Update list for LogMeister

LogMeister changelog from June 1, 2017

- Increased control over formatting of event "Data" field, including named values.
- Added template system to custom eventlog views.
- Can now define exclude script for noise elimination in custom eventlog views.
- Filters now can be set to include/exclude items according to their defined rules.

LogMeister changelog from March 16, 2017

- Improved active directory search in eventlog wizard
- Use of bookmarks to catch eventlog entries even during extended downtime.
- Real-time event feeds using Windows Event Collection (WEC) can now populate with old events.
- Updated Help and UI to reference WEC explicitly.

LogMeister changelog from March 2, 2017

- Added: Text log parser now has option to retain linebreaks.
- Path validation for report definitions now more strict.
- Tweaks to text-based report generation to improve efficiency.
- Help file updated.

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