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TransDict 0.56MB

Free Translator for 65 languages

Free Translator for translation from and to English,German,Italian,Spanish,Russian, Czech, Polish, French etc. Translator working with databases encoding UTF-8, which are terms original and translation separate tabulators "TAB". You may insert your words and create own database for any language. Panel with keys supporting for any char and letter.

Dicts & Translators Freeware, On May 25, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardGoalsOnTrack 1.2.9

goal setting and task management software

A web-based goal-oriented "Get Things Done" software to keep your goals on track. It is designed for helping people to accomplish personal and professional goals. It allows you to set goals, track progress, manage action steps/todo lists, and view time usage, graphical progress indicator, animated timer and more.

GoalsOnTrack MAC

Calendars & Time Organizers Freeware, On May 19, 2009 updated, downloaded 94 times.

Math Worksheet Creator

Math Worksheet Creator 1.0 for Kindergarten through 5th grade, including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Includes ability to also print the answer key.

Mathematical Tools Freeware, On May 25, 2009 updated, downloaded 83 times.

EABW - Equilibrios ácido base 1.7

EABW - Equilibrios ácido base para Windows

EABW - Equilibrios ácido base 1.7 para Windows. - Disolución simple de ácido o base. - Hidrólisis de sales. - Mezcla de ácido + base. - Disolución reguladora / buffer /tampón / amortiguadora. - Valoración ácido base (incluye ácidos polipróticos). - pH, concentración, constante de equilibrio, grado de disociación, volumen valorante. 34 tipos de cálculos de equilibrio ácido-base. Ácidos débiles, fuertes, mono y polipróticos. Manual de Usuario

EABW - Equilibrios ácido base 64bit

Science Shareware, On April 29, 2009 updated, downloaded 113 times.

SEPRAlab Architectural Dictionary 1.00

Multilingual Architectural Dictionary

Multilingual Architectural Dictionary, 5 languages simultaneosly translated.TOTALLY FREE!!!

SEPRAlab Architectural Dictionary 64bit

Dicts & Translators Freeware, On April 15, 2009 updated, downloaded 94 times.

Zune eBook Creator 1.5.4

"Convert" text to images

This tool allows you to "convert" text such way, that you receive suite graphic files like suite of scanned pages of book or magazine. It is often necessary when you want to read favorite book on MobilePC, which does not have ability to show text files, but only graphical i.e. Zune or digital photoframe.

Zune eBook Creator 64bit

Books Shareware, On September 1, 2013 updated, downloaded 95 times.

Billing and Time Tracker Software 2.0

Web based billable hours & time track system

Time Tracker is an online software that tracks productivity across employees, projects, and activities to help companies improve efficiency by tracking and managing deadlines

Time Clocks Comercial, On March 25, 2009 updated, downloaded 141 times.

Leah's Animal Coloring Book 1.0

Fun kids coloring book featuring 40 pages.

Leah's Animal Coloring Book 1.0 features 40 pages to color, fun music and sound. Coloring pictures are automatically saved to your 'My Pictures' folder and can be printed. Leah's Animal Coloring Book 1.0 is simple to use and will stimulate your child's creativity.

Leah's Animal Coloring Book 64bit

Learning Shareware, On June 26, 2010 updated, downloaded 35 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardCook Recipe Book 4.01

Another way of cooking with recipes.

Do you enter or collect recipes? You are right. Do you like to use your own individual ingredients? Do you want only a shopping list from which you know you will need the ingredients? Now, you are completely right. Salt and pepper are mostly not listed on a shopping list! Cook Recipe Book 4.01 is the recipe software which is another kind of cooking with recipes: Import digital recipes, use 18 main categories for your recipes and much more!

Cook Recipe Book 64bit

Food & Cook Shareware, On January 8, 2010 updated, downloaded 114 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEyes Dropper 3.1

Eye Care Software protects user`s eye health

Eyes Dropper 3.1 Eye Care Software will help you to remind about a rest-time and safe your eyesight, vision and eye health from computer influence. This Eye Care Software allows you to customize the duration of your work time and length of breaks. EyeExercises show you examples of eye training that ease eye discomfort caused by computer use, eye strain and eye fatigue.

Eyes Dropper 64bit

Medicine Shareware, On January 12, 2009 updated, downloaded 99 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardScientific Calculator Precision 72

Scientific Calculator Precision 72

Scientific Calculator Precision 72 for scientists, engineers, teachers, and students. Calculates mathematical formulas of any length and complexity. Calculation history can be stored into text file or printed. There are ten variables or constants available for storing often used numbers. Common Constants and User Constants lists. Precision of calculations is 72 digits. Trigonometric, hyperbolic and inverse functions. Gamma function.

Scientific Calculator Precision 72 64bit

Mathematical Tools Shareware, On December 5, 2012 updated, downloaded 157 times.

Santa`s Village 1.1

Fun education Christmas game for young kids.

Go on this special journey to Santa`s Village 1.1. With hand drawn, computer painted graphics and original folk music, it is a unique experience that your children will want to enjoy over and over! This game includes fun activities to help teach colors, letters, continents, countries, following instruction and improve memory and concentration. Try it for FREE before you buy.

Santa`s Village 64bit

Parenting Shareware, On October 24, 2009 updated, downloaded 87 times.

Tippmaster 8.17MB
DownloadRoute cool awardTippmaster 3.6.0

Touch typing with all 10 fingers (for D/A/CH)

Software that teaches you how to type with all ten fingers (for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). 50 lessons. Visualisation of keyboard. Suitable for education at school.

Tippmaster 64bit

Learning Shareware, On June 25, 2016 updated, downloaded 72 times.

booster 0.78MB
booster 0.1

booster is a freeware utf8 flash text editor

booster 0.1 is a freeware text editor. The editor is built on the top of the cutting edge technology – Flex 3 backed up with XML. Besides, it is going to become an integral part of the professional translation environment being in use at, and there it’ll be populated with many features of Slanger subsystems, very soon.

booster 64bit

Learning Freeware, On May 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 139 times.

HandyMan Pro 32.93MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardHandyMan Pro 5.1.2

HandyMan business management made easy.

Developed for those working out of their vehicle or home and take on any odd job so they can make a buck. It's not just limited to construction jobs, there's options for about any job a handyman or handygirl can do. A billing system that's simple and easy to use generates work orders, change orders, invoice statements and payment receipts that give your business a professional appearance to your customers. A low budget solution that works.

HandyMan Pro 64bit

Hobby Tools Shareware, On December 22, 2012 updated, downloaded 114 times.

House Keeper 35.59MB
House Keeper 7.0.0

Housekeeping management system.

This is a great program for the small to mid-size maid service / house cleaning business for home and commercial accounts. Manage your clients by arranging schedules, service types, billing types and printing your own invoices complete with amounts for hourly, weekly, contract jobs, etc. Each invoice is complete with your own business name, address, phone and Email address. Excellent program for someone running their business out of their home.

House Keeper 64bit

Hobby Tools Shareware, On March 9, 2010 updated, downloaded 102 times.

Funny Halloween 3.0

Used to think that Halloween should be scary?

Used to think that Halloween should be scary? No way! It should be Happy and Funny! You can celebrate Happy and Funny Halloween 3.0 with your children. You will delight in cheerful pumpkins flying around kind magicians and fairies playing with merry ghosts. Festive sounds and solemn music become a hymn of your Funny Halloween 3.0!

Funny Halloween 64bit

Misc Freeware, On May 25, 2015 updated, downloaded 210 times.

Anytexto 0.88MB
Anytexto 2.02

e-book reading tool +speech engines support

Anytexto 2.02 is the software designed exclusively for immersive reading. If you spend a lot of time reading electronic books and tired of scrolling through big and often disordered text, you are going to need help to make reading more comfortable. Anytexto 2.02 can do the job for you. It makes electronic book look like a paper book, but unlike paper book, Anytexto 2.02 has a fully customizible appearance.

Books Shareware, On February 18, 2009 updated, downloaded 174 times.

DownloadRoute good award1370 professional icons - vista icons style 1.0

Seven General - 1370 Professional Icons

Introducing a completely fresh new style full of bright, vivid and vibrant colors that make each icon look like it is finished with real materials, as an example of this you will find in seven style icons with a perfect mix of colors put togheter along with a front view in order to accomplish a real look.This eye catching realistic stock contains very detailed icons that will help you to enhance any kind of application.

Music Learn Shareware, On October 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 187 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardIELTS Red Bible Words Terminator

"Master core ITLTS words in short time"

"Master core ITLTS words in short time. Remembering IELTS Words by this software is 1000 times more efficient than thumbing book. You can remember words by the Famous Hermann Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting. It is a Chinese version."

IELTS Red Bible Words Terminator 64bit

Dicts & Translators Shareware, On March 3, 2009 updated, downloaded 110 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardScientific Calculator Precision 63

Scientific Calculator Precision 63

Scientific Calculator Precision 63 for scientists, engineers, teachers, and students. Calculates mathematical formulas of any length and complexity. Calculation history can be stored into text file or printed. There are ten variables or constants available for storing often used numbers. Common Constants and User Constants lists. Precision of calculations is 63 digits. Trigonometric, hyperbolic and inverse functions.

Scientific Calculator Precision 63 64bit

Science Shareware, On December 4, 2012 updated, downloaded 124 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardMyspace Increaser Package, MIP PRO 4.1

Myspace Increaser Package

Your fans and existing friends on your page make judgment on your music based not only on your skills and talent but also on the amount of profile views and song plays you have. Myspace Increaser Package is not only being used by independent artists but is also used by major labels in order to increase their own artist's popularity and integrity.

Myspace Increaser Package, MIP PRO MAC - Myspace Increaser Package, MIP PRO OS2 - Myspace Increaser Package, MIP PRO 64bit

Books Comercial, On March 21, 2010 updated, downloaded 119 times.

MDBG Chinese Reader 6.0

Chinese instant translator and dictionary

Reading and understanding emails, chat conversations, websites and office documents written in Chinese can be a challenge for many people. Now with MDBG Chinese Reader 6.0, just glide your mouse over the Chinese text and a pop-up window shows English translations and Mandarin pronunciations. Suddenly hearing words in Mandarin or searching the web for related news and images is only a click away.

MDBG Chinese Reader 64bit

Dicts & Translators Shareware, On September 15, 2011 updated, downloaded 0 times.

RapidTyping Portable 5.3

Typing software that is fun and easy to use.

RapidTyping Portable 5.3 is the top of the line in typing software. With this innovative and user-friendly program, you can learn how to touch type like a professional in no time. This version is the portable edition of the popular RapidTyping typing software, meaning that you don't need to install it and it will simply run right away, from a USB flash disk or any other kind of media. The program is also completely free to use.

RapidTyping Portable 64bit

Learning Freeware, On November 23, 2018 updated, downloaded 248 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardbook2 English - Spanish 1.3

100 free audio files for learning Spanish!

Learn Spanish quickly and easily with 100 downloadable mp3 files. The audio trainer book2 is free and contains 100 lessons that provide beginners with the basic vocabulary. Listen to book2 on your mp3 player anywhere! You will be able to fluently speak short sentences in Spanish in real-world situations in no time. The book2 method ( successfully combines audio and text for effective language learning.

book2 English - Spanish MAC - book2 English - Spanish 64bit

Books Freeware, On November 16, 2011 updated, downloaded 118 times.

VueMinder Pro 2019.05

Organize your schedule and get reminders.

VueMinder Pro 2019.05 is a Windows calendar program that helps you organize your schedule with events, tasks, notes, and contacts. Data is color-coded and presented in a variety of attractive and customizable formats, including Day, Week, Month, Year, List, and Timeline views. VueMinder Pro 2019.05vides the ability to sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCalendar (ics) files or URLs - enabling you to keep your Windows calendar in sync with any mobile device.

VueMinder Pro 64bit

Calendars & Time Organizers Shareware, On August 25, 2019 updated, downloaded 455 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardRightWriter Grammar Analysis

Solve Grammar Problems Instantly

RightWriter solves your writing problems. RightWriter is much more than a simple grammar analysis tool It analyzes your writing as a whole and finds not only grammar errors, but it warns you when it finds weak writing sytles. It also shows you how to improve those weak areas. Even when your grammar is technically correct, there may be parts of your writing that need to be improved. Simply removing or changing a word can make your meaning clearer.

Learning Shareware, On April 12, 2009 updated, downloaded 274 times.

RapidTyping 13.67MB
DownloadRoute good awardRapidTyping 5.3

Improve your typing skills for free

Improve your typing speed and accuracy with a new-generation typing tutor! With RapidTyping 5.3 you will learn using your keyboard more efficiently in just a few easy sessions for absolutely free. The free typing tutor is perfect for adults and kids, students and teachers, and offers comprehensive reporting and progress tracking for every student.

RapidTyping 64bit

Learning Freeware, On November 19, 2018 updated, downloaded 179 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardDocument Suite 2008 1.21

Fast and easy creating training courses and q

The product is targeted at the following tasks in the field of knowledge management: 1. Creating training courses and quizzes 2. Building electronic books & CHM Help packages 3. Batch adding/deleting/changing string information in sets of files 4. Document contents decomposition to separate files to make them usable in web resources 5. Document conversion 6. Integration of documents into one file 7. Printing string parts out of a set of files.

Document Suite 2008 64bit

Learning Shareware, On September 6, 2008 updated, downloaded 100 times.

WordGuru 7.76MB
DownloadRoute cool awardWordGuru 2.0

WordGuru. Best Vocabulary Builder

If you are preparing for GRE ,GMAT , TOEFL or any other exam and are looking to boost your vocabulary then WordGuru 2.0 is the software for you.It allows you to interactively learn and review your vocabulary of words. Moreover you can create your own lists and review them later. The Trial edition allows you to view only 300 words. you can purchase the full version instantly online. WordGuru 2.0 has a built in vocabulary of over 8000 words.

WordGuru 64bit

Learning Shareware, On August 19, 2008 updated, downloaded 159 times.

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