MP3Guard MP3 Protection distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

MP3Guard V2.2

Software Licence / Copyright

Software Licence

Please read the following lines carefully before using this software. If you disagree with any of
the following, you are not allowed to use this program. You MUST then delete it immediately.


You have the right to use this program for a period of up to 30 days and/or 30 runs. You are
permitted to copy this Shareware-version (and ONLY the Shareware version) and give it to any
other person, as long as it is not modified in any way. You may never give away your software
key and/or certificate number under any circumstances. Reverse engineering is not permitted.

Use of this software after the trial period of 30 days and 30 runs is in violation of international
Copyright law.

Use of this software in any other manner, other than what is specified here, is in violation of
international Copyright law.

You may use this software to encrypt any of your images on your personal computer.


This program is shareware and is neither freeware nor is it in the public domain and all rights are
reserved. Use of the software requires registration for the assignment of your unque product keys.
The registration fee is only $19.95 for a one seat licence. See for
details on registration and support.

Registered version (personal licence)

The registered version may be installed on a single computer. The usage on several computers
requires additional licences. You may migrate the software to another system.


Any liability for damage of any sort is limited to the registration fee.

All rights are reserved and all copyrights belong to Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.).


Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before buying it. If you try a
Shareware program and continue using it, you are expected to register. Individual programs
differ on details -- some provide all features for a limited time, and some provide limited features
without a time limit. With registration, you get anything from the simple right to continue using the
software to an enhanced program with printed manual.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software, and the copyright holder
retains all rights, with a few specific exceptions as stated below. Shareware authors are accomplished
programmers, just like commercial authors, and the programs are of comparable quality. (In both cases,
there are good programs and bad ones!) The main difference is in the method of distribution. The author
specifically grants the right to copy and distribute the software, either to all and sundry or to a specific
group. For example, some authors require written permission before a book publisher may bundle their
software onto a CD.

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. You should find software that suits your
needs and pocketbook, whether it`s commercial or Shareware. The Shareware system makes fitting
your needs easier, because you can try before you buy. And because the overhead is low, prices
are low also. Shareware has the ultimate money-back guarantee -- if you don`t use the product, you
don`t pay for it.


Users of MP3Guard must accept this disclaimer of warranty:

"MP3Guard is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including,
without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes
no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of MP3Guard."

MP3Guard is a "shareware program" and is provided at no charge to the user for evaluation. Feel
free to share it with your friends, but please do not give it away altered or as part of another system.
The essence of "user-supported" software is to provide personal computer users with quality software
without high prices, and yet to provide incentive for programmers to continue to develop new products.
If you find this program useful and find that you are using MP3Guard and continue to use MP3Guard
after a reasonable trial period, you must make a registration payment of $19.95 to Zapper Software.
The $19.95 registration fee will license your software for use on any one computer at any time.
You may migrate the software to another computer provided you follow the software migration key

Commercial users of MP3Guard must register and pay for their copies of MP3Guard.
Site-License arrangements may be made by contacting Zapper Software. Single user
only pay $19.95. A single site license with multiple users has additional costs.
A world-wide license is for multiple sites with multiple users and has additional costs.

You are encouraged to pass a copy of MP3Guard along to your friends for evaluation.
Please encourage them to register their copy if they find that they can use it. All registered users
will receive a copy of the latest version of the MP3Guard system.

See for further details.

Royaly free distribution of some of the components.

Anyone may redistribute MP3Guard provided they distribute the entire ZIP file for the trialware version.
You may not distribute MP3Guard software key and/or certificate number.
You may, however, distribute the shareware version of this product as long as it is in the original
format (the ZIP file).

You are encouraged to pass a copy of MP3Guard along to your friends for evaluation.
Please encourage them to register their copy if they find that they can use it. All registered users
will receive a copy of the latest version of the MP3Guard system.

See for further details.

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