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This End-User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and PharmDataTech (PDT), Inc. for the software product identified above, which includes computer software and may include associated media, printed materials, and "online" or electronic documentation ("SOFTWARE PRODUCT"). By installing, copying, or otherwise using the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, you agree to be bound by the terms of this LICENSE AGREEMENT. If you do not agree to the terms of this LICENSE AGREEMENT, do not install or use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Please do NOT order a registration key, if you do not agree to this license agreement.

License conditions
No part of the software or the manual may be multiplied, disseminated or processed in any way without the written consent of PharmDataTech (PDT), Inc.. Violations of these conditions will be prosecuted in every case. The use of the software is done at your own risk. The manufacturer and developer accepts no liability for any damages, either as direct or indirect consequence of the use of this product or software. Only observance of these conditions allows you to use the hardware and software in your computer system.

All rights reserved.
JPKD is donateware. Copyright 2004-2007 PharmDataTech (PDT), Inc., Taiwan.

The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed, not sold. This also applies to demo versions.

GRANT OF LICENSE. This LICENSE AGREEMENT grants you the following rights:
Applications Software.
You may install and use one copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, or any prior version for the same operating system, on a single computer. The primary user of the computer on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is installed may make a second copy for his or her exclusive use.

Storage/Network Use.
You may also store or install a copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a storage device, such as a network server, used only to install or run the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on your other computers over an internal network; however, you must acquire and dedicate a license for each separate computer on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is installed or run from the storage device. A license for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT may not be shared or used concurrently on different computers.

OEM License.
If you obtained this license agreement together with a hardware product, you are allowed to use this SOFTWARE PRODUCT as a part of the Hard- and Software package according to this license agreement.


Limitations on Reverse Engineering, Decompilation, and Disassembly. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation. This also applies to Trial versions.

Separation of Components.
The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed as a single product. Its component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer. This also applies to Trial or Demo versions.

You may not rent, lease, or lend the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. This also applies to Trial versions.

Software Transfer.
You may not transfer the SOFTWARE to another individual or organization. There are absolutely no exceptions.

The license to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT ends at the 31st of December, 2020.
The license to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCE ends, if you pass your personal registration key to another individual or organization. Without prejudice to any other rights, PharmDataTech (PDT), Inc. may terminate this LICENSE AGREEMENT if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this LICENSE AGREEMENT. In such event, you must destroy all copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and all of its component parts.

If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is labeled as an upgrade, you must be properly licensed to use a product identified by PharmDataTech, Inc. as being eligible for the upgrade in order to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.
A SOFTWARE PRODUCT labeled as an upgrade replaces and/or supplements the product that formed the basis for your eligibility for the upgrade. You may use the resulting upgraded product only in accordance with the terms of this LICENSE AGREEMENT. If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is an upgrade of a component of a package of software programs that you licensed as a single product, the SOFTWARE PRODUCT may be used and transferred only as part of that single product package and may not be separated for use on more than one computer.

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Welcome to JPKD,

JPKD (used to be JavaPK for Desktop) not only inherits
all functionalities of mobilePK, but also include a build-in
algorithm of user`s defined Bayesian model for individualized
pharmacokinetic parameter estimation (UDBM)for batch input
data. Users can define their own model with population PK
parameters using either a single-dosed, integral equation
(for the multiple-dosed prediction) or a simple steady-state
integral equation. The user’s defined Bayesian model can also
be applied (or "save as...") for the purpose of clinical PK or
TDM. More drugs such as carbamazepine, theophylline, lithium,
immunosuppressants (tacrolimus and everolimus) and some
anti-HIV drugs (indinavir, ritonavir and enfuvirtide) have been
added for TDM application as compared to mobilePK. We also
include some examples for the user`s defined Bayesian model
(such as enoxaparin, imatinib mesylate, sirolimus and valproic
acid). JPKD is able to run on any JVM-supported desktop platform
(WinXP/NT, MacOS X, Linux-PC or any platform with Java runtime

--- PharmDatatech(c), 2004-2007

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