MetaLAN distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Hammer Software MetaLAN
Copyright Hammer Software 2017

MetaLAN license Agreement.

This program comes with a 30 day evaluation license.
You may use this software with full functionality for a
period of 30 days without any need to purchase. After this
period you must purchase node licenses to continue use of
this software.

A node is a computer managed by this software. If
information is collected from a computer by MetaLAN the
computer that the information is collected from is deemed a
node (managed computer).

This software is licensed on a per node basis. MetaLAN
may be run on any licensed node. If 100 nodes are
licensed you may run MetaLAN on all of them if you wish.

You may not alter this software in any way. You may not
decompile or reverse engineer this software. You may not
redistribute this software.

The user understands that although this software has been
extensively tested and debugged to the best of the ability
of Hammer Software, undetected bugs may exist in this
software as in any software. The user agrees to operate
this software at his/her own risk.

The user also understands that certain functions of this
software require a degree of technical knowledge of the
operating systems and software it is run on. If this
software is misused or used without appropriate skill it
could lead to damaged software on the client machines.

Hammer Software disclaims all warranties, either expressed
or implied. In no event shall Hammer Software or the owners
of Hammer Software be liable for any damages whatsoever
including but not limited to direct, indirect,
consequential, loss of business profits or special damages.

The installation and use of the MetaLAN software is taken
as understanding and consent to the terms of this license

The other programs distributed with MetaLAN are covered
by separate license agreements that are displayed and copied
to the computers hard drive during setup.

If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement DO NOT
install the software.

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