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Santa`s Village 1.1

Fun education Christmas game for young kids.

... Go on this special journey to Santa`s Village. With hand drawn, computer painted graphics and ... This game includes fun activities to help teach colors, letters, continents, countries, following instruction and improve memory ...

Shareware | Oct 24, 2009 | downloaded 81 times | 99.82MB

Download Wintree 5.0
Wintree 5.0

Genealogy data management and chart program.

... GEDCOM-based genealogy program providing facilities to record ... merge gedcom data, and produce charts, family trees and reports in many formats, including HTML, PDF, ... RTF, and SWF Flash. Boxchart and dropline charts can show all relatives, including cousins. HTML reports ... and charts can be linked for hypertext navigation. Other features ...

Shareware | Aug 5, 2010 | downloaded 0 times | 2.94MB

Time Lock

Time Lock - Computer access control software

... use. When the computer is locked by the Time Lock software, nobody can access documents on your computer, ... run programs, browse on the internet, etc. Time Lock is very often used by parents as ...

Shareware | Nov 16, 2016 | downloaded 205 times | 1.79MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMath Teachers and kids 1

Teachers and kids

... Teachers and kids: We can now bring you more free math ... CreatTeachers and kids: We can now bring you more free math ...

Freeware | Sep 23, 2011 | downloaded 114 times | 0.03MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardABC Drawing School V - Christmas 1.11.0424

Learn to draw christmas objects step by step!

... Learn to draw christmas objects step by step ... ABC Drawing School ... simple to use program providing lessons for drawing. Easy to follow visual instructions show how to ... simple forms like circles and rectangles to complete drawings. One click selection from many colors and customizing ...

Freeware | Jan 20, 2008 | downloaded 104 times | 3.77MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardScrapbook MAX!

Scrapbook MAX digital scrapbooking software

... Scrapbook MAX 2.0 is the best digital scrapbooking software for Windows. This award winning, top rated, digital ... scrapbooking kits, freebies and free downloads. This computer scrapbook program is like traditional scrapbooking, but it ... faster and easier to do. Download this free digital scrapbooking software trial and see ...

Shareware | Jul 22, 2010 | downloaded 122 times | 71.93MB

DownloadRoute good awardMath 11 for kids 1

Games and Puzzles. Math Games. Speed Math Del

... Games and Puzzles. Math Games. Speed Math Deluxe ... Use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve an equation as quickly as possible ... Free educational elementary and preschool math games and online lessons. Free online math activities for kids. Math ... lessons on counting backwards, counting Offers free math lessons and homework help, with an emphasis on geometry, ...

Freeware | Sep 17, 2011 | downloaded 164 times | 0.03MB

Download Ages! 2.01
DownloadRoute excellent awardAges! 2.01

Ages! ist eine Stammbaumverwaltung.

Ages! ist eine komfortable Software zur Verwaltung Ihres Familienstammbaumes. Die intuitive Oberfläche läßt Sie in kürzester Zeit Ihre Daten erfassen. Großer Funktionsumfang. Multimedia-fähig. GEDCOM-kompatibel.

Shareware | Jun 28, 2012 | downloaded 86 times | 5.38MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardColoring Book 6.00.90

Children will have hours of fun coloring.

... Children will have hours of fun with this coloring book software. Large buttons for color selection make ... it easy to use even for young children. No more broken or lost crayons with this ...

Shareware | Jan 8, 2019 | downloaded 533 times | 1.58MB

GenealogMap 4.02

Store genealogy information on a context map

... GenealogMap is an easy-to-use genealogy program with ... publishing and web site creation features. Creating the genealogical map is ... walks you through the process of gathering the genealogical information on each person step-by-step. ...

Shareware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 112 times | 2.17MB

DownloadRoute cool awardGenealogy Browser 1.0

Genealogy Browser is a genealogy-themed web b

... built in directory of hundreds of genealogy related links, Genealogy Browser automatically finds new genealogy ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 106 times | 1.69MB

DownloadRoute cool awardColoring Book 3: Animals 5.00.90

Lots and lots of animals to color.

... Coloring book software with lots and lots of cute animals ... to color! It has the same easy to use interface ... as the previous coloring books which makes it easy to use even for ... young children. Published by Dataware. ...

Shareware | Jan 8, 2019 | downloaded 483 times | 1.57MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDino Trilogy 4.0

Three educational games for ages 5-12.

... DynoTech Software. Three exciting windows educational games for ages 5-12 ... Memory, Math, Spelling]. Help Derik the Dinosaur rescue items from Rex ... the Tyrannosaurus by solving various learning challenges. Includes animation, music, and sound effects. No ... loose feature helps make learning more fun. Req ...

Shareware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 136 times | 1.84MB

DownloadRoute cool awardRadix Child Protector 1.71

Child Protector protects computer usage

The Radix Child Protector provides a unique technology that effectively enforces appropriate computer usage by children and minimizes exposure to inappropriate contents and limits the usage of the computer according to predetermined rules.

Shareware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 134 times | 3.77MB

TypeTeller 2006 1.46

Free keyboard logger for Windows

... free keyboard logger for Windows. It allows you to keep ... record of everything that is typed on the keyboard, including chat, email and passwords. In addition, TypeTeller ... You can use TypeTeller to recall your own keyboard entries or to monitor the online and offline ... activity of your children or your employees. ...

Freeware | Jan 24, 2008 | downloaded 105 times | 0.83MB

Download AhnMan 3.8.0
DownloadRoute excellent awardAhnMan 3.8.0

Ancestor administration, genealogy, pedigree

... Complete ancestor administration with pedigree generation for print output and HTML ... internet sites/responsive web design). Import and export of text- and Gedcom files ...

Freeware | Oct 21, 2018 | downloaded 288 times | 23.48MB

Keyboard + Word-Processor for children + kids

... freely definable, multimedia Initial-Sound-Keyboard ... keyboard for children) with inserted WriteProgram. Keyboard-layout ... with letters, special characters, text modules, shortcuts, ... ... key-graphics can be shown and hided like the text-editor. Also HTML-files could be used for keyboardlayout. ...

Freeware | Feb 7, 2007 | downloaded 163 times | 2.03MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardBible Jig Saw bib261 1

Jig saw Bible puzzle

Bibble Labs, Inc. Business Contacts & Company Information JigSaw. Jigsaw`s Online Business Directory offers company & business contact information at VP, Director and Manager Level with complete contact info including ... Jigsaw puzzle program. Fr

Freeware | Jan 22, 2008 | downloaded 91 times | 0.04MB

Download NA 1.0
DownloadRoute excellent awardNA 1.0



Freeware | Mar 1, 2012 | downloaded 79 times | 2.68MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardABC Baby Piano 1.26

Good way to entertain your kids

... Do your kids likes to play on your keyboard? Tyring lock your system every time you leaving ... you way to solve all these problems. Your kids can play on your keyboard while you are ... because you can toggle your keyboard in BabyPiano mode manually and automatically. You will be absolutely ...

Shareware | Jan 29, 2009 | downloaded 101 times | 9.09MB

DownloadRoute good awardMK-LEA Leseaufbau 1.2.3

Read structure training, syllable coach

... Read structure training, syllable coach for learning promotion with LSR ... text window of several lines different exercises for syllable-wise reading. Syllables are coloriert, progress by keyboard or ... mouse. For progressing there is the read training, with which weitergeschalten automatically becomes. That is freely ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 104 times | 5.51MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSticker Book 1.00.47

Create scenes by placing 100s of stickers.

... Kids love stickers! The stickers in Sticker Book are as fun ... as paper stickers, but unlike paper stickers, the stickers in Sticker Book can be used over and ... over again. Kids can create scenes with Sticker Book by selecting from hundreds of stickers and placing ...

Shareware | Jan 8, 2019 | downloaded 541 times | 17.82MB

Download MeV 4.8
MeV 4.8

Visualization and data-mining of genomic data

... desktop application for the analysis, visualization and data-mining of large-scale genomic data. It ... incorporating sophisticated algorithms for clustering, visualization, classification, statistical analysis and biological theme discovery. Thousands of biologists have ...

Open source | Jul 10, 2012 | downloaded 93 times | 61MB

The Sex Ed Game 1

Sex Education for the Net Generation

The Sex Ed Game is an educational trivia game to help parents and teachers communicate with teens about sex, health, dating, body image, and other important coming-of-age issues. Use the Content Controls to preview and turn off any question or topic.

Demo | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 905 times | 15.06MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAnimated Coloring 1.0

A coloring book program with silly cartoons.

... coloring book program that uses sound and animation. The child can choose from over 1000 colors ... full screen silly animation with sound which they can watch over and ...

Shareware | Jan 15, 2008 | downloaded 120 times | 6.49MB

Genealogy software build a family tree

... genealogy software for building family tree ... free internet version family tree builder at Includes conversions to HTML, Excel,XML, ... and text. ALso imports to most popular databases, suchas MS Access, MS SQL Server,IBM DB2, Oracle, ...

Freeware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 168 times | 25.51MB

Media Detective 1.6

Remove p**nographic files from your PC

... Media Detective is ... nographic media from your PC. Media Detective scans media files on the computer, such as ... pictures and movies, to check whether they contain adult content. This is accomplished by opening and inspecting ... are then rated according to their potential for obscenity and are displayed. ...

Shareware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 76 times | 5.45MB

DownloadRoute excellent award2+2 - math for kids 2.1a

2+2 math for kids

... math for kids is ... programme, the child learns how to count, compare numbers, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. ... math for kids can be used for individual lessons as also ... and lovable narration make children return to learn mathematics with pleasure. ...

Freeware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 124 times | 16.92MB


It's a parental control software.

AB New Web is software to allow certain websites or certain programs. is also a parental control software. You can banned websites or programs. You can schedule programs or users.

Shareware | May 15, 2013 | downloaded 41 times | 0.58MB


Genealogy software for drawing family trees.

... genealogy software for drawing family trees. The software can display ... complete graphical representation of your genealogy tree. With GenoPro, you can see both ancestor and descendants at ... descendants or direct ancestors charts. Among all the family tree software, GenoPro is the easiest to learn and ...

Shareware | Jan 3, 2012 | downloaded 51 times | 3.1MB

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