unique photo collage each time.

Photo Shapes 64bit

Picture Editors Freeware, On November 8, 2011 updated, downloaded 71 times.

Find my Font Win_Free 3.2.00

Utility application for identifying fonts

The 'Find my Font' application reads scanned images and then searches online and goes through all the fonts on your computer and identifies the font(s) used by the letters in the scanned image. You are provided with a list of matching fonts along with the matching accuracy for each one. It's ideal for graphic designers and creative professionals who would otherwise spend hours trying to find a matching font.

Fonts Designers Shareware, On November 15, 2014 updated, downloaded 97 times.

Celtic Font Pack 1.2

This is a collection of free Celtic fonts.

This collection contains 172 free Celtic fonts. Fonts are great for creating posters, beautiful letters, for headlines or just for fun. You can also try the free California Fonts Font Manager to make it even easier to use your new fonts.

Celtic Font Pack 64bit

Fonts Designers Freeware, On August 18, 2011 updated, downloaded 74 times.

Musemage (32 bit) 1.9.3

The first GPU-accelerated photo editor

Musemage is a GPU-accelerated image editing or processing software. Musemage is ultra-fast, simple and powerful. Musemage can be more than 10 times faster than Photoshop for some filters, and hundreds times faster than GIMP.

Musemage (32 bit) 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On September 28, 2012 updated, downloaded 100 times.

PhotoComparerPlus 1.4

Examine two images side by side

PhotoComparerPlus 1.4 lets you examine two images side by side in order to compare them. Images can be opened and viewed in more detail by zooming in, or can be displayed in full screen mode, as a single image or even with two images side by side in full screen mode.It is possible to zoom in to exactly the same point both images (parallel zoom) and also to overlay the two photos.More than 30 different image formats can be opened.

PhotoComparerPlus 64bit

Photo Viewers Shareware, On May 17, 2012 updated, downloaded 89 times.

Hornil StylePix Pro

A Lightweight and Powerful Image Editor.

StylePix Pro is an photo editor that has all the features of raster graphics editor and adhered to lightweight design and effective UI. In addition, it has a built-in image viewer and batch processor. StylePix Pro helps you to create nice pictures easily and quickly. Now, through it you can create PC, internet and mobile contents. Newly applied Luna user interface enhances the degree of freedom for editing.

Hornil StylePix Pro 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On May 16, 2017 updated, downloaded 221 times.

Photo EXIF Manager 3.18

View and edit EXIF tags of cameras photos.

Photo EXIF Manager 3.18 lets you view and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags. File navigation is similar to the familiar Windows Explorer and graphical interface also allows you to view image preview. All tags are listed in a table and grouped into three main groups Image, Camera, and GPS. The interface is well laid out, making it easy to use; even a complete beginner should be able to start using it quickly.

Photo EXIF Manager 64bit

Photo Organizers Shareware, On August 1, 2017 updated, downloaded 205 times.

AnyPic Image Resizer Pro 1.3.5

Resize, convert, add watermark to images.

AnyPic Image Resizer Pro 1.3.5 allows you to resize, convert, add watermark to hundreds of images in batch mode. It supports the most popular image formats: JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PSD, GIF, TGA, RAW, and almost all image formats. It's a fast and easy-to-use image conversion tool for both amateur and professional photographers to deal with digital photos, with one click your digial photos will be just right for the Web, blog, e-mail, photo printing..etc.

AnyPic Image Resizer Pro 64bit

Converting Picture Formats Shareware, On September 15, 2011 updated, downloaded 82 times.

YoudamanSoft Picture Organizer 1.0

Easily organize your favorite pictures

Well, it's simple. With YoudamanSoft Picture Organizer 1.0, you could: 1. Easily find out your favorite pictures and organise them into different folders.2. Easily prepare pictures which you need to make photobook.3. Rename them by customized order with one click. And in the future, we prepare to let YoudamanSoft Picture Organizer 1.0 free to make photobook for you!

YoudamanSoft Picture Organizer 64bit

Photo Organizers Freeware, On April 2, 2011 updated, downloaded 77 times.

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