Private Label Windows Cleaner distribution permissions and end-user license agreement


You probably normally skip these EULAs, but you might want to read this one. It describes the process of rebranding your software.


After your purchase you will be able to choose a program name, company name, and website URLs to associate with your program. You will enter that information into our website. We will take all the information you enter, rebrand your software, and upload installers to your account. The process usually takes 3 business days.


Our website will use that information to create a EULA and Read-me file for you, or you can use your own EULA. Your users must agree to your EULA before they install your branded software.


Your software will not resemble this demo version at all. The program name, company name, website URLs and other information will all be replaced with your personal information. Our name will not appear anywhere.


Our artists will create custom graphics based on your specifications, or you can upload your own. These graphics will be displayed in the installer and within your branded program.


Your customers can try your demo version based on the amount of time, uses or days that you specify. They can choose to register at any time, and will be brought to the URL of your choice to pay for their software.


As a customer you will be entitled to a free version of that can be used as a Key Generator (KeyGen) to generate and automatically email registration codes to your customers. There is also a paid version that will integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce system, automatically sending registration codes to paying customers. Please see for more information.


We provide you with free minor version upgrades. Major version upgrades that are released within 90 days of your purchase are also free. Afterwards we charge a small fee for upgrades based on the time involved. This is usually $35 per program. Please see our FAQ for more information.


Our customers usually do not want to reveal the source of their software. For that reason we provide support directly to you, and you should provide support to your customers. You will have access to our online support database.


There are absolutely no royalties or restrictions on how you sell your branded software. You are free to keep all the profits from your sales, in addition to using your software as an extremely promotional utility.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you right away!


Mike Gibson, Owner
Rebrand Software, LLC

This demo version may be freely distributed.

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