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Screensaver Control 1.0.10

Simply toggle the screen saver with a icon in the system tray, e.g. before starting a program in fullscreen mode. It is not necesary to start the control panel dialog for screen options, a simple click is enough.

Notepad GTI 1.904

Full-featured replacement for Windows notepad with new and extended features like: Row and column counter, selectable colors and fonts, search and replace, printer preview, insert date and time, character set table etc.

EasyRename 1.11

This program solves the problem of renaming multiple files and directories at the same time. EasyRename can handle this fast, easy and comfortable

PDir Clean 1.0.0

With this program it is easy to scan directories for specific files like backups, temporary files etc. and delete these files. A lot of disc space can be gained this way.

Li`l MailChecker 0.1.1

With this program you can easily check your mailbox for special mails, e.g. from a friend, from your boss or favorite mailing partner. If such a mails comes in you will be notified about this by playing a sound and showing the mail.

Icon Butler 1.600

Comfortable icon management program based on Icon-Library files (*.ICL). It is possible to edit icons from inside the program with an external editor and extract icons from files (*.EXE, *.DLL).

Rechenkönig 1.0.0

With this program you can easily solve the quiz `Rechenkoenig` at TV-channel `9-Live`. At this quiz you get offered five numbers and you need to find out the correct mathematical operators (+, -, *, :) to solve an equation , e.g. 4*3:2-1=5.

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