ImageDIG distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

ImageDIG is copyright 2002 SciCepts Engineering. All rights reserved.
"SciCepts Engineering" is a trademark of Michael Rhodes


This license statement and limited warranty constitutes a legal agreement ("License Agreement")
between you ("Licensee", either as an individual or a single entity) and Michael Rhodes ("Vendor"),
owner of the brand "SciCepts Engineering", for the software product ImageDIG ("Software") of
which Michael Rhodes is the copyright holder.


Upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, Michael Rhodes
grants you the right to use the Software in the manner provided below.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the License Agreement, you are to promptly delete
each and any copy of the Software from your computer(s).

The Vendor reserves the right to license the same Software to other individuals or entities under
a different license agreement.

After accepting this license agreement, the Licensee is permitted to use the Software under the
terms of this agreement for no more than thirty (30) days, and for evaluation purposes only,
without payment to the Vendor. For this purpose, the Vendor provides a special free trial version
of the Software that can be freely downloaded from the Vendor`s web site.

If the Licensee wants to use the software for more than thirty (30) days and/or for purposes other
than evaluating the Software, the Licensee must purchase a user license from the Vendor. Pricing
and availability is subject to change without prior notice. The Licensee can consult the most recent
payment information at

Under this license agreement, the Software can only be used by those persons or entities who have
purchased a license. This license bears the name of the licensed person or entity and is not transferable
to any other party. Payment information is available at

If a single user license was bought, the Licensee has the option of installing the Software on a single
machine possibly used by one or more persons, or installing the Software on several machines used
exclusively by a single person. Any combination of both options, or installing the Software on a
network server, is not permitted.

The Licensee has the right to place an additional copy of the Software and the license key on a
removable medium for backup purposes to protect the investment made.

Technical support is available directly from the Vendor at no additional charge. When encountering
problems, the Licensee must first visit the Vendor`s web site at
and read the information presented there to make sure the question or problem is not already answered
there. If not, the licensee may write to with his question in English.

The Software is provided "as is". In no event shall the Vendor or any of his affiliates be liable for any
consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance
or use of this Software, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. While the Software has
been developed with great care, it is not possible to warrant that the Software is error free. The
Software is not designed or intended to be used in any activity that may cause personal injury, death
or any other severe damage or loss.

When errors are found in the Software, the Vendor will release a new version of the Software that
no longer contains those errors a reasonable amount of time after the Vendor is given an accurate
description of those errors. Which amount of time is reasonable will depend on the complexity and
severity of the errors. The Vendor will mention the release at
and, at the Vendor`s option, directly contact the Licensee to announce the new release. The Licensee
can then, at their option, upgrade to the latest version or to continue to use the older version the
Licensee already has. In either case, no payment to the Vendor is required. In the latter case, the
Licensee will no longer be entitled to technical support until the Licensee has upgraded to the latest

The Vendor reserves the right to charge an upgrade fee in the case of major new enhancements or
additions to the Software. This major new version will then start a new version line which will use version numbers clearly distinguishable from the old version line. The Licensee has no obligation to upgrade to the new version line and the Vendor will continue to make available the latest version of the previous version line and release new versions in the old version line in the case errors are still found, and provide technical support for it.

You must not attempt to reverse compile, modify, translate or disassemble the Software in whole or in
part. You must not run the Software under a debugger or similar tool allowing you to inspect the inner
workings of the Software.

The Software remains the exclusive property of the Vendor. Any Licensee which fully complies
with the terms in this license agreement may use it according to the terms of this license agreement.
You must not give copies of the Software or your license key to other persons or entities. You must
not transfer the Software or your license key to another person or entity. You must also take
reasonable steps to prevent any third party from copying the software from one of your machines
without your permission.

You may distribute the evaluation version of the Software that is available for public download at at the moment that you do distribute it, on the condition that
you do this by making identical copies of the downloaded file(s). Public download means any file that
can be downloaded by browsing to and navigating through the
links visible on the page, without the use of any password or identification that you may type in or that
may be automatically supplied by your browser if you have typed it in before.

You must not ask payment for the act of distributing the evaluation version of the Software or for the
evaluation version itself. You may ask a reasonable contribution to cover your expenses in material,
shipping and communication costs. You must make it clear to the recipient that you are sending an
evaluation version and that the recipient will have to accept a license agreement in order to evaluate it,
and make payment in order to fully use the Software. You must not distribute the evaluation version
by making it part of a larger package, unless that package is a collection of evaluation software and
other software that does not require payment.

The Vendor reserves the right to revoke your license if you violate any or all of the terms of this l
icense agreement, without prior notice.

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