Mortgage Wizard Plus distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Mortgage Wizard Plus

Copyright _ 1993-2007 by Harry Hollander. All rights reserved.

No one may modify Mortgage Wizard Plus files in any way,
including but not limited to decompiling, disassembling, or
otherwise reverse engineering the program.

A limited license is granted to copy and distribute the
21 day evaluation version of Mortgage Wizard Plus for the use by others,
subject to the above limitations, and also the following:
a). Mortgage Wizard Plus must be copied in unmodified form as
zip file or as a self extracting file.
You are not authorized to change files and/or to delete
b). No fee, charge, or other compensation may be requested or
accepted, except as authorized below:
i. Operators of electronic bulletin board systems may make
Mortgage Wizard Plus available for downloading only as
long as the above conditions are met:
A fixed or time-dependent charge for the use of the
bulletin board system is permitted as long as there is not
a specific charge for downloading the Mortgage Wizard Plus
ii. Vendors of shareware software may distribute Mortgage
Wizard Plus on disks subject to the above conditions and
subject to the following:
Vendors are permitted to charge a disk duplication,
packaging, handling fee, and some profit as long as the
price for the end user of this software does not exceed
five dollars plus taxes.
iii. Anyone distributing Mortgage Wizard for any kind of
remuneration must provide me with their name and address
so that I can keep all distributors up-to-date with the
latest version.
iv. Anyone distributing Mortgage Wizard Plus, please check the
program before shipping e.g. by doing a checksum test
prior to shipment and please ensure that your files are
free of viruses.

c). You are not authorized to distribute files and procedures
for converting the evaluation program to the Registered

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