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Yandex ToolBar (Firefox 1.5 edition) 1.0.2

Firefox addon Yandex ToolBar (Firefox 1.5

Yandex.Ru Integration...

Yandex ToolBar (Firefox 1.5 edition) MAC

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On May 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 79 times.

FirePhish Anti-Phishing Extension 0.1.2

Firefox addon FirePhish Anti-Phishing Ext

FirePhish is an Anti-Phishing Toolbar which utilizes the Open Phishing Database to provide the user with information and tools to protect against phishing attacks....

FirePhish Anti-Phishing Extension MAC

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On May 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 87 times.

Firefox addon WordWiseLookup

Consult online dictionaries and encyclopedia with a couple of mouse clocks. To activate double click on a word on any web page while holding the "Ctrl" key. The page www.WordWiseLookup will be opened where you can select the dictionary or encyclopedia of your choice....

WordWiseLookup MAC

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On April 30, 2010 updated, downloaded 97 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardNetMarks Manager 3.3

Firefox addon NetMarks Manager

Store and easily manage your web bookmarks. This extension lets you open NetMarks Manager 3.3 and capture bookmarks from Firefox. Then you can write notes, search, keep track of your favorites and most popular, check for duplicate bookmarks, import/export, keep multiple bookmark databases and much more. Download NetMarks Manager 3.3 from (note - this extension is for Windows only) ...

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On April 30, 2010 updated, downloaded 108 times.

Freebitcoin bot 1.0.14

Get Free Bitcoins from

Get Free Bitcoins from with windows bot. Get Bitcoins for free with single click! This windows application bot will help you to get Bitcoins for free from With this bot you can easily grab free Bitcoins without a need of buying it. You can use your free Bitcoins to buy and sell things or just as great investment.

Freebitcoin bot 64bit

Other Internet Tools Freeware, On July 19, 2018 updated, downloaded 68 times.

Dynu IP Update Client 5.3

Dynamic IP updater

The IP Update Client runs in the background and checks for IP changes every minute to keep your hostnames mapped to the most current IP address at all times. It has an easy to use interface and bypass ISP proxy to perform secure IP updates every minute. The updater supports IPv4 and IPv6 updates and can be run as Windows service. Users can run multiple instances of the IP update client to update a set of hostnames using 'Location' feature.

Dynu IP Update Client 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On July 25, 2017 updated, downloaded 48 times.

Secure File 1.0

Send direct encrypted files globally

Secure File 1.0 is a tool that will protect you from surveillance. By using this tool you may send direct files globally.

Secure File 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On May 4, 2017 updated, downloaded 51 times.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 2.1.0

Protect your wireless network from intruders.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 2.1.0 is an essential tool for everyone running a small wireless network and striving to keep it secure. It allows you to know immediately if your network is used without your knowledge. WiFi Guard is a specialised network scanner that runs through your network at set intervals and alerts you immediately if it has found any new, unknown or unrecognised connected devices that could belong to an intruder.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard MAC - SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 64bit

Network Monitors Shareware, On January 10, 2019 updated, downloaded 61 times.

Video Downloader Xtra 2.1

Search, download, convert videos.

Video Downloader Xtra 2.1 is a Windows application. It lets to search, download and convert your favorite videos from the most popular video hosting sites. Search any video. Filter by author, custom text, duration, etc. Download videos simultaneously from most popular video hosting services. Convert to any format. Select prefered video format, audio format, device.

Video Downloader Xtra 64bit

Internet Download Managers Shareware, On May 8, 2017 updated, downloaded 64 times.

WinSleep Monitor by MollieSoft

Remote Viewer for WinSleep.

> WinSleep Monitor by MollieSoft is the remote viewer for WinSleep. > Shows WinSleep programs running on any number of remote computers, including timeline graphs and sleep journals. >Sleep/Hibernate/Wake remotely. > Connects to WinSleep clients by IP address or computer name. > Connection is encrypted and secure: WinSleep authorizes the attempted connection by monitor IP address/computer name/password. > See your WinSleep from anywhere!

WinSleep Monitor by MollieSoft 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On April 13, 2017 updated, downloaded 60 times.

Examine any malicious URL

SandBoxed Browser 1.0 it will help you to examine any malicious URL without affecting your system with success up to 95%

SandBoxed Browser 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On November 25, 2016 updated, downloaded 44 times.

Ant Text 0.81MB
Ant Text

@nt Text is a new way of writing e-mails.

Ant Text is a new fast and efficient way of writing e-mails, for all who are repeatedly using the same texts in their e-mails. Ant Text also ensures the quality and consistency of the e-mails you write, and allows you to quickly compose new e-mails. You can also use Ant Text together with Excel or LinkedIn for sending several personalized e-mails with only one click.

Ant Text 64bit

Other Mail Tools Shareware, On September 16, 2016 updated, downloaded 53 times.

SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit 1.0.3

Manage your 3G/4G mobile broadband modem.

SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit 1.0.3 is a multipurpose tool that works with a built-in or USB-connected 3G/4G modem in your computer. You can stay connected all the time, without interruptions, whether you are moving around, or have to leave your computer or tablet unattended. It can reconnect your device in case of a drop-out, monitor your data usage, send SMS, including long and Unicode messages, and more. Download from

SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit 64bit

Other Internet Tools Freeware, On February 14, 2017 updated, downloaded 50 times.

BriskBard 5008.12MB
BriskBard 1.6.9

BriskBard web browser for Windows.

BriskBard 1.6.9 is the new web browser for Windows that simplifies many of the most common tasks in Internet integrating in one program a web browser, an email client, a media player, a news aggregator, a file transfer client, a newsgroups reader, a contact manager, instant messaging, and several web developer tools.

BriskBard 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On December 17, 2018 updated, downloaded 98 times.

FileFix PST Merge Software 1.0

PST Merge Software to Merge PST Files

Due to increased demand of merging Outlook PST files into single file, we are going to acquaint you with advanced PST merge solution that easily merge Outlook PST files by removing duplicates. You can also use this utility to create a new PST file for Outlook PST contacts only. It is easy to use and having advanced option by which you can remove duplicates items as well as you have option to include or exclude deleted items.

FileFix PST Merge Software 64bit

File Sharing Programs Shareware, On March 18, 2016 updated, downloaded 66 times.

MyPublicIP 0.21MB

This tool allow to get your public IP.

This tool allow to get your public IP, when you are connected to the Internet. So, an Internent connection is required to get your public IP. Moving your mouse onto the MyPublicIP 3.0 icon, at the bottom left of the screen, near the clock, allows you to view your public IP.

MyPublicIP 64bit

Searching Utils Freeware, On February 15, 2016 updated, downloaded 50 times.

IPAMon 20.13MB

Monitoring of availability of a network host.

Visual monitoring (control) of availability of a host (network resource) in the local computer network, the Internet, etc. to its IPv4-address, by periodic sending to it inquiries under the ICMP protocol.

IPAMon 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On April 16, 2016 updated, downloaded 52 times.

Noog 0.49MB
Noog 3.8

Noog is very handy internet search assistent.

We search for all kinds of information on the internet. Popular search engines usually give us general results that we are not always happy with. But there is some good news. Now the search has been made much easier ... Noog 3.8 can be helpful tools for SEO professionals.The Noog 3.8 programme is used to make queries by country, language, document type, time of creation, website, excluding certain phrases, etc.

Noog 64bit

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On July 22, 2018 updated, downloaded 56 times.

IPMScan 970.11MB

Scanning, monitoring, testing of networks.

Control and testing of IPv4-networks, obtaining various information on knots of system. Determination of network safety of the chosen knot, obtaining necessary data on a network and its knots.

IPMScan 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On January 30, 2016 updated, downloaded 59 times.

NetTMon 11.84MB

Monitoring the traffic of network interfaces.

Visual monitoring (control) of a network traffic from all network interfaces (devices) which are available in system, and also providing the main statistical information on the data transmitted through them.

NetTMon 64bit

Other Network Tools Freeware, On June 2, 2016 updated, downloaded 54 times.

StresStimulus 4.2

StresStimulus is a commercial load testing ...

StresStimulus 4.2 is a commercial load testing tool which provides a simple way to test complex websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications. StresStimulus 4.2 realistically emulates user-based impact on the server infrastructure and monitors server operation and key performance indicators. Within minutes you can determine your application’s scalability, pinpoint slow pages, predict system behavior under various network traffic levels and ...

StresStimulus 64bit

Network Monitors Comercial, On July 20, 2015 updated, downloaded 63 times.

Lightning 3.04MB

A network device monitoring tool

Regular monitoring of selected devices on the network, with instant alerts via bubble message or email. Lightning can do many other checks for you: monitor the activity of an application by checking when the latest file modifications were made in a given folder (or its subfolders), check server time against an Internet time-server, check processes and services on remote machines.

Lightning 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On March 3, 2015 updated, downloaded 90 times.

VidMasta 50.76MB
VidMasta 24.4

Watch and download any movies and TV shows.

Watch or download movie and television titles in any format (TV, DVD, 720p, 1080i/p) with as few as two clicks of the mouse. The first click is to hit the search button. The second click is to hit the download button. Features include: anonymity via automatic filtering of untrusty IPs, the use of proxies, and encryption, download video subtitles, and more.

VidMasta 64bit

Searching Utils Freeware, On February 1, 2018 updated, downloaded 81 times.

Q4Search 3.53MB

Q4Search - Get your search done, fast!

Q4Search is a super fast search application, designed to improve you get information while working on texts. With Q4Search you can get your search done by your favorite content directories in no time. You can look up words or phrases on any search engine or website, on a single interface. simply by clicking Ctrl-Q. It is that simple!

Q4Search 64bit

Searching Utils Freeware, On February 13, 2016 updated, downloaded 120 times.

Flvto YouTube Downloader for Windows

Fast simple YouTube downloader and converter

Flvto YouTube Downloader for Win allows you to download and convert online video to the most popular video and audio formats, such as mp3, avi, mp4, mov, wmv. Features: high-speed downloading algorithm, download multiple files at once, ID3 tags editor, built-in player, supporting HD quality.

Flvto YouTube Downloader for Windows 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On December 5, 2014 updated, downloaded 104 times.

MassPlanner 35.94MB

Social Media Automation tool

Mass Planner is a Social Media Automation tool, designed to help people and small businesses broadcast their killer value proposition to prospect users. Mass Planner can address different types of marketing issues and currently supports multiple Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

MassPlanner 64bit

Other Network Tools Shareware, On January 8, 2015 updated, downloaded 94 times.

AirMyPC 7.03MB
AirMyPC 2.9.4

Mirrors PC screen and sound to your AppleTV

AirMyPC 2.9.4 allows you to wirelessly AirPlay mirror your PC screen and sound to your TV through AppleTV/ChromeCast. AirMyPC 2.9.4 lets you to mirror your Windows computer display through your AppleTV/ChromeCast just like you do with your iPhone. Feel uncomfortable with all these wires that connect your computer to your TV? Well with AirMyPC 2.9.4 installed you do not need them anymore. Once installed, AirMyPC 2.9.4 wirelessly transmit your PC screen to your TV.

AirMyPC 64bit

Other Network Tools Shareware, On November 18, 2018 updated, downloaded 183 times.

Happytime NAT Traversal Library 1.0

NAT Traversal and private network access

Happytime PPLib is a NAT Traversal and private network (LAN) access library. It can access to a private network of computers and network equipment from another private network or public network. The advantage is no need to configure port mapping on the router, without having to deploy Dynamic DNS (DDNS).

Happytime NAT Traversal Library 64bit

Other Network Tools Freeware, On November 7, 2015 updated, downloaded 83 times.

AnyDesk 1.21MB
AnyDesk 2.2.2

The world's fastest remote desktop tool

AnyDesk 2.2.2 is the world's fastest and most comfortable remote desktop application. Access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service. AnyDesk 2.2.2 is free for private use.

AnyDesk 64bit

Remote PC Management Freeware, On March 24, 2016 updated, downloaded 232 times.

Advanced Remote Receiver 1.3

Use your smartphone as a remote control

Advanced Remote Receiver 1.3 is a Windows tool that works in conjunction with Advanced Presentation Remote and/or Advanced Windows Remote, allowing your remote device to act as a remote control for your computer. Advanced Remote Receiver 1.3 receives the messages sent by the smartphone and translates them on your windows computer.

Advanced Remote Receiver 64bit

Other Network Tools Shareware, On September 1, 2014 updated, downloaded 100 times.

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