Pax Galaxia distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

License & Warranty for "Pax Galaxia"
by Diodor Bitan

This is the license agreement between YOU ("the buyer") and
Diodor Bitan ("the developer") about the game
tentatively named Pax Galaxia ("the software").

Diodor Bitan makes no warranties, either express
or implied, concerning the software program as a whole or any
parts of it, their quality, performance or fitness or any
particular purpose. The software is sold "as is". The entire risk
concerning the quality and performance is with the buyer.
Diodor Bitan will not be liable for direct,
indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any
defect in the software even if Diodor Bitan has been
informed about the possibility of such damages.
(Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of parts or
of the whole terms listed anove. In this case the above limitation
or exclusion does not apply to you.)

Diodor Bitan reserves the right to make improvements
to the product Pax Galaxia and all its affilated files,
at any time and without notice.

Diodor Bitan reserves the right to freely set and
change the price for the software at any time.

The software known as Pax Galaxia is copyrighted.
All Rights reserved.
No part of the described software may be copied,
reproduced, translated, modificated, or reduced to any electronic
medium or machine readable form without prior written permission.

The software uses a number of libraries under the LGPL license.
These are SDL, SDL_image, SDL_net. You can obtain the sources
of these libraries from recompile and/or change the
libraries and dynamically link the libraries with the software by
overwriting the correct .dll files. E-mail us if you need
more info on this.

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Diodor Bitan
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