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GemStone 25.5MB
GemStone 1.0.75

Modeling of flow cytometry data

GemStone 1.0.75 is a revolutionary new paradigm for analysis of high-dimensional, flow cytometry data. Based on patented Probability State Modeling* technology, GemStone 1.0.75 eliminates the problems that have faced flow cytometry analysis for decades, providing a solution that is science-based, data-driven, scalable, and reproducible. An additional parameter based on states and probabilities is defined using our patented Probability State Modeling...

GemStone MAC

Other Design Utils Shareware, On May 24, 2013 updated, downloaded 61 times.

Chemistry 4-D Draw 8.0

Draw Chemical Structures Intelligently

Chem4D Graph module that creates multi-line graphs of different styles. It supports non-linear and linear curve fitting, response curve fitting and data analysis The program allows you to create high-quality structures simply by entering molecular names. It assigns systematic names to structures. It includes a full set of tools for drawing, text and structure editing, and labeling. Features include: interactive 3-D rotation synta...

Chemistry 4-D Draw MAC

Miscellaneous Demo, On July 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 78 times.

FotoAlbum Pro

Organize your photos and videos.

FotoAlbum has all the tools you need to help you organize your photos and videos. Designed to make the most complex task easy, FotoAlbum will satisfy everyone from beginners to photo professionals.  Easily import photos and videos into FotoAlbum from cameras, scanners, memory cards, photo CDs, iPods, and almost anything else that holds photos and videos. Captions, keywords and dates embedded in your photos` EXIF/IPT...

Photo Organizers Shareware, On February 5, 2015 updated, downloaded 108 times.

SWiSH Max3 4.0

The Ultimate Flash Creation Tool

With SWiSH Max3 4.0 you can create Flash movies quickly and easily. SWiSH Max3 4.0 is packed with features that lets you make stunning interactive Flash animations. Here are some of the features that make SWiSH Max3 4.0 so powerful:  Multimedia Effects & Components Advanced Flash design for the graphic artist or animation programmer. Full design control. NEW! Project Template...

SWiSH Max3 64bit

Morphers & Animations Shareware, On November 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 70 times.

SmoothKit 18.3MB
SmoothKit 3.3

Ultimate filter set to smooth your imagery

SmoothKit 3.3 is a set of filters that complements and extends the features of basic blurs and sharpens provided by host applications. Each plugin in SmoothKit 3.3 is carefully crafted with fine control to provide the ultimate in filtering. SmoothKit 3.3`s emphasis is precise control of the filtering process with no compromise on image quality. SmoothKit 3.3 allows you to blur without blurring over edges, sharpen with much less ringing, intelligently reduc...

SmoothKit MAC

Other Design Utils Shareware, On July 24, 2014 updated, downloaded 68 times.

R 18.55MB
R 3.1.2

The R Project for Statistical Computing

R 3.1.2 is a language and enviR 3.1.2onment foR 3.1.2 statistical computing and gR 3.1.2aphics.R 3.1.2 can be consideR 3.1.2ed as a diffeR 3.1.2ent implementation of S. TheR 3.1.2e aR 3.1.2e some impoR 3.1.2tant diffeR 3.1.2ences, but much code wR 3.1.2itten foR 3.1.2 S R 3.1.2uns unalteR 3.1.2ed undeR 3.1.2 R 3.1.2.


Miscellaneous Freeware, On February 5, 2015 updated, downloaded 115 times.

FreeCAD 115MB
FreeCAD 0.12.5284


FreeCAD 0.12.5284 is a general purpose Open Source 3DCAD/MCAD/CAx/CAE/PLM modeler, aimed directly atmechanical engineering and product design but also fits in a wider range of uses around engineering, such as architecture or other engineering specialties. It is a feature-based parametric modeler with a modular software architecture which makes it easy to provide additional functionality without modifying th...


CAD & Vector Graphics Open source, On December 24, 2011 updated, downloaded 97 times.

libpng 0.62MB

libpng is the official PNG reference library.

libpng 1.6.17 is the official PNG reference library.Reference library for supporting the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

libpng MAC

Miscellaneous Open source, On April 7, 2015 updated, downloaded 134 times.

VariCAD 2010 for Linux 3.03

3D/2D mechanical CAD system

VariCAD is 3D/2D CAD system primarily intended for mechanical engineering design. In addition to powerful tools for 3D modeling and 2D drafting and dimensioning, the CAD system provides libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN), calculations of standard mechanical components, and tools for working with bills of materials (BOM) and blocks. The comprehensive CAD software enables designers to quickly create, evaluate, and modify thei...

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On November 27, 2010 updated, downloaded 70 times.

RasTop 1MB
RasTop 2.2

Molecular Visualization Software

RasTop 2.2 is a molecular visualization software adapted from the program RasMol, which was initially developed by Roger Sayle. RasTop 2.2 is particularly adapted for educational purposes and for the rapid analysis of macromolecules at the bench.  RasTop 2.2 wraps a user-friendly graphical interface around the "RasMol molecular engine". There is no need to type on the command line; each command in the menu ...

RasTop MAC

Picture Editors Open source, On May 24, 2010 updated, downloaded 50 times.

Firegraphic 10.5.10505

The faster image management software for work

Firegraphic 10.5.10505 is an all-in-one photo viewer, letting you easily view, organize, edit and print your photos.Import:Plug your camera filled with new photos to your computer and Firegraphic 10.5.10505 instantly offering ways to import rename photos.View & Organize:All your photos, files, and folders are displayed on screen, just scroll down the page and you`ll see all the files in each folder and subfolder. This makes it easier for you to organize photos i...

Photo Viewers Shareware, On February 17, 2011 updated, downloaded 48 times.

PED 4.39MB
PED 6.0.2

a valuable tool to complement the BWA.

PED 6.0.2 6 ( is a Windows application for creating, drawing, and editing of PED 6.0.2igrees. All of the PED 6.0.2igree drawing features conform to the PED 6.0.2igree Standardization Task Force recommendations. PED 6.0.2 6 enables the user to export family information not only as LINKAGE or CSV (comma separated values) file, but also as a BOADICEA data file. The data files created by PED 6.0.2 can be uploaded to the BOADICEA Web Application (BWA...

Other Design Utils Freeware, On May 18, 2010 updated, downloaded 51 times.

JGraph 3.1MB
JGraph 5

Layouts for automatic positioning

JGraph 5 - the de facto Java Swing graph visualization library worldwide. JGraph 5 began as the diploma thesis of Gaudenz Alder at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. Started in 2000, JGraph 5 enjoyed rapid success as the most popular open source Java graph library available. Thanks to its strict adherence to Swing design and a large community following, JGraph 5 matured into a professional-grade offering with a large number o...

Miscellaneous Open source, On July 7, 2010 updated, downloaded 60 times.

Agnosco viewer 2.3.5

Agnosco - Free DICOM Viewer

The Agnosco viewer 2.3.5 allows you to view DICOM images of different modalities. Goal of the viewer to run fast even on slow machines.

Other Design Utils Freeware, On October 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 67 times.

XMedCon 3.7MB
XMedCon 0.13.0

Toolkit for medical image conversion

Some PR-talk here. The project stands for Medical Image Conversion. Released under the (L)GPL licence, it comes with the full C-source code of the library, a flexible command-line utility and a neat graphical front-end using the Gtk+ toolkit. The supported formats are: Acr/Nema 2.0, Analyze (SPM), Concorde/µPET, DICOM 3.0, CTI ECAT 6/7, NIfTI-1, InterFile3.3 and PNG or Gif87a/89a. In addition, the program allows to read ...

XMedCon MAC - XMedCon OS2

Image Filters Open source, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 74 times.

Jhead 0.11MB
Jhead 3.00

Exif Jpeg header manipulation tool

Jhead 3.00 has no Graphical User Interface. Clicking on it with the mouse from Windows or Mac OS-X won`t do anything for you - you have to use it from the Command prompt Jhead 3.00 v2.90 program Features Extracting camera settings from Exif image files Able to set and/or adjust the Exif time field Manipulation (extract, replace, regenerate) of Exif integral thumbnails Transplant Exif image header from one JPEG to another Edit JPE...

Jhead MAC - Jhead 64bit

Image Filters Freeware, On February 5, 2015 updated, downloaded 84 times.

Amira 58.2MB
Amira 5.2

3D data visualization

Amira 5.2 is a powerful, multifaceted software platform for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding Life Science and bio-medical data coming from all types of sources and modalities. Multi purpose   One tool for interdisciplinary work Flexible   Option packages to configure Amira 5.2 to your needs Efficient   Exploits latest graphics cards and processors Easy to use   Intuitive user interface an...

Amira MAC

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On May 10, 2010 updated, downloaded 70 times.

ParaView 33.59MB
ParaView 3.8

a data analysis and visualization application

ParaView 3.8 is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application. ParaView 3.8 users can quickly build visualizations to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques. The data exploration can be done interactively in 3D or programmatically using ParaView 3.8`s batch processing capabilities.ParaView 3.8 is an application framework as well as a turn-key application. The ParaView 3.8 code base is designed in suc...

ParaView MAC

Miscellaneous Open source, On July 7, 2010 updated, downloaded 66 times.

VariCAD 2010 for Windows 3.03

3D/2D mechanical CAD system

VariCAD is 3D/2D CAD system primarily intended for mechanical engineering design. In addition to powerful tools for 3D modeling and 2D drafting and dimensioning, the CAD system provides libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN), calculations of standard mechanical components, and tools for working with bills of materials (BOM) and blocks. The comprehensive CAD software enables designers to quickly create, evaluate, and modify thei...

VariCAD 2010 for Windows 64bit

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On November 27, 2010 updated, downloaded 58 times.

EPE 60.06MB
EPE 2.0 beta

EPE:Edinburgh Pathway Editor

EPE 2.0 beta is a visual editor designed for annotation, visualisation and presentation of wide variety of biological networks, including metabolic, genetic and signal transduction pathways. It based on a metadata driven architecture, which makes it very flexible in drawing, storing, presenting and exporting information related to the network of interest. It allows visual representation to field standards (SBGN), storage and retrieval of annotation suc...


Image Filters Freeware, On July 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 54 times.

uDig 121.09MB
uDig 1.5.0.RC1

uDig:User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS

uDig 1.5.0.RC1:User-friendly Desktop Internet GISThe goal of uDig 1.5.0.RC1 is to provide a complete Java solution for desktop GIS data access, editing, and viewing.uDig 1.5.0.RC1 is a Java application, so experience with Java is a pre-requisite. The source code is highly object-oriented, so an understanding of object patterns is helpful.

uDig MAC

Miscellaneous Open source, On March 16, 2015 updated, downloaded 70 times.

GGobi 0.59MB
GGobi 2.1.10a

Good pictures force the unexpected upon us

GGobi 2.1.10a is an open source visualization program for exploring high-dimensional data.It provides highly dynamic and interactive graphics such as tours, as well as familiar graphics such as the scatterplot, barchart and parallel coordinates plots.


Miscellaneous Open source, On July 10, 2012 updated, downloaded 68 times.

Cytoscape 541.99MB
Cytoscape 3.0.2

a bioinformatics software platform.

Cytoscape 3.0.2 is an open source bioinformatics software platform for  visualizing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways and integrating these networks with annotations, gene expression profiles and other state data.   Although Cytoscape 3.0.2 was originally designed for biological research, now it is a general platform for complex network analysis and visualization.   Cytoscape 3.0.2 core distribution provides a basi...

Cytoscape MAC

Miscellaneous Open source, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 89 times.

Wings 3D 7.8MB
Wings 3D 1.4.1

Wings 3D is a subdivision modeler

Wings 3D 1.4.1 is a subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware. It is possible to assign materials, vertex color, UV coordinates and textures, but there will be improvements in those features before Wings goes 1.0.

Wings 3D MAC

CAD & Vector Graphics Open source, On November 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 66 times.

MolPOV 2.6MB
MolPOV 2.1

Photorealistic models of molecules

Molecular graphics are an integral part of modern chemistry. Visualization of molecular structures adds impact to presentations, textbooks, articles, and classroom teaching. MolPOV 2.1 allows one to render photorealistic models of molecules in the spacefilling ("CPK"), ball and stick, or cylinders formats. Early modeling of molecular structure as Van der Waals surfaces were based on the CPK plastic models, which were a basic tool ...

Miscellaneous Freeware, On January 9, 2012 updated, downloaded 58 times.

Picnik 0.54MB
Picnik 2.0

Photo editing in your browser

Picnik 2.0 makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart’s content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.Fix your photos in just one clickUse advanced controls to fine-tune your resultsCrop, resize, and rotate in real-timeTons of special effects, from artsy to funAstoundingly fast, right in your browserAwesome fonts and top-quality type toolBasketfuls of shapes fro...

Picnik MAC

Picture Editors Freeware, On April 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 66 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardImage Gallery Maker 1.1.1

Web image galleries

Image Gallery Maker will allow you to quickly and easily create professional-looking (LightBox style) web image galleries ready to be published on the Web. Support for all major image file formats (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG). With this software you can: · Save and load your own gallery projects. · Add custom header to the pages. · Add custom title, tooltip and link eac...

Other Design Utils Freeware, On April 10, 2010 updated, downloaded 67 times.

Pngcrush 0.35MB

Pngcrush is an optimizer for PNG files.

Pngcrush 1.7.12 is an optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files. It can be run from a commandline in an MSDOS window, or from a UNIX or LINUX commandline.Its main purpose is to reduce the size of the PNG IDAT datastream by trying various compression levels an PNG filter methods. It also can be used to remove unwanted ancillary chunks, or to add certain chunks including gAMA, tRNS, iCCP, and textual chunks. Pngcrush 1.7.12 is open source and may b...

Pngcrush MAC

Image Filters Open source, On October 10, 2010 updated, downloaded 51 times.

MayaVi 7.62MB
MayaVi 1.5

MayaVi is an easy to use GUI.

MayaVi 1.51 is a free, easy to use scientific data visualizer. It is written in Python and uses the amazing Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for the graphics. It provides a GUI written using  Tkinter. MayaVi 1.5 is free and distributed under the conditions of the  BSD license. It is also cross platform and should run on any platform where both Python and VTK are available (which is almost any *nix, Mac OSX or Windows).

MayaVi MAC

Morphers & Animations Open source, On April 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 43 times.

xmorph & gtkmorph 2.8

Digital image warping

The two programs xmorph and gtkmorph  are the GUI (graphical user interfaces, that is, front-ends) to libmorph, a library that implements digital image warping , known as morphing. This is a brief review Hosting The project for all of the above programs is hosted in SourceForge, and is called xmorph. Source code The source code is distributed in the web page of releases, as one single tar file calle...

Morphers & Animations Open source, On April 5, 2010 updated, downloaded 66 times.

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