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VaySoft JPG to PDF Converter 2.23

quickly convert image files to PDF file

VaySoft JPG to PDF Converter is an application that help you quickly convert image files (such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICON, EMF, WMF, TIFF ) to a single PDF file.

Shareware | Mar 24, 2010 | downloaded 33 times | 0.68MB

honestech Photo DVD 2.0

Create lasting video from photos or pictures!

... honestech Photo DVD is the perfect tool for the digital camera ... user who wants to create video slide shows with background music, voice over and transitional effects. ... DVD, SVCD, VCD and mini DVD formats are supported. Sharing MPEG, AVI, DV-AVI and ...

Shareware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 45 times | 14.05MB

GlitterEditor 2

The GlitterEditor lets you create you blinkes

... The GlitterEditor lets you create your own blinkies. It ... use it where and whenever you want to.The GlitterEditor lets you create your own blinkies. ...

Shareware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 67 times | 1.82MB

Download FX Morph 3.0
DownloadRoute good awardFX Morph 3.0

Create morphing and warpingianimation

... FX Morph is an image morphing and warping tool designed to create morphing images and animation ... keep no can even create amazing effectsCreate morphing and warping images and animation sequences from still ...

Shareware | Oct 15, 2009 | downloaded 95 times | 1.43MB

Download Flasher 1.00
DownloadRoute excellent award

Flash a subliminal message

... hidden prank program that allows you to flash any image to ... the computer screen, almost like ...

Freeware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 59 times | 0.24MB

Flash Saver Maker 1.68

Make your own flash screensaver.

... Flash Saver Maker allows you to make your own screensavers from your favorite Flash movies. You can ... make your own screensavers direct from your Flash .SWF files, or even from your Flash executables. It ... is even possible to select multiple Flash files in one time, Flash Saver Maker plays ...

Shareware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 40 times | 1.38MB

Flash Catcher 2.6

with two clicks,Download flash from web pages

... move over the flash,right click,you will find ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 64 times | 1.18MB

Exact Mouse 2.0

Exact Mouse is collection of design tools.

... Exact Mouse is ... application development. Specifically, Exact Mouse enhances the functionality of your mouse by enhancing ... user control over mouse movements, generating customizable rulers and saving specific locations ... on the screen. Additionally, Exact Mouse provides tools to aid in design including ...

Shareware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 87 times | 0.64MB

CyD WEB Development 3.0

Software collection for WEB Development

... CyD WEB Animation Studio, CyD FTP Client, CyD HTML Editor, CyD Image Viewer.Software collection for WEB Development. Include ... CyD WEB Animation Studio, CyD FTP Client, CyD HTML Editor, CyD Image Viewer. ...

Shareware | Dec 23, 2007 | downloaded 76 times | 6.11MB

Creates GIF Animations

... Creates GIF Animations.File types ... New generation of GIF animation. The best optimization. Optimization of graphic pallets ... And much more. You may easy create professional GIF files. ...

Shareware | Dec 23, 2007 | downloaded 93 times | 2.17MB

Animated ArtCard Creations Package - 2.00.1390

* Create your special animated ArtCard and

... Create your special animated ArtCard and say ... Collage all your favourite multimedia animations, poetry, pictures and music with artistic flair. ... Produce your own advertising fliers from blank canvas to print with precision and ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 48 times | 1.88MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAZ Paint & Animated GIF Editor 8.0.0

Compact Paint program & Animated GIF Ediitor

... compact Paint program and Animated GIF Editor. Besides tools and filters for both basic and ... special capabilities which are usually lacking in ordinary paint programs. Moreover, the program does not engage complicated procedural ...

Shareware | Oct 1, 2010 | downloaded 107 times | 4.14MB

DownloadRoute good awardAnimated ScreenGif 1.0.1177

Display any gif-image on your desktop.

... Animated ScreenGif is the program that display any animated gif-image on your desktop. It is ... remarkable way to diversify and recover your desktop. Now your wallpaper can be animated. You don ... need anymore various screenmates. Animated ScreenGif can replace with itself all of them ...

Shareware | Apr 15, 2010 | downloaded 136 times | 1.41MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFaceMorpher Web Edition 1.5

Morph or transform faces on a Web site.

... Perform morphing animation of faces by smoothly and realistically transforming one ... easily show what their children would look like. FaceMorpher Web Edition runs unattended in ...

Shareware | Mar 6, 2008 | downloaded 64 times | 28.83MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardVidMorph 1.5.9

Morph pictures to original video

VidMorph is funny software for morphing your pictures. This allows you import your photo or any other picture into another picture. You can morph various pictures such as, face or image of your friends, family, pets, etc. together.

Shareware | May 31, 2010 | downloaded 114 times | 15.82MB

Download AlphaStar 1.0
DownloadRoute good awardAlphaStar 1.0

Add in your video highlights effects!

... Creates beautiful single flashes, stars, lens flare, rays, rainbows. ... Creates stars and lights on borders of opaque objects. ...

Shareware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 87 times | 2.59MB

2D & 3D Animator 2.0

Produces high-quality images for Web page

... 3D Animator produces high-quality images for your Web page or for ... presentation. It enables you to manipulate text and graphics, and apply effects like shadow, glow, opacity, and ... animations from your own pictures and add 3D texts and shapes. The ready-made templates for banners, buttons ...

Shareware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 68 times | 4.7MB

Photo Toucher 1.0

Touch photos with hand and create animations.

... Photo Toucher enables you to touch the beautiful photos or image objects with hand and create fantastic ... warping animations. It generates realistic warping effects of the touched image object, even with funny ... ink effects from the hand. You can easily record the ... touching animation and output it to AVI movies, or capture the image to files. ...

Shareware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 78 times | 2.1MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardZoner GIF Animator 5

An extraordinary GIF animation tool

... with simulated Windows controls), which generally have the highest click-through rate. New ... with simulated Windows controls), which generally have the highest click-through ...

Shareware | Jan 25, 2008 | downloaded 75 times | 5.97MB

123 AVI to GIF Converter 4.0

Convert Video clips to GIF

123 AVI to GIF Converter is a conversion tool that help you to convert video clips to user-defined GIF animation.

Shareware | Aug 28, 2010 | downloaded 53 times | 7.19MB

DownloadRoute good awardMeet the Flash 2.1

Video book for Flash beginners

... This eBook is intended for Flash newcomers. To speed up the learning every lesson ... some practical usage of the wordy lesson. The tutorials cover the program essentials ... creating still graphics, animations, and text. Also, the book offers several scripting tutorials showing how to add ...

Shareware | Mar 22, 2010 | downloaded 81 times | 4.56MB

SWF-AVI-GIF Converter 2.4

Convert FLV,SWF to GIF,AVI; and AVI to GIF.

Software allows you to convert Flash SWF/FLV and Video AVI files to animated GIF; Flash to JPEG/PNG; and Flash to AVI. With just 5 easy steps you can turn Flash or Video to GIF animation; record AVI from FLV/SWF; convert Flash to image series.

Shareware | Mar 6, 2017 | downloaded 76 times | 1.37MB

SWF Demo Maker 2.0

SWF Demo Maker is a tool for swf animations

... tool for developing interactive,highly compressed SWF animations.SWF Demo Maker has ... this optimization tecnique have shown us that each SWF Movie created with image files can be ... 80 smaller on size with SWF Demo Maker. ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 55 times | 9.8MB

Download Zoner Draw 5
DownloadRoute excellent awardZoner Draw 5

Powerful vector graphics editor.

... powerful vector graphics editor with an intuitive user interface. Use it to ... create internet graphics, illustrations, leaflets, price lists, greeting cards, postcards, maps, business ... tools for creating shapes, tables, barcodes, and text ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 71 times | 15.02MB

MSU NoiseGenerator VirtualDub plugin 2.1

Freeware MSU NoiseGenerator video filter

... equidistributed, normaldistributed, colour stains, echo signal) to video stream. It can be used for ... equidistributed, normaldistributed, colour stains, echo signal) to video stream. It can be used for ...

Freeware | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 58 times | 0.28MB

Picture2Email 1.01

Insert Pictures with just two mouseclicks

... program which helps you to illustrate your emails. Now you can insert Pictures into your email ... Pictures which can be transferred to your running email program. An upgrade to the pro version increases ... number of pictures to 1000. At the moment Picture2Email supports the following email programs ...

Shareware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 34 times | 1.46MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEximiousSoft GIF Creator 7.33

Create high quality and impact GIF animation.

... powerful tool for creating high quality and impact GIF animations. Which provides 30 ...

Shareware | Mar 27, 2018 | downloaded 124 times | 10.54MB

DownloadRoute good awardSWF To Video Scout PRO 1.33

Converts flash to 32-bit RGBA AVI(with alpha)

... Convert SWF flash movies into 32-bit RGBA AVI video with transparency ... alpha channel). Also capable of converting flash into MPEG, VideoCD, ... Includes full featured flash extractor ...

Shareware | Feb 9, 2010 | downloaded 61 times | 12.01MB

Download gPage 1.3.5
gPage 1.3.5

Powerful but easy to use drawing program.

... powerful but easy to use drawing program. Create Web images, digital photo presentations, CD labels and jackets, ... technical diagrams, logos, pamphlets and more ... Print or export your work to file in JPG, PNG, GIF or WMF format. ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2011 | downloaded 45 times | 0.66MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSerif 3DPlus 2

For 3D scenes, logos, animations, models.

... For 3D scenes, logos, animations, models. Award winning. Unusually good display ... built-in DirectX; palette ... dither accurate Export Preview ... five anti-aliasing levels. Includes fonts, objects, etc. FREE. Registration required. ...

Freeware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 91 times | 5.59MB

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