Update list for KATE

KATE 1.10.13 changelog from January 21, 2008

1) added a check to see if the mrf file has the proper target # of vertices. to support future version of putty that might not have the standard head.

2) added some helpfull text on the emote pannel with instructions on how to use them

3) added a button on the Avatar Setup panel that opens a helpfile about the tts system and how to get more voices.

4) added a page in the preferences that links to people putty information about making your own characters

5) added links to tts help, and putty info pages in help file

6) fixed bug where when user presses F1, no help came up. Now the help file comes up.

7) updated Haptek vf4 installer to version 4.11.39, includes MANY bug fixes over the previous included vf4 installer.

Older KATE versions:

1.10.13 (Jan 21, 2008)

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