MuRD distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

MuRD licensing is split into 2 categories of user.

1. Company/Business/Corporate IT Facility
2. IT Consultant/Contractor

If you fit into the "Company/Business/Corporate" IT Facility category then you are required to purchase a license for EACH installation of MuRD. So if you have 5 IT support staff working on 5 different workstations and they all need to use MuRD on their workstations then you are required to purchase 5 licenses.

If you fit into the "IT Consultant/IT Contractor" category and you are purchasing a license for yourself to make your life easier as you move from job to job supporting different organizations then you only need to purchase one license and you can install it wherever you go, as long as you are the only person that uses it. If you fit into this category then you can also run MuRD from a USB Key or Drive that you take from place to place. Contact us for more information if you want to give this a try.

Registration is in the form of a license file. You must not share your license file with anyone else. When you register MuRD you will receive a separate license file for each license that you purchase.

The MuRD installation program can be freely distributed for trial purposes. If you wish to include MuRD on a software distribution CD or offer it for download from your web site then please contact us via email

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