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White Sox Browser 0.19

Firefox addon White Sox Browser

Browse various White Sox links with ease. This extension adds a White Sox drop-down menu on the Firefox toolbar (next to Help). It allows the user to navigate Chicago White Sox related links very easily. Right-click a link and it will open in a new tab for your convenience. You can quickly navigate to individual player links, the major sports sites, reference sites, along with news links, fan sites and blogs. *Updated Regu...

White Sox Browser MAC

Searching Freeware, On August 27, 2008 updated, downloaded 188 times.

BanglaCricket Toolbar 1.2.2

Firefox addon BanglaCricket Toolbar

A Firefox toolbar for BanglaCricket. BanglaCricket is a fan site for Bangladesh Cricket. This tool bar allows you to navigate the site and forums....

BanglaCricket Toolbar MAC

Toolbars Freeware, On July 11, 2008 updated, downloaded 168 times.

Warrior Forum Formatter 2.1.4

Firefox addon Warrior Forum Formatter

Other features include: *- Easily/Quickly insert the forum code for any "smile" icon. *- Easily/Quickly insert the code for bolding, italicizing or underlining a phrase! *- Easily format your links... (links to internal threads or/and external websites)... Select the "anchor text" ... click the 'Hyperlink' icon & place the target URL. DONE! *- Easily format the list style that you lik...

Warrior Forum Formatter MAC

Others Add-ons Freeware, On November 20, 2009 updated, downloaded 292 times.

Farky 0.57MB
Farky 1.1.3

Firefox addon Farky

*** Farky 1.1.3 is no longer being updated, and may not work with the current Fark site *** Farky 1.1.3 aids reading by adding a number of tools. You can filter out headlines you don't want to see, and you can tag headlines you're interested in. You can easily see when there are new comments in a thread, and jump directly to them. Comments from people you like can he hilighted with a color you choose. Check out the extension previews f...

Farky MAC

Others Add-ons Freeware, On August 26, 2009 updated, downloaded 143 times.

Persian Plus Pack

Firefox addon Persian Plus Pack

This addon is installed in Tools-> Applications menu. + The Persian Calendar shows iranian national and historical holidays. All future events from google calendar are displayed too. Mailbox menu, views informations about your unread gmail items. + The Rss Reader fetchs feed data and converts date informations to persian calendar. Google reader menu, imports your subscriptions, and views your reading list. + The Blog Sear...

Persian Plus Pack MAC

Others Add-ons Freeware, On May 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 358 times.

Galipabi Forum Menu 0.3.1 0.3.2

Firefox addon Galipabi Forum Menu 0.3.1

Navigate to Galipabi Forum. The Galipabi Forum is an Turkish Tech Forum....

Galipabi Forum Menu 0.3.1 MAC

Menu & Bookmarks Freeware, On August 22, 2009 updated, downloaded 315 times.

Star Kingdoms Kit 1.6.5

Firefox addon Star Kingdoms Kit

Star Kingdoms Round 25 calculators. Attack, Research, and Barrack Space. For easy access, convenience, and direct data gathering....

Star Kingdoms Kit MAC

Others Add-ons Freeware, On December 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 120 times.

Serp EasySurf

Firefox addon Serp EasySurf

An easy to use extention that makes some modification in search engines result pages (Google, MSN, Yahoo) and makes surfing in search engines easier!. Features: show numeration, add hotkeys, show results per page select, set|remove omitted results......

Serp EasySurf MAC

Searching Freeware, On December 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 158 times.

Bookmark Toolbar Buttons 0.2

Firefox addon Bookmark Toolbar Buttons

*************************************************************** * I am not updating this extension any more if you * * want this extension please use * * * * To generate the extension, maybe with a few extra buttons * * if you want them. It is closely tired into my Toolbar * * Buttons extension and is updated as it is. ...

Bookmark Toolbar Buttons MAC

Menu & Bookmarks Freeware, On October 7, 2009 updated, downloaded 161 times.

kaizou 0.07MB
kaizou 0.5.8

Firefox addon kaizou

Modify web pages and share the result with other people ! kaizou 0.5.8 is a format for describing modifications to be applied to a web page after it has been loaded into a browser. kaizou 0.5.8 can be used in many ways: * share your thoughts on a particular page by commenting it, * provide an unofficial revamping of a specific web page, * apply a text converter to any page (like 'see the web as yoda does'). Kai...

kaizou MAC

Web Development Freeware, On December 26, 2008 updated, downloaded 152 times.

Highlander 0.02MB
Highlander 1.2

Firefox addon Highlander

When you click a link to an url that's already open in another tab then you'll switch to that tab instead of actually opening the link. However, some sites using heavy javascript may not work correctly with this, so the extension also offers a whitelist of urls not affected and the ability to disable the extension at the click of a button. The whitelist supports wildcards, * is the wildcard character and will be interpreted as any cha...

Highlander MAC

Appearance Freeware, On September 14, 2009 updated, downloaded 190 times.

eBay Buddy 0.3

Firefox addon eBay Buddy

eBay Buddy 0.3 is a small ebay extension for quick navigation of and other related tools through the right-click context menu or a single toolbar button you can add from the customize menu. It includes lots of advanced search features, category browsing, discussion boards, a full site map of ebay, paypal, comparison price shopping and more. If you have an idea or bug to report please post your comments so I can make it better for eve...

eBay Buddy MAC

Searching Freeware, On September 19, 2009 updated, downloaded 127 times.

Proverbs 0.01MB
Proverbs 2.0

Firefox addon Proverbs

This extension provides Proverbs 2.0 and jokes in several languages. Actually these ones are supported : -> English -> French -> Turkish -> Portuguese -> Spanish -> Dutch -> Greek -> Italian -> Romanian -> Swedish. You can translate Proverbs 2.0 from one language to another by double click. Made by Aymeric CARRARO & WALSER Benoit. Go to for fur...

Proverbs MAC

Language Freeware, On July 14, 2009 updated, downloaded 161 times.

Hemperor edition 1.5

Firefox addon Hemperor edition

Hemperor edition 1.5 is a theme about the form of cannabis known as hemp. It is StumbleUpon friendly & features: Animated coin~like medallions with the word hemp in Chinese/Japanese that appear when a personal bookmark toolbar button is pressed. /*:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::*/ The bookmark menu drop down has golden Buddahs ,instead of the normal boring folder icons. When U hover over them to open the folder ,they ...

Hemperor edition MAC

Themes Freeware, On October 7, 2009 updated, downloaded 142 times.

MyIP 0.03MB
MyIP 0.53

Firefox addon MyIP

MyIP 0.53 is a useful extension that shows your IP address in the status bar. Please note that if you are behind a corporate/ISP firewall or router, the IP address you are given may not actually be your true IP address. This is something beyond my control, and if this is your case, MyIP 0.53 will not work for you....


Web Development Freeware, On August 27, 2009 updated, downloaded 124 times.

MSN URL 0.22

Firefox addon MSN URL

Show current page title and url on "Personal Message area" of MSN Messanger using "What I'm Listening To" option....


Others Add-ons Freeware, On August 12, 2009 updated, downloaded 238 times.

Area deCoder 0.9.3

Firefox addon Area deCoder

Click on the telephone icon in the status bar to expand/minimize. In expanded mode, type the 3-digit area code in the smaller box, and press [Enter] to see its locality in the larger box....

Area deCoder MAC

Others Add-ons Freeware, On November 15, 2009 updated, downloaded 200 times.

Seattle Seahawks 1.02

Firefox addon Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks 1.02 theme from If the buttons are too big for you, you can do View -> Toolbars -> [Customize ...] and check the "Use Small Icons" box. Go Bolts!!!...

Seattle Seahawks MAC

Themes Freeware, On May 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 123 times.

ScoreWatch 0.02MB
ScoreWatch 1.0

Firefox addon ScoreWatch

* Score refreshes automatically in regular intervals. * Pops up alerts on the fall of a wicket. * Allows selection of RSS feed source. * Allows configuration of alerts and refresh interval. Sources supported: * *

ScoreWatch MAC

Blogs & Feeds Freeware, On July 3, 2008 updated, downloaded 226 times.

My IP Viewer 2.03

Firefox addon My IP Viewer

This extension will display your current IP address in the status bar. It is also equipped with the following features: IP Country; Auto-update (every 10 minutes); Last Update (on hover); Copy IP to clipboard (on click and in popup menu); Link to More Info....

My IP Viewer MAC

Others Add-ons Freeware, On August 23, 2009 updated, downloaded 200 times.

Full Map 0.06MB
Full Map 3.0.1

Firefox addon Full Map

Set shortcut keys to switch modes: size and view type (Map/Satellite/Satellite(Without Roads)/Terrain)....

Full Map MAC

Searching Freeware, On October 7, 2009 updated, downloaded 163 times.

ConQuery 0.07MB
ConQuery 1.7.3

Firefox addon ConQuery

Context searching for everyone and URL manipulation tool for advanced users. Lightweight, fast and flexible - it allows to query web services by context menu of the browser. Queries may contain various parameters of curriently browsing web page: selected text, URL, host etc. Can be used for context searching and as well for working with advanced, complex web services....

ConQuery MAC

Searching Freeware, On May 21, 2009 updated, downloaded 169 times.

FAYT 2.0.4

Firefox addon FAYT

Many people has got a bad surprise after the release of Firefox 2. Their useful good old 'Find As You Type' bar (with 'Next', 'Previous', 'Highlight all' and 'Match case' buttons) has disappeared being replaced by a poor search box with no buttons. To get your good old loved 'Find As You Type' bar back in Firefox, it's enough to install FAYT 2.0.4 extension. Take a look to the screenshot...


Searching Freeware, On September 3, 2009 updated, downloaded 139 times.

Crystal Lite 0.9

Firefox addon Crystal Lite

This theme is based on Firefox 2.0 default one. I only changed some icons because I like Crystal ones. This theme is not as complete as Mostly Crystal. His aim is just to be minimalist and allow the same personalization as default theme (tabbar in particular). You can use CuteMenu - Crystal SVG with it for icons in contextual menus. Thanks to CatThief for her agreement. Don't forget if you want a more complete Crystal theme, ...

Crystal Lite MAC

Themes Freeware, On May 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 150 times.

HTML Validator (based on CSE HTML Validator) 1.2.3

Firefox addon HTML Validator (based on CS

Validates HTML documents using the CSE HTML Validator engine for Windows. Requires CSE HTML Validator for Windows. The lite edition is available for free at

Web Development Freeware, On December 8, 2009 updated, downloaded 297 times.

Grocery List Generator 1.6.3

Firefox addon Grocery List Generator

The GLG (Grocery List Generator 1.6.3) is a helpful little tool to store your recipe-ingredients and other groceries you need regularly. It creates a well-organized grocery list to help make your grocery shopping as easy as possible. Features: * Share your own recipes with the world on the website * 7 great international example dishes brought to you by, more complete recipes can be added t...

Grocery List Generator MAC

Social Network Freeware, On January 9, 2009 updated, downloaded 192 times.

NBA Scoreboard 2009 3.09.0

Firefox addon NBA Scoreboard 2009

NBA Scoreboard takes you directly to: > Scoreboards (today, yesterday, previous) > Boxscores (today and yesterday) > Recaps (today and yesterday) > Previews (today) > Team News with integrated RSS > Current NBA standings There are also heaps of other features: > NBA Scoreboard Lite > NBA Leaderboard > NBA Scoreboard Media Player > NBA Courtside Live Launcher NBA Scoreboard decide...

NBA Scoreboard 2009 MAC

Blogs & Feeds Freeware, On October 31, 2009 updated, downloaded 152 times.

Location Navigator 0.6.2

Firefox addon Location Navigator

Location Navigator 0.6.2 is an extension that lets you grab a location, select a portion of the location that varies, and then navigate up or down from that starting spot....

Location Navigator MAC

Downloaders & Uploaders Freeware, On December 10, 2009 updated, downloaded 118 times.

Menu Mod 0.03MB
Menu Mod 2.2

Firefox addon Menu Mod

Adds many options to modify the Firefox menus. Presently: * Display option to restart Firefox in File menu (for themes/extensions) * Place all menus inside another to save space * Show only the underlined hotkey letter of each menu * Hide any menu or menu item including context menu items * Hide/Show the entire menu bar with F2 ...

Menu Mod MAC

Appearance Freeware, On July 9, 2008 updated, downloaded 169 times.

DashBlog 0.04MB
DashBlog 1.5

Firefox addon DashBlog

Do you like video? Do you like to blog, tumblr or twitter? Then DashBlog 1.5 is the plugin for you. It’s the fastest and easiest way for you post video, text, quotes, images and songs to your blog, tumblr and twitter (all at the same time). Plus there’s more – with DashBlog 1.5 you can do a screen capture and then draw, comment, crop and post all with one simple click. DashBlog 1.5 currently works with: WordPress Blogger/Blogspot Tumblr ...

DashBlog MAC

Blogs & Feeds Freeware, On September 28, 2009 updated, downloaded 141 times.

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