NGWave distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

NGWave 4.1 - License Agreement


1) NGWave is NOT free software or freeware. What you have downloaded is an Evaluation Version of NGWave. This evaluation lets you try out all of NGWave`s features, but does not allow you to save files unless you have purchased a License Key.

2) This license grants you the ability to install the Evaluation Version on any number of PCs for evaluation purposes. If you have a License Key, you may use that key on only ONE PC at any one time. You are free to utilize the Evaluation Software for any non-commercial purpose for an unlimited amount of time. You may NOT use this software for any commerical purpose for more than 30 days without purchasing a License Key.

3) You may not reverse engineer, attempt to disassemble, decompile, or otherwise alter NGWave or any file included with NGWave. Specifically, you may not attempt to bypass the limitations in the evaluation version by altering any NGWave files, or attempting to trick NGWave with false information in the registry or in any file.

4) NGWave will NEVER install "Spyware", "Adware", or other malicious files with the program. NGWave does not incorporate any "Hardware Locking" or other intrusive licensing schemes, nor does it ever attempt to contact any web sites on the Internet. NGWave`s licensing is on a trust basis, rather than an enforcement basis.

5) NO WARRANTIES. NGWave is "AS-IS" and offers no warranty whatsoever. You install this software at your own risk, and Next Generation Software, Inc. is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of its use, mis-use, installation, uninstallation, etc.


If you wish to use NGWave for a commercial purpose, or wish to use it without the limitations present in the Evaluation verison, you must purchase a License Key. Along with the Key that unlocks the "Save" features, you will receive a different License to the software, with a few different terms from this one. Specifically the purchased license specifically disallows you from sharing or distributing your License Key.

You may distribute the original, unmodified evaluation installer. You may not charge for distribution, other than a reasonable fee for the distribution media. Specifically you may not sell or make a profit solely from the distribution of the NGWave evaluation version.

You are hereby specifically granted the ability to distribute the evaluation version of NGWave, with NO modifications, via software download web sites, magazine "cover discs", or other means. You may NOT, however, distribute any License Keys, information on how to modify NGWave in any way, information on how to bypass the evaluation version`s limitations, or tools made specifically for such purposes.

Contact with any questions or clarifications.

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