Full DR.Web's HW VSP report

HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip - archive ZIP
>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe - archive BINARYRES
>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002 - archive INNO SETUP
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\Script0.bin - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\Script1.bin - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\Install_Script.iss - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\0.object - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\Embedded_Setup.exe - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{win}\system\VSPD.VXD - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\1.file - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\2.file - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\3.file - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\4.file - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\5.file - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\6.file - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\7.file - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\HW_VSP.exe packed by BINARYRES
>>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\HW_VSP.exe - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\driver\resetbus.exe - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{win}\system32\VSPort.dll - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\Readme.txt - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\tools\HW_VSP_exit.exe - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\tools\HW_VSP_sleep.exe - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\tools\example.bat - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\tools\example1.bat - OK
>>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002\{app}\tools\examples.dat - OK
>>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe\data002 - OK
>HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip\HW VSP Setup 2.5.10.exe - OK
HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip - OK
Scan report for "HW_VirtualSerialPort.zip":
Scanned: 25/24 Cured: 0
Infected found: 0/0 Deleted: 0
Modifications: 0/0 Renamed: 0
Suspicious: 0/0 Moved: 0
Adware: 0/0 Ignored: 0
Dialers: 0/0
Jokes: 0/0 Scan time: 0:00:03
Riskware: 0/0 Scan speed: 2129 Kb/s
Hacktools: 0/0 Scan ended: 20:42:16

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