Proxy Manager distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Gonsoft Technology Inc. All Rights Reserved. You should carefully read the following terms and conditions Before using this software. Use of this software indicates your Acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with them Do not use the software. Gonsoft permits the evaluation right to you. Law from selling, renting, leasing, loaning, or donating the program or documentation in whole or in part prohibits you Without specific advance agreement between yourself and Gonsoft You promise 1. : 1. One registered copy of ProxyManager1.0 may be dedicated to. A single person who uses the software on one or more computers. 2. If you aim at backup or achievement, you can copy this program as read-only. 3. You may distribute the program to the other person when he accepts the agreements. Each copy you provide shall be a true and complete copy, including all copyrights and trademark notices. And you should destroy the copies that have not been distributed. 4. Only under one of the following conditions, you can use this software for multi-user : The agreements claim that the program could be used for multi-user ; every bench and terminal that use this software has got the license. You promised not to: 1. Redistributes the license. 2. Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, except and only to the extent that applicable law notwithstanding this limitation expressly permits such activity. 3. Copy or distribute parts or whole of the program, excepts claimed by the agreements. When you distribute parts or whole of the software or it`s copy(s), your license is terminated. Specially disclaimer: Gonsoft permits you try the program for free till you decide to buy it. But before you pay it, ProxyManager will show you a message box to ask if you want to register every time when you start the program. Copyright &. Ownership The mark of the program and that of its copies stand with CD or the company it preferred. The laws of US defend this program and achievement. You can`t delete the claim of copyright from the program and you should be sure that this claim is within as you copy it (as parts or whole) you agree to stop any unlawful copies of the program and achievement. Gonsoft permits you cancel your order if you dissatisfied the program in ten days after you bought it. We don`t promise any other service except the above. Kugle Software has no responsibilities for any damage of your computers results from incorrect usage of the program. License terminated If you breach any one of the agreements, Gonsoft can terminate the license at any time needed. When the license is terminated, you should destroy the program and achievement and its copies. Now, you are sure that you have already read carefully and comprehend the agreements and you are agree to obey every restriction.

Proxy Manager is a powerful proxy management tool. It can check proxy server, including Http, Https, Ftp, Socks4 and Socks5 proxy, is working or not and show their speed. It can derive proxy servers form webs and any local files. It can scan proxy servers in the special IP and Port ranges.It can set and remove IE proxy conveniently.It uses multithreading technolog, so it is very fast. It has a powerful and easy-to-use interface. You are authorized to make copies of the UNREGISTERED SHAREWARE VERSIONS of our software, and to distribute them to anyone; however, they must be distributed in the original, complete and unchanged form. You are authorized to save UNREGISTERED SHAREWARE VERSIONS of our software to your software libraries for others to download. You can use it freely for 30 times,until you wanna thanks and support author`s work,and if you wanna buy,easy way,only 29.95$. Here`s what you get with your Proxy Manager registration:Obtain the registration code to enable all functions in minutes;Lifetime License! Never pay again for any new versions; Notifications of EVERY new version release and new Registration Codes, FREE of charge; Life-of-product technical support; No time limit on usage; No annoying registration notices.

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