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Email Extractor Files 3.0.8

Extract email address from files such as DOC,

Email Extractor Files 3.0.8 v3.0 extracts email addresses from document files such as DOC, DOCX, DOT, XLS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, RTF, PPT, PPTX, XML, HTML, ASP, PHP & all Other files.It extracts only email addresses from files, those you need by defining the search criteria & automatically remove duplicate email addresses.It is fastest tool for extract email addresses from all supported files.It also supports filter the extracted email addresses

Other Mail Tools Shareware, On February 15, 2014 updated, downloaded 114 times.

Wordpress Newsletter Sender 1.2

Wordpress Newsletter Sender free mailing soft

Wordpress Newsletter Sender 1.2 is a free emailing software to keep contact with your wordpress blog subscribers and comment author

Wordpress Newsletter Sender 64bit

E-Mail User Agents Freeware, On March 26, 2011 updated, downloaded 112 times.

Goverlan Remote Administration Software 7.01

Enterprise Desktop Management Software

Goverlan Remote Administration Software 7.01, an Enterprise Desktop Management software designed for IT professionals. Includes a comprehensive Remote Control software, Remote Assistance software, Remote Monitoring software. Supports software distribution and RDP users.

Goverlan Remote Administration Software 64bit

Remote PC Management Shareware, On January 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 116 times.

Goverlan Remote Control Software 7.01

Remote Control Software for IT Professionals

A Remote Control Software truly engineered for IT Professionals with unique features such as Citrix and Terminal Services Session Shadowing, Data Center Monitoring, Video Recording and Remote Assistance over public networks. Goverlan Remote Control v7 has been designed to be fast, reliable and to answer to the growing complexity of today's business infrastructure.

Goverlan Remote Control Software 64bit

Remote PC Management Shareware, On January 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 116 times.

Round-Robin Mailer 18.0

Distributes email leads to a sales staff.

Does your company have a sales staff? Do you have leads arriving by email? If so, you probably need a solution that distributes those leads promptly, reliably, and fairly to your staff. Round-Robin Mailer 18.0 is designed to do exactly that. It connects directly to a POP3/IMAP4 mail server, reads all email, and forwards each one to a member of the staff in a rotating fashion.

Round-Robin Mailer 64bit

EMails Managers Shareware, On December 6, 2018 updated, downloaded 158 times.

Glace Space 1.3

Simple to use internet disk

Glace Space 1.3 is a very good solution to share your computer folders with your friends via internet. Glace Space 1.3 is designed to enable internet expirience ever for such simple programs as Notepad, Windows Photo Viewer an so on. Glace Space 1.3 can be mounted as network disk to your computer. This network disk contains shared folders of computers of your friends.

Glace Space 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On April 2, 2011 updated, downloaded 116 times.

AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition 2.2.54

Best packet sniffing tool for administrators.

AthTek NetWalk concentrates on enterprise network management. It enables the network administrator to monitor traffic throughout the network, and gives a graphical real-time collection of host addresses, captured packets, traffic trends, etc. AthTek NetWalk is expert in packet sniffing. It works together with Wireshark and WinPcap, and has achieved better performance in packet sniffing and network analysis.

AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition 64bit

Network Monitors Shareware, On September 7, 2012 updated, downloaded 106 times.


Simplifying your Digital Life...

CONNECT 5.8 is a simple, powerful tool for Home and Small Office users to CONNECT 5.8, protect and share their digital world.


Remote PC Management Shareware, On April 4, 2012 updated, downloaded 122 times.

Group Mail Send Engine

Fast, stable and creative mass email sender.

Group Mail Send Engine is an easy-to-use and budget-friendly mass email send engine with a set of amazing built-in features. If you are a new user, following the New Job Wizard, you can quickly create an email with professional look and send it to plenty of recipients in a few minutes. You'll never be blind when marketing online since Mailing Report of Group Mail Send Engine offers you details and logs of every email job.

Group Mail Send Engine 64bit

EMails Managers Shareware, On April 15, 2014 updated, downloaded 262 times.

Email Address Generator 1.0

Fxmail's Email Address Generator

We know that millions of people out there create their email addresses by using their first names, lastnames and using some prefixes and suffixes so the general style of email addresses look like,, and Fxmail Email Address Generator 1.0 works on exactly the same logic. It uses the most common names of the people for a specific region , you want to target, ...

Other Mail Tools Shareware, On January 16, 2011 updated, downloaded 120 times.

Newsletter Subscription script 3.0

Start your mailing campaign in minutes!

With Newsletter Subscription script 3.0 you can let your website visitors subscribe to your newsletter and send them emails using an easy to use administration page. Use Newsletter Subscription script 3.0 on any website, an installation file will set up the script for you. Start your mailing campaign in minutes! We do ALL kind of modifications to the script. Let us know what you need and you will have it !

Other Mail Tools Demo, On November 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 110 times.

Gmail Peeper 1.5

Free Gmail Notifier

Gmail Peeper 1.5 is a small Gmail notifier utility that will check and display new emails without opening your browser. It is using Gmail secured RSS feed to retrieve the new mails and notify about them from the system tray.

Gmail Peeper 64bit

Other Mail Tools Freeware, On February 13, 2011 updated, downloaded 97 times.

Lookeen Desktop Search

Lookeen - Desktop and Outlook Search

Lookeen - The award-winning Windows Desktop and Outlook search! Find files and emails in record time and with maximum reliability. The data you are looking for can be found at any time, thanks to real-time indexing. Lookeen searches desktop and network files, VDI environments, Exchange Server and Outlook. The simple operation and intelligent search filters help you to easily search large amounts of data.

Lookeen Desktop Search 64bit

Other Mail Tools Shareware, On April 22, 2015 updated, downloaded 110 times.

Lightning Email Deliverer

Send thousands of emails at lightning speed.

Lightning Email Deliverer is the best-in-class email marketing software that enables you to create and deliver quantities of personalized emails to your customers at the speed that you have never experienced. You can choose to send emails directly from computer instead of SMTP server and resend to new-added or failed addresses. It provides you with a cost-effective, easy-use and valuable solution of reaching subscribers, customers and prospects.

Lightning Email Deliverer 64bit

EMails Managers Shareware, On April 14, 2014 updated, downloaded 246 times.

SiteView Desktop Management, IT Management

Siteview Desktop Management (SDM) software that helps administrators to manage an environment of 1,000 desktops as easily as 10 with centralized and automated inventory, configuration, security and support products, leverage your existing resources to increase your customer satisfaction.

SiteView Desktop Management x32 64bit

Remote PC Management Shareware, On November 1, 2010 updated, downloaded 104 times.

Network Traffic Monitor Experts 2.9

Real-time display network traffic tools.

Real-time display your computer's network traffic tools.Display all the network adapter on your computer.Selected to monitor the network adapter,Program will display real-time traffic information:(1)Adapter description,MAC Address,Speed;(2)Start time,Duration time;(3)Download:Traffic/Secord,Peak/second,Average/second,Total;(4)Upload:Traffic/Secord,Peak/second,Average/second,Total;(5)Users can control pause or resume.

Network Traffic Monitor Experts 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On March 5, 2014 updated, downloaded 125 times.

News Publisher 1.0

Automatically submit news and press release

News Publisher 1.0 is a free online marketing tool that submits your business information, press release and news to top 100 news and business websites. News Publisher 1.0 boosts your business and sales by submitting your business information, details, and news to top 100 news websites. News Publisher 1.0 brings sales leads, business contacts and traffic to you and your website or homepage. News Publisher 1.0 is a freeware fully automated software.

News Publisher MAC - News Publisher 64bit

Browser Add-Ons Shareware, On October 19, 2010 updated, downloaded 127 times.

MailGrabber 2.1.1

Extract email from the web and local files

MailGrabber 2.1.1 is a powerful tool helps you to create your own mail database. MailGrabber 2.1.1 is easy to use, you can make your emails database in few minutes. MailGrabber 2.1.1 search emails in your local files and through the web using your criteria, you can specify country, website, filters, filetype and more options... MailGrabber 2.1.1 is also a powerful email database editor and list management.

EMails Managers Shareware, On August 4, 2011 updated, downloaded 100 times.

DataNAUT TL 1.0

Printing THUNDERBIRD tasks and events

Easy and fast printing of reports and analysis based on tasks and events with "DataNAUT TL 1.0 - Advanced printing for Thunderbird & Lightning". As a reference for your desktop or for your next team meeting - with these reports you have got your tasks and events under control at any time. Using the parameter mask you can do fast and easy customization to the output using various filter criteria.

DataNAUT TL 64bit

Other Mail Tools Shareware, On October 4, 2010 updated, downloaded 80 times.

Surf Anonymous Free

Hide IP address to surf anonymously for Free

Surf Anonymous Free, the ultimate free online protection software, is designed to make your real IP address and location inaccessible, thus anonymize your web surfing, guard your security against identity theft and other crimes, and unban yourself from forums or blogs. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily install and run it. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Maxthon, etc. and all types of Internet platforms.

Surf Anonymous Free 64bit

Browser Toolbars Freeware, On September 29, 2017 updated, downloaded 666 times.

RSS Submitter

RSS Submission Tool

Fast RSS Submitter helps you in easy way of submission of RSS Feed on various websites. With simple download, you can submit them at one click.

RSS Submitter 64bit

RSS and Newsgroup Readers Shareware, On November 23, 2010 updated, downloaded 120 times.

CaptureComputerThief 3.0

Track Laptop computer location, theft protec.

Track your stolen or lost laptop computer using Capture Computer Thief software. This software product will help you to know the IP address of your computer every time it is online. Every computer connected to Internet have an IP address that belongs to one Internet Service Provider (ISP) and most of ISPs know where is located the IP address they assign.

CaptureComputerThief 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On February 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 102 times.

PST Converter Pro 1.4

PST converter software

PST Converter Pro 1.4 features a great number of advantages comparably with other PST converter software solutions.Besides other features, this tool can also convert Outlook PST files to Entourage archive, outlook pst (including password protected ones) to standard mbox, outlook pst to eml files while preserving UNICODE content.

PST Converter Pro 64bit

Other Mail Tools Shareware, On January 15, 2011 updated, downloaded 128 times.

GoldMail Rich Media Messaging 3.10.4

Create audio-visual messages in minutes

Voice-over PowerPoint, images, or other files easily to create rich-media, video-like messages for free. Send your GoldMail audio slideshow via email or post a link anywhere on the web. Brand your business easily and measure the effectiveness of your messaging with reporting and tracking. GoldMail messaging increases the impact of your communications and can ultimately increase revenue for your business.

GoldMail Rich Media Messaging 64bit

Other Mail Tools Freeware, On September 9, 2010 updated, downloaded 93 times.

Utilu IE Collection

Utilu IE Collection has multiple IE versions.

Utilu IE Collection contains multiple IE versions, which are standalone so they can be used at the same time. In the standalone versions Conditional Comments work exactly the same as in the native versions. The original version number is shown correcty in the User Agent string. The version number can be found in the window title too. Utilu IE Collection includes the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar and the Firebug Web Development Extension.

Utilu IE Collection 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On December 26, 2011 updated, downloaded 220 times.

UtiluMF 0.52MB

UtiluMF downloads & installs Mozilla Firefox.

Utilu Silent Setup for Mozilla Firefox is a small multilingual utility which automatically downloads and installs the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and then immediately opens one or more websites. It asks no difficult questions and does not show technical information or error messages and even works under the most restricted user accounts, so you can quickly use Firefox on any computer and also easily explain how to install it to anyone else.

UtiluMF 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On June 17, 2017 updated, downloaded 160 times.

Mp3Treat Pro 3.5.0

MP3Treat is a music downloading client.

MP3Treat is a very easy-to-work-with music downloading program that offers advanced searching capabilities, turbo-charged downloads. The software connects to one of the largest music network on the Web and can be used by anyone regardless of their previous experience.

Mp3Treat Pro 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On May 1, 2016 updated, downloaded 223 times.

UtiluMFC 1190.98MB

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection.

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection contains multiple versions of the free web browser Mozilla Firefox, which are standalone so they can be used at the same time. In Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection you can quickly see how your websites look when rendered using different versions of the Gecko render engine. The version number of Mozilla Firefox can be found in the window title. UtiluMFC also includes the Firebug and Web Developer add-ons.

UtiluMFC 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On December 29, 2018 updated, downloaded 620 times.

TCP Profiles Manager 1.7

TPM is a utility to easily change local IP...

TCP Profiles Manager 1.7 is a utility to easily change local IP address, subnet mask, network, gateway, DNS ... all without rebooting. You can store multiple profiles per network interface (ex : MyHome, MyOffice...). Useful when you connect to multiple networks, it supports DHCP and is very easy to configure.

TCP Profiles Manager 64bit

Other Network Tools Freeware, On August 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 106 times.

GoForIt 3.25MB
GoForIt 1.0

GoFor-It Free Search Tool for IE

GoFor-It allows you to hover over a single word link or highlighted text on virtually any web page and from a single right-click of your mouse perform a web search for your selected text on many of the most popular web sites on the Internet for example Google eBay Amazon Facebook YouTube Twitter and many more

GoForIt 64bit

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On July 30, 2010 updated, downloaded 91 times.

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