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Download Pixel Art 4.2
Pixel Art 4.2

Easily create pixel pictures.

... the fastest VB.Net web browser in the world, Muze Software Inc. It allows you to easily create pixel pictures ... pixel form.Pixel Art allows you to easily create pixel pictures from ...

Freeware | Aug 26, 2012 | downloaded 60 times | 5.94MB

TurboCollage 6.0

TurboCollage is a Photo Collage Maker.

... photo collage maker for your Windows PC. Setup ... photo collage maker for your Windows PC. Setup ...

Shareware | Jun 2, 2016 | downloaded 41 times | 477.73MB

Studio V5 Logo Maker 4.0

Design your own logo.

... makes it possible for any business owner to design professional business logos, by using 3,300 fully modifiable ... over 50 options for object and text editing, etc.Logo Maker is an easy to use product that makes ... it possible for any business owner to design professional business logos, by using 3300 fully modifiable ...

Shareware | Jul 15, 2012 | downloaded 25 times | 349.51MB

dpMagic Plus

RAW Viewer and Editor.

... to your PC. With dpMagic Plus you can preview RAW images as thumbnails or in full screen ... Windows Shell extension that opens Windows Explorer to RAW files produced by digital cameras. It ... adds support for thumbnails view, full screen preview, slideshow. ...

Shareware | Jul 9, 2012 | downloaded 67 times | 1.8MB

Photovault 0.5.0

Photo workflow and archiving application.

... image cropping and rotation. See full list of Photovault features. Easily search for your photos based on ... shooting date or metadat...Photovault is ...

Open source | Jul 2, 2012 | downloaded 50 times | 8.4MB

Passport Photo Maker 8.35

Make ID photos for different documents easily

Professional software for automatic creation of ID photos for passwords, visas and other documents. Designed for home and business use, it offers a catalog of photo type templates, automatic face detection, editing tools and printing capabilities.

Shareware | Oct 7, 2018 | downloaded 44 times | 16.58MB

SoftSkin Photo Makeup 1.1.9

Get SoftSkin Photo Makeup for perfect looks!

... they do in the pictures, just get SoftSkin Photo Makeup! This is ... can get it in your pictures with SoftSkin Photo Makeup by SoftOrbits ...

Shareware | Jul 17, 2014 | downloaded 126 times | 6.23MB

panorama stitch and virtual tour software

... and panorama stitching software Panoweaver 8. Studio 2012 can meet ... high quality flash panorama and making interactive virual tours. Studio 2012 make ... professional virtual tours more easier and faster, which is the most ... complete virtual tour solution in the market for building aastonishing virtual ...

Shareware | Jun 21, 2012 | downloaded 25 times | 142.53MB

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

Make your images perfect with Photo Retoucher

... is to use Photo Retoucher by SoftOrbits. It ...

Shareware | Jul 17, 2014 | downloaded 118 times | 6.46MB

Art Lines 2.00

Use lines of variable width to create art

This program let you to create images using multi-color lines and lines of variable width. These images can be used for painted art, wallpaper, textile patterns and others. Small sizes and convenience allow to use program by children.

Shareware | May 6, 2018 | downloaded 53 times | 0.46MB

photo frame maker plus 2

photo frame maker plus software blend imges

... photo frame maker plus software enables you to blend images and add stylish ... pashmina, berets, hats, niqab, thobe, veil, shemagh, caps, frame maker plus software enables you to blend ... family, friends and more frames to images in batch mode ...

Shareware | Jun 5, 2012 | downloaded 33 times | 24.37MB

Art of Illusion 3.0.1

Open source 3D modelling and rendering studio

... free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio. Many of its capabilities rival those found ... full featured 3D modelling, rendering, and animation studio. It is written entirely in Java, and can ...

Open source | Feb 5, 2015 | downloaded 76 times | 8MB

Hibosoft Batch Image Resizer 3.2

Software to batch resize images in seconds.

A program designed to resize large numbers of images/photos/pictures in seconds with just a few clicks. All popular image formats are supported.

Shareware | Feb 12, 2014 | downloaded 32 times | 9.52MB

Picture Resizer 1.0.0

Picture Resizer

Picture Resizer, free software for image resizing, is a free app to resize pictures and images. Easy to use and powerful picture resizer completely free to download and free to use, a completely freeware picture resizing tool.

Freeware | May 12, 2012 | downloaded 29 times | 1.07MB

PaintSupreme for MAC 1.5

PaintSupreme v1.5 by BrainDistrict

PaintSupreme 1.5 - - PaintSupreme offers best-in-class photo editing and image creation in one great package. - FAST – one of the fastest editing products on the market. - STABLE – 10,000 users and not a single major bug.

Shareware | Jan 8, 2013 | downloaded 26 times | 67MB

Manco Shapefile Editor

Creating and editing ESRI shape and KML files.

... Manco Shapefile Editor is ... powerful tool for creating and editing shapefiles. You can edit geometry of shapes easily. Add ... multiple images as backgrounds and enable an OpenStreetMap provider. You can create and edit all the ... Also you can export your images into the shapefiles by refining them with the image processing algorithms. ...

Shareware | Feb 18, 2015 | downloaded 77 times | 6.14MB

Image Converter 1,0.0

utility to convert/resize images

... CodeWonders Image converter is proud to present ... for Windows XP, Vista and Windows Seven. CodeWonders Image Converter also supports multiple languages thanks to the build ... preferred language. CodeWonders Image Converter is an user friendly easy to use tool, ...

Freeware | Apr 20, 2012 | downloaded 24 times | 1.71MB

PhotoPad Pro Edition 4.19

PhotoPad Pro Edition

... change the hue, saturation and brightness levels plus more.PhotoPad Pro image editing software is ...

Shareware | Nov 22, 2018 | downloaded 288 times | 4.22MB

PhotoPad Photo Editor Free 4.19

Free Photo editor for Windows

... PhotoPad photo editor is ... free photo editing software for Windows. It allows you to edit ...

Freeware | Nov 22, 2018 | downloaded 273 times | 4.22MB

myPhotoLab boosts your photo business profits

myPhotoLab suite is designed to help photographers and photo labs automate their operations and enhance product range. The suite includes five convenient applications for photo editing and design along with a large collection of ready-made templates.

Shareware | Mar 1, 2013 | downloaded 34 times | 263.02MB

Fima effects pack 1.3.0

Fima effects pack. 5 photo/video effects

... Felis Faber Fima effects pack includes ... video effects designed to help you easily enhance your images ... look. These effects can be used both in ... photo editor, and in NLE programs. All effects has ... stylish look. Effects: Color Temperature, Color Game, Vintage Simple, Dream Glow, ...

Shareware | Sep 20, 2012 | downloaded 46 times | 6.93MB

Image overlay merge and watermark Pro 2014.1.0.0

Overlay, watermark & merge images

... out on your website or your eBay listings. Image overlay merge and watermark allows you to create attractive ... out on your website or your eBay listings. Image overlay merge and watermark allows you also overlay several ...

Shareware | Aug 23, 2016 | downloaded 82 times | 9.85MB

Graphic Styler 1.1

Convert images into artistic illustrations!

... Convert your photos and renders into artistic illustrations! This software will create outline, shading and toon ... range of effects. Select the outline and shading layers to recreate ... the toon layer by itself for limited colour 'poster print ...

Shareware | Jul 3, 2012 | downloaded 41 times | 4.14MB

Advanced TIFF Editor Plus

Multipage pdf and tiff viewer and editor.

... Multi-page PDF and TIF (TIFF) viewer, editor, converter, pages manager and multi-page scanner. ... is an absolutely necessary tool to work with PDF and TIFF documents. Batch processing ... virtual TIFF printer; imaging annotations. Editing functions includes ...

Shareware | May 31, 2018 | downloaded 422 times | 32.13MB

Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator 1.0

Reproduce tilt-shift effect on your PC

... macro-scale model in post processing. Tilt Shift Generator convincingly emulates the tilt-shift effect in post processing, ...

Shareware | Mar 3, 2012 | downloaded 31 times | 6.22MB

HeliosPaint for Mac 1.6

Free image, photo and icon editing program.

... feature-rich and easy-to-use paint program for editing photos, drawings and icons. It is simple to learn and ... of standard and advanced tools including pencil, lines, paint brushes, eraser, spray can, air brush, paint can, ... wand, lasso, scissors, shapes, various photo filters, text entry ...

Freeware | Nov 15, 2013 | downloaded 36 times | 1.56MB

Photivo 2013-07-01

Open source (GPL3) photo processor.

... RAW files as well as your bitmap files (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and many more ... pipe with gimp workflow integration and batch mode. Photivo tries to provide the best algorithms available ...

Open source | Jul 5, 2013 | downloaded 73 times | 11.1MB

FireAlpaca 1.0.34

Image editor for processing multiple layers.

... We made it possible to provide the completely FREE download, in order for our products to be ... over the world. It is available for both Mac and Windows users ...

Freeware | Mar 10, 2013 | downloaded 62 times | 9MB

Chroma-key-command-line-green-screen 1.0

command line chroma key software

... Command line Chroma Key Software.Smart and easy way to add background to your ... Command line Chroma Key Software.Smart and easy way to add background to your ...

Shareware | Dec 21, 2011 | downloaded 24 times | 24.57MB

Download Photoupz 1.61
Photoupz 1.61

Cool new app for improving your photos.

... cool new app for improving your photos. Magically remove objects from photos, erase wrinkles and blemishes and get rid of ... cool new app for improving your photos. Magically remove objects from photos, erase wrinkles and blemishes and get rid of ...

Shareware | Dec 22, 2011 | downloaded 25 times | 1.49MB

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