Full DR.Web's One-click CD/DVD Copy report

cddvdcopy113.exe packed by UPX
>cddvdcopy113.exe - archive 7-ZIP
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\cddvdcopy.msi - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\setup64ext.msi - archive OLE
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\setup64ext.msi\stream000 - archive CAB
>>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\setup64ext.msi\stream000\shell64.dll - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\setup64ext.msi\stream000 - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\setup64ext.msi\stream001 - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\setup64ext.msi - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm - archive CHM
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#IDXHDR - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#ITBITS - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#IVB - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#STRINGS - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#SYSTEM - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#TOPICS - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#URLSTR - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#URLTBL - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\#WINDOWS - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\$FIftiMain - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\$OBJINST - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\$WWAssociativeLinks/Property - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\$WWKeywordLinks/Property - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\Dot.gif - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\GetStarted.png - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\How_to_get_started.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\How_to_get_started_frame.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\License.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\License_frame.html - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\logo.jpg - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\OCA.hhc - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\Settings.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\settings.png - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\Settings_frame.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\Unlock.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\unlock.png - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\Unlock_frame.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\WhatIs.htm - OK
>>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm\WhatIs_frame.htm - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.chm - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/whatsnew.txt - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/license.rtf - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/default.url - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/register.url - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/cddvdcopy.exe - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\install.exe - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/tutorial.exe - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/unlock.exe - OK
>>cddvdcopy113.exe\One-click CD DVD Copy/shell.dll - OK
>cddvdcopy113.exe - OK
Scan report for "cddvdcopy113.exe":
Scanned: 45/44 Cured: 0
Infected found: 0/0 Deleted: 0
Modifications: 0/0 Renamed: 0
Suspicious: 0/0 Moved: 0
Adware: 0/0 Ignored: 0
Dialers: 0/0
Jokes: 0/0 Scan time: 0:00:03
Riskware: 0/0 Scan speed: 1837 Kb/s
Hacktools: 0/0 Scan ended: 11:04:23

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