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Space Warper 1.2

The space warper screensaver creates thousands of interdimensional shapes which warp time and space. These warpings open up gates to the tunnels that connect the universe. Space warper will fill your screen with a flow of interdimensional visuals.

Digital Lotus 1.3

Hypnotic stream of ever changing lotus flower patterns. This will give you an uplifting and mystic experience.

Orchidea 1.4

Orchidea displays a 3d-morph, which keeps changing its shape from one orchid flower to a different one. The screensaver constantly creates new and ever changing orchid flowers.This will give you an uplifting and hypnotic experience.

Polar Lotus 1.4

Experience a never ending flow of mystical lotus visuals! The screensaver produces thousands of different lotus patterns in a seamless animation. These have an uplifting effect on your mood and are very relaxing to watch.

Morphing 3d leaf 1.4

This screensaver will elevate your consciousness and put you into trance. Morphing 3d leaf has a trance inducing effect and can be used for meditation.Experience this hypnotic, morphing and shapeshifting screensaver now!

Nuclear visions 1.3

If you travel deep into microcosmos inside the nucleus of an atom into the world of the quarks, you might see these visuals. Let yourself be hypnotized by this never ending flow of Nuclear visions.

Speed Ellipses 1.4

This screensaver will fill your screen with flashing energetic ultra speed elipsoid visuals that will raise your pulse.These visuals will give you energy, raise your pulse and make your heart beat faster.

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