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Software Product License Agreement

The present License Agreement is deemed to be the plainly required agreement, concluded between You (a natural or a legal person) (hereinafter referred to as User), and an Author, covering the software products (hereinafter referred to as Products), written by the Author and distributed on a commercial basis.

The present License Agreement covers the Product updates and add-ins, facilitating its execution. All the rights to the Product belong to the Author.
The exclusive right to the Product distribution belongs to the Author. The whole Product or any part thereof (including but not limited to data bases, graphical images, photos, videos, texts, and add-in programs) are deemed to be the separate copyright items.
By installing, copying, downloading, providing access to, or by any other way utilizing the stated Software Product, You accept the terms of the present License agreement in doing so. In case You do not yield to any of the present License Agreements terms, do not install or use the present Product.

License Agreement:

The Product (including all its integral parts) is licensed, NOT SOLD, to You for use under the terms of the present License Agreement.


1.1. The Subject of the present License Agreement is deemed to be the Product license transfer for use to You, as the User, by the Author, as the Right Holder, i.e. transfer of the right to use the Product under the terms and in the way listed below.
1.2. All the terms, hereafter specified, refer both to the Product as the whole and to all its components separately.


2.1. All the Product rights (including but not limited to the rights to any data bases, graphical images, photos, videos, audios, texts, add-in programs, and other copyright objects, integrated into the Product), accompanying materials and any Product copies belong to the Author.
2.2. The User is granted an absolute License to use the Product for personal commercial or non-commercial purposes, explicitly in the ways, listed below, subject to the requirements of the terms, stated below.
2.3. The Author does not grant You any rights, except for the rights, expressly declared in the present License Agreement.


3.1. The User may use the Product in any required way and for any purpose, unless it violates the terms of the present Agreement.
3.2. The User may not transfer the Product in any form to the third parties or organizations, no matter what the purpose of such transfer is.
3.3. The Product, you purchased, may be used on one targeted domain only.
3.4. In order the Product is installed on the other domain, You shall acquire the Software Product again, having specified the new targeted domain.
3.5. The removal of information about the Author out of the Software Product is prohibited.
3.6. The Product may be used for the User`s private purposes only, provided, that the Product or any part of it may not be transferred to the third parties, that have not obtained the Product from the Author directly, and in no other way.
3.7. The User may request the technical assistance from the Author to restore the lost or damaged exemplar of the Product. Herewith, the User shall provide the confirmation of the lawful use of the Product`s copy.
3.8. The User shall neither perform independently nor enable the other natural or legal persons to perform the following acts:
- use the Product for the direct generation of profit through its distribution in any form;
- lease, rent out or provide the Product for temporary use to the third parties;
- establish conditions for the Product`s use by the people, not personally entitled to use it (including the people working in the same net or multiuser system as You do), retransfer the Software Product License;
- release (publish) any fragments or integral parts of the Product, as well as to offer an opportunity to other parties to copy it;
- transfer the Software Product usage rights to the third parties;
- perform any activity with regard to the Software Product, violating the applicable Russian Federation laws and other legal acts, as well as the statutes of international law.
3.9. In case the User performs any of the acts, listed in Cl. 3.8, the Author, in its sole discretion, shall reserve the right to terminate the present Agreement at any time.


4.1. In order one uses the software, referred by the Author to as the Updates, one shall obtain the Product license. The Update completely or partly substitutes or supplements the Product, being Your title to obtain the Update.
After the Update is installed, You may use it in accordance with the terms of the present Agreement only.
4.2. The Author shall not be explicitly or implicitly liable to create or distribute the Updates. The Updates are released whenever possible and necessary. The Author shall not be liable to inform the Users on the Update release.
The information on the Updates released is published on the Author`s website.
4.3. The Author reserves the right to announce both free and paid Product Updates or its integral parts.


5.1. In case the present Agreement is violated, the User forfeits the License to use the Product.


6.1. The Author guarantees the principal working capacity of the Product on the appropriate software and hardware platforms.
6.2. The Software Product is distributed `as-is`. The Author shall not be liable for the Product not to meet the User`s expectations and perceptions. The Author does not guarantee, that the Product is free of bugs. The Author shall not be liable for the direct or indirect consequences of Product application, including those, caused by the possible bugs or misprints.
6.3. The Author shall remove the Product bugs, brought to light by the User, for free.
6.4. The acquired Product is nonreturnable on any consideration without the Author`s consent.

(c) 2006-2016 Alexander Yanitsky

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