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II_AddIn1 1.0

II_AddIn1, an Add-In for Microsoft Developer Studio, especially for C++ and Java.

Image++ 2.1

The Object-oriented graphic development tool for digital image processing and Machine Vision.

MU-Trace 1.01

MU-Trace, the ultimate Multi-User tracing and debugging tool for C/C++ programmers who are working on a bigger project and are working in a group. In comparison with a standard output debugging window MU-Trace has many additional features.

II_WorldTimeClocks 1.5

Clocks in different cities of the world. Automatic adjustment of Daylight Saving. Alarm clock for each city. Integrated in the Windows Taskbar.

II_WorkLog 2.0

Attendance recorder for small companies with computer workstations. No need to buy a punch clock or to use paper, calculator or spreadsheet programs. Displays an actual clock, in- and out time, estimated out time, target time, total account.

II_WorkProject 5.0

Keep track of how much time you spend doing which project work. Build your own hierarchical project/account tree. Multiple users, projects, accounts. Credit cards accepted

II_Calendar 2.6

With this calendar, country specific holidays and festivals of nearly every country of the world can be displayed. Define birthdays, wedding anniversary, reminders and notes. School-holidays or exhibition schedules can be added. Moon-Phases, Zodiac.

II_WorkLog4All 5.01

The Attendance recorder for small companies and businesses. Only one computer necessary or network operation. Overview of all employees.

II_QuickMemo 1.5

QuickMemo is the fastest and easiest way to write notes and reminders. Format text, background color selection, automatic save, foreground operation, copy text to/from Clipboard are standard features. Works also in a group environment, sends notes to

II_WorkSchedule 6.61

Electronic Personal-Management for Companies. Get an overview of all Holidays, Workdays, Sick Reports, Education, Company free days, other events of all people in your group. Combination with an Attendance Recorder optional.

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