Look n Find distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


1. Terms of Use

1.1 Sharewareversion

This program is shareware. The fullversion offers more
pictures and a gamedata editor.

The sharewareversion may be copied and shared as much as
you like, but without a valid licence key.
You may not change this program in any way, like
reassembling it, change the function of the program or
its installation routines.
You`re planning to take any fees to distribute this
program, you`ll need the permission of bit-bite software.

2. Disclaimer

This software was created and tested carefully by the author
and is provided as it is.
Its not possible to develop software that runs without
errors on all platform and in every case of application.
The author is not responsible for any errors in this software
and/or damages resulting of the use or inability of use of
this program.

This includes the loss of financial, material or non-material
losses. The author is also doesnt take responsibility
for damages resulting of virus or malware spreading with
this software, no matter in which case.

In case of any clauses are
not valid, the validity of the others clauses will remain.
Maximum liability is limited by the price of this product
you registered.

3. Copyrights

This software, its documentation, its installer
is copyrighted by Bit-Bite Software

You can distribute the software in every way you want.

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