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PasswordSafe 3.29 changelog from July 10, 2012

New Features for V3.29 3519484 Empty Groups are now persistent (previously a group with no entries would 'disappear' if the database was locked or closed). 3510481 The Last Modified and Password Modified date/times are initially set to show the entry's creation time, instead of being blank. n/a When comparing databases, you can now display of the details of the entries' differences in the results dialog by right-click -> compare selected entries. n/a You can now cancel a long running Compare, Merge or Synchronize database operation. Note: You should check the operation's report file to see if the operation was indeed cancelled. If not, you can undo it as all operations). n/a Portuguese (Brazil) installation instructions added, thanks to Andreas. Changes to Existing Features in V3.29 None Bugs fixed in V3.29 3525995 Find now only highlights/select the found entry. 3523117 Password Expiration Date now correctly set when using intervals. 3521158 Paste into the Notes field (Add or Edit entry) is now always in plain text. 3518734 When generating passwords (Ctrl-P), the user is no longer prompted to save changes when pressing Esc if they have selected a Named Password Policy but not generated a password. 3518732 Custom special symbol set now handled correctly in Generate Password dialog box. 3518389 All date/time fields in the List view are now displayed using the user's "short date" format as specified via the Windows Control Panel "Region and Language" tab. 3515692 Fixed crash with Generate Password switching to default policy with > 1 named policy. 3514819 Add Group now works again. 3510590 Password History is now correctly repaired if found in error during the automatic Validate on database open. 3508891 Editing an entry's Notes using an external editor no longer adds blank lines and fully supports non-Latin characters. 3498625 Test selected password policy now reflects any edits done to the policy. 3495473 Notes Word Wrap during edit now works again.

PasswordSafe 3.26 changelog from September 15, 2011

New Features for V3.26 3288341 Autotype has been added to the DragBar. Drag the image to an input area on another Window (e.g., Browser) and PasswordSafe will begin Autotype from there. 3286721 User can now toggle between read-only and read-write modes via a menu item or by double-clicking on the current R-O or R/W indicator in the Status Bar. 3203152 The displayed language can now be changed via the new Manage->Change Language menu. 3065111 Add/Edit now displays both the Application's (PasswordSafe) and the current database's default Autotype string (if set via Manage->Options). 2964804,
1855389 The user can specify the list of symbols valid for password generation, and can override this for any particular entry (except when EasyVision or Pronounceable passwords are chosen). 1831893,
1471134 Added Autotype code "s" to send "Shift+Tab" (back tab). n/a Allow user to control copying of the password to clipboard when performing "Browse to URL" via an option in Options->Security. This is a database option i.e., you can have different setting for different databases. n/a Support importing of TXT, CSV files and XML exported from KeePass V1 and KeePass V2 XML files. Note that KeePass V2's export in the V1 format is does not conform to their own format as specified by their V1 product and can not be imported. Please review our Help file for the settings in KeePass required during their export. Changes to Existing Features in V3.26 n/a New image on start-up dialog - courtesy of user Prinz_Eugen. n/a Polish installation texts added thanks to Michal Niklas. n/a An entry's password expiry date is set or cleared directly rather than using the Set and Clear buttons after changing values. n/a The default password generation policy is now for 12 character passwords that include symbol characters (previous default was 8, no symbols). n/a Unknown database header fields and unknown entry fields are no longer exported when a database is exported to XML as there is no mechanism to re-check them during import. Exporting to XML and then importing to a new database can be used to remove these unknown fields. n/a Date time fields, when exported to XML, now are in the W3C dateTime standard format instead of PasswordSafe's. This release can import XML files with date time fields in either of these forms. The next release will only be able to process the W3C standard. n/a Fully support importing of TXT files exported from KeePass V1 including the Group Tree structure, URL and date time fields. Please review the online help for more details. Bugs fixed in V3.26 3325116 Users can no longer select an entry via the System Tray icon's Recent Entry menu if the display has not been restored after minimize or unlock. 3306357,
2888026 User preference changes are now correctly saved. This includes allowing user to change database preferences when the database is read-only. 3303018 Filters with quotes in their name are now correctly exported, imported and displayed in the Manage Filters dialog. 3301904 Export XML, export Text and the export of filters functions now process file names and paths containing non-Latin characters. In addition, missing directories in the specified path are created as neeeded. 3234204 PasswordSafe no longer exits if the command flag is set to "-s ". 3088187 The correct entry in List View is now used for Autotype when using the keyboard to select the entry when PasswordSafe first opens. n/a Controls in Edit are now disabled if entry is protected. n/a Compare databases now correctly compares the 'Protect' and password policy 'symbols' fields of entries.

PasswordSafe 3.25 changelog from March 20, 2011

New Features for V3.24.1 3111585 User can now duplicate Groups. Aliases and shortcuts referring to base entries outside this group will still point to their respective bases. Those referring to base entries within the group will then point to the new copy. 3065107 Confirm Delete dialog for an entry now shows the entry's details. 3062854 Advanced Dialog Options settings are saved for a session to allow re-use. The following functions use the this dialog and their settings are saved separately: Merge, Compare, Export to Text, Export to XML, Synchronize and Find Toolbar. 3062809 Add "Add Group" to Toolbar. 3062788 Add "Add New Entry" menu item to additional context menus. n/a Online help is now available in Spanish, thanks to Jose. Changes to Existing Features in V3.24.1 None Bugs fixed in V3.24.1 3132055,
3132347Crash in 3.24 fixed. 3121006 Can now change number of databases remembered independently of the value of the number of last used entries remembered in System Tray menu. 3084401 When database is locked, clipboard is cleared and the hotkey works. 3069250 PasswordSafe now remembers the selected entry on Lock After Idle. 3065827 Uninstall fails gracefully when invoked with pwsafe running. 3062850 Dialogs are now correctly closed if open when the workstation locks (with preference "Lock password database on workstation lock" set), enabling the application to be opened again. 3062769 Groups list in Add/Edit dialog box no longer "remembers" groups from previously opened database. 3058043 Hexadecimal password policy now correctly saved. n/a Spanish translations for installer and application updated - thanks to Jose.

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