Reallusion iClone Studio Edition distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

(March 15th, 2007)

- Company: Reallusion, Inc.
- Program: Computer software and associated files in Proprietary File Formats contained within the accompanying physical media.
- Documentation: Any written material in any form supplied with the Program and/or written material provided by authorized agents or representatives of the Company.
- Content: Animations, characters, clothing, faces, hair, geometries, images, materials, meshes, morphs, motion files, props, iClone and CrazyTalk 3D Studio Max and Maya plugins, textures, bump maps, transparencies, etc., created with the intent of being used within the Program and/or third party applications.
- Add-on content - content which is acquired as a separate purchase or after-market installation and is not included as default iClone content.
- Allowed Content: All content that does not fall under the Restricted Content definition (see below).
- Restricted Content: All proprietary data, included content, add-on content, derivative content, files, images, mesh objects, and otherwise copyrighted, trademarked, and/or patented material supplied within the accompanying physical media.
- Proprietary Files and Formats: Files with the following extensions: VNS, CTS, CTM, FaceJPEG (RL-JPEG), FBX any proprietary compressed formats, and/or future proprietary file formats
- Third-Party: Any company and/or individual who are not authorized agents or representatives of the Company.
Reallusion, Inc. (Company), a California-based Corporation, provides the Program, the Content and the Documentation in this package and licenses you, the end user, rights to its use. Installing the contents of this packet indicates that you agree to follow and be bound by all of the terms and conditions comprising this EULA. If you do not agree with these terms, please return both the Program to its original point of purchase for a refund.

Portions of Program contain content, technology and/or other components licensed by the Company from the following third parties: Interactive Data Visualization, Inc (IDV), Radiant Square, Poserworks, Inc., TurboSquid, Inc., Renderosity, Credo Interactive, Inc. and Geo-Metricks, each of whom retain the ownership, copyrights, trademarks, and patents to their respective contributions to the Program.

A. The Company maintains an ongoing EULA enforcement program. Violation of any provision in this EULA automatically terminates this EULA and may subject you to civil and/or criminal prosecution at the Company`s sole discretion.

B. Your payment of the license fee grants you a LIMITED, PERSONAL, and NON EXCLUSIVE license to use Program and Documentation in accordance with all of the terms stated in this EULA. This license is NON TRANSFERABLE except as expressly permitted in this EULA or by US copyright law.

C. You expressly acknowledge that the Company has a valuable proprietary interest in both the Program and the Documentation. You own the physical media upon which the Program is provided. However, all title, ownership, and rights to the Intellectual Property, Program and the Documentation not expressly granted to you by this EULA and applicable laws remain with the Company

D. You cannot use, copy, modify, derive, or transfer Program or Documentation or any copy, modification, derivation, or merged portion thereof in whole or in part via any means or for any purpose whatsoever except as expressly provided in this EULA.

E. You assume full responsibility for your selection of the Program to achieve your intended results and for the installation, use, and results you obtain from the Program.

F. You may only use the Program on a single computer and may be freely moved from one computer to another so long as no possibility exists of the Program being used at more than one computer simultaneously. The Company is pleased to offer site licenses for multiple simultaneous users. Please contact the Company at the address below for details.

G. You, your employees, and/or authorized agents must protect the Program`s confidentiality and act to enforce this EULA. You cannot distribute or otherwise make the Program or Documentation available to any third party via any means whatsoever, public or private, for any purpose, commercial or not, unless explicitly allowed by either this EULA or applicable US copyright law.

H. You may not copy or reproduce the Program or the Documentation except to make one (1) archival copy of the Program for your personal backup purposes, in support of your using the Program in full compliance with this EULA. You may not transfer this archival copy or permit this archival copy to be transferred to any other person or entity via any public or private means whatsoever, whether for compensation or not, unless this archival copy is part of a one-time permanent transfer of the Program, the Documentation, and all rights to use the Program and the Documentation granted by this EULA. Further, you must reproduce and include the Company`s copyright notice on the archival copy of the Program. Company retains full ownership, title, and all other rights to the copy of the Program contained on your archival media, and all of the terms of this EULA apply to this archival copy as if it was the original Company-produced copy of the Program that was furnished to you when you paid the licensing fee.

I. You cannot reverse engineer, decompile, debug, disassemble, circumvent security features, or interfere with the normal Program functionality and operation for any reason whatsoever without the express prior written consent of the Company. Any such activity performed without the required consent is a violation of this EULA that may subject you to civil and/or criminal prosecution at the Company`s sole discretion.

J. Any portion of the Program merged into or used in conjunction with another program remains the property of the Company and subject to this EULA. You must reproduce and include the Company`s copyright notice on any portion of the Program merged in or used in conjunction with another program.

K. The sale of legal copies of the Program and the Documentation is restricted in accordance with US copyright law and any existing distributor and/or reseller agreements currently in effect between the Company and authorized distributors/resellers. This EULA does not grant the user the ability to act as a reseller of the Product or the Documentation. You may perform one permanent transfer of assignment of your personal copy of the Program, the Documentation, and this End User License Agreement as permitted under US copyright law provided all materials shipped with the Product (including the Program, the Documentation, the Allowed Content, the Restricted Content, and all rights granted by the EULA) are complete and unaltered and that all copies in your possession in original and converted forms are transferred. The party receiving the permanent transfer must accept the terms and conditions of this EULA and any other terms and conditions upon which you legally purchased a license to the Program.

L. You may not rent, lease, sublicense, or lend any versions or copies of the Program that you do not use. If the Program is an update to a previous version of the Program, you must possess and maintain a valid license to such previous version in order to use the update.

M. You may continue to use the previous version of the Program on your computer provided that all previous End User License Agreements are observed. You may not transfer the previous version without transferring or destroying the updated version.

A. Users can use iClone add-on or default content to create web pages, video or print media for public displays, tradeshows, marketing promotions, training, simulations, education, public entertainment or any application that does not directly involve with selling the as-is iClone content.

B. Users own the FULL copyright for original output media of their own unique video creation. Users’ movies with unique storyline, character settings and customized appearance grants full commercial distribution and ownership of the exported media to the user. Users can claim the right of commercial use of those output media, or character clothing and actor creations, so long as the content is of original design, does not contain unaltered default iClone character design and does not infringe on the rights of Reallusion or others.

C. Reallusion character and object design is licensed for use, but you may not name or claim the ownership of content with the same look and feel of iClone default content or add-on content store items. Original content must contain your own unique design.

D. Commercial use of Realluison developed content is restricted for use as mass content distribution as mobile service or cliparts sites, etc... Volume content distribution licensing from direct iClone output is offered through Reallusion business services and license program. This refers to rendered content and does not restrict iClone VNS and texture packs.

E. Interactive media commercial use for embedded technologies in games, educational titles or solutions that require embedded interactive real-time program data requires further licensing.

F. For commercial use of as-is content, either need to have written permission from Reallusion or pay for commercial use of content.

Company created content may be modified for share and sale under the following guidelines.

Content which may be modified: Characters (Upper, Lower, Shoes), Props, Accessories, 3D Scenes, 2D Backgrounds, Faces, Motions, Talking Scripts (CTS), SFX particle & fog and Textures.

Character VNS - G1 and G2 characters may be modified and resold by following the guidelines outlined in the custom content sales matrix below. Default characters includued with the installation of iClone may be sold as VNS. Add-on characters may be modified and sold as Texture packs only and may not be sold as VNS.

Texture Pack - JPG, BMP images mapped for iClone character, SFX particle customized appearance. Texture Packs must contain 100% original design and may not be sold with Reallusion default textures. Texture packs must define the iClone Character base model they are intended to fit. Texture packs should provide information regarding the Base character body for which the texture pack was made. Texture packs should provide a link to connect the user to purchase the original Base character if they need the base character to utilize the custom set of textures.

CloneCloth texture packs are developed for specific character body styles. Installing texture packs requires that the user have the character for which the texture pack was designed to dress.

iClone VNS - iClone native file format. VNS may ONLY be sold if the content is included as default iClone content accompanied with the installation of iClone or was created from 3rd party original 3D mesh. VNS must be retextured with 100% original texture for resale and Reallusion default textures may not be resold with the VNS file.

Faces may be sold as custom VNS so long as the face contains an original facial image and shape. Reallusion default faces may not be resold.

Motion may be sold as custom VNS so long as the motion contains new motion performance and does not contain original Reallusion motion sequences in full. Mixed and blended motion, custom poses, and custom BVH converted to VNS may be sold as motion VNS. Reallusion default motions and poses may not be resold in their original unedited format.

Project - Complete Project files may be sold as VNS as long as they only contain your original design or licensed content and all content within the Project must meet the requirements stated below in the custom content sales matrix.

3D Scenes, Props and LiveProps may be sold as VNS so long as they are original 3D models created with merged 3D blocks or converted to VNS from original 3D models. Reallusion default or add-on props may not be resold. Texture packs may be created and sold for default or add-on props customization.

SFX Particle and Fog may be created and sold as VNS so long as the particle and fog are original design and do not include Reallusion default textures or behavior.

Light and animated light settings may be sold as custom VNS files.

Camera settings may be sold as custom VNS files.

Accessories may be sold as VNS so long as they are original 3D models created with merged 3D blocks or converted to VNS from original 3D models. Reallusion default or add-on accessories may not be resold. Texture packs may be created and sold for default or add-on accessories customization.

More detailed iClone custom content sales matrix can be viewed here:

A. Third-party content included with Program and Documentation is copyrighted and owned by the original content creators.

B. The Company claims full ownership and copyright to all Company created Content and licenses its use with valid software registration and Certified Content Developer program member for commercial depiction in image or video output.

C. You may create and sell custom iClone content on a 3rd party website, your own website or through the Reallusion content store. Content sales must follow the guidelines set forth in this agreement to be in accordance. All content sales agents need to have a valid iClone license and be enrolled in the Reallusion Certified Content De

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