Home Bookkeeping distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Home Bookkeeping 6 Copyright (C) 1998-2017 Keepsoft


1. License agreement
2. Evaluation and registration
3. Warranty
4. Evaluation version distribution
5. Evaluation version limitations
6. Pricing and methods of registration

1. License Agreement
Please read the Home Bookkeeping license agreement. By using this product
you indicate your acceptance of the terms of the following agreement.
These terms apply to you and any subsequent evaluator or licensee
of this product.

2. Evaluation and registration
Home Bookkeeping is not a freeware program. You can try it for free
for 30 days. If you wish to continue to use it, you have to register it.
When we receive the payment, you will receive your personal registration key
which allows you to register the software and use it without any limitations.
This key can be used only by the person or company that purchased it,
and cannot be transferred to any other party (persons as well as companies).
Any distribution of the registration key will result in the immediate
and automatic ceasing of all rights provided by this Agreement.

Using an unregistered copy of Home Bookkeeping after the 30 days trial period
is a violation of the author's rights.

3. Warranty
The developer and sellers of this software are not liable for consequential,
incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive,
or other damages whatsoever caused by use or misuse of this software.

4. Evaluation version distribution
You are hereby granted permission to duplicate the original evaluation
software (unregistered) and distribute exact copies
(keeping original files intact) of the software.

You may not charge any distribution fee for the distribution or use of this software.

You cannot include this software in any other software products
without written permission of the developer.

Freeware sites and freeware/shareware catalog owners are granted permission
to include this software on their web sites and coverage CDs without written
permission of the developer.

5. Evaluation version limitations
The Home Bookkeeping 30-day evaluation version is fully-functional.
It expires after 30 days, so you have to register or remove it from your computer
at that time. Once registered, Home Bookkeeping will not expire.

6. Pricing and methods of registration
The Home Bookkeeping price depends on the type of the license:

* Individual User License: $29.95
Individual user license gives you the right to install Home Bookkeeping on one computer

* Family License: $49.95
Family license gives you the right to install Home Bookkeeping on two computers

* Portable license: $49.95
The Portable license is now available. It allows you to install Home Bookkeeping on a removable device (for example, on a flash drive or on a removable hard drive) and work with it on various computers from this removable device without additional registration on every computer

* Additional license: $19.95
If you need to use Home Bookkeeping on more than one computer, you should purchase an additional private license for every additional computer.
You can buy an additional private license if you have purchased a private or family license before.
An additional license gives you the right to install Home Bookkeeping on one computer.

Once registered, you get:
- A personal activation code
- Free technical support via E-mail

More info on pricing and methods of purchasing
is available here: http://www.keepsoft.com

Home Bookkeeping 6 Copyright (C) 1998-2017 Keepsoft

"Home Bookkeeping" is intended to keep the books of your finances.
Using "Home Bookkeeping", you can keep the books not only
of your private finances, but of your family and a small company too.
"Home Bookkeeping" is easy-to-use and does not require any special
accounting skills or knowledge, yet it is a powerful,
functional and flexible bookkeeping tool.

Home Bookkeeping has the following features:

- Multi-user support. Many users can use Home Bookkeeping, each logging in using their own username. To ensure privacy and security, a username can be protected with a password. Adding/editing/deletion of users is handled through the User Manager
- Expense record keeping
- Income record keeping
- Made/repaid debts records keeping
- Partial debt repayment
- Interest rate
- Debt repayment monitoring
- Debt reminder feature
- Drawing up the expense/income budget
- Expense planning
- Income planning
- Accounts
- Up to five different currencies supported
- Currency exchange
- Data import from Microsoft Excel files
- Data import from QIF files (Quicken Interchange Format)
- Search
- Filtering and Quick Search
- Export data to fifteen various formats
- Transferring/moving data
- Synchronization with Home Bookkeeping installed on another computer
- Synchronization with Home Bookkeeping installed on a mobile devices
- Backup copies creation
- Database compression
- Database clearing
- Print
- Reports and charts creation
- User interface settings
- Auto startup schedule manager
- Program update via the Internet


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