Retail Plus POS Software distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Retail Plus Software License

1. Retail Plus POS Inc. (the "Licenser") grants a non-exclusive License to the registered user (the "Licensee") to use Retail Plus, (the "Software") which comprises computer programs, supporting documentation, and any copies thereof. The Licensee acknowledges that the Licenser is the sole owner of the Software and that neither title to nor ownership of the Software is transferred to the Licensee.
2. The Licensee agrees that each store or network server on which the Software is installed will require the purchase of one copy of the Software except for instances where the Licensee wishes to work at home. The Licensee shall not permit the Software or any part to be disclosed in any form to any third party and shall not permit unauthorized copying and distribution.
3. This License may not be assigned to a third party. If you sell your business you cannot include Retail Plus in the deal.
4. The Licenser's sole warranty to the Licensee is that the Licenser has the right to grant a License of the Software in the manner set out here. The Licenser gives the Licensee no other warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. In no event arising from the performance or non-performance of the Software shall the Licenser be obligated or liable to the Licensee in any manner for consequential, special or incidental damages, including loss of profits or suits by third parties. Furthermore, in no event shall the Licenser be liable to the Licensee for amounts in excess of the amounts already paid by the Licensee to the Licenser.
5. The Licensee further acknowledges that the Software does not enable the user to carry out the steps needed to conduct a profitable trade and that the Software is merely a system which facilitates the storage and retrieval of information, the accuracy, security and integrity of which cannot be guaranteed by the Licenser.
6. The Licenser may terminate this License if the Licensee fails to comply with these License terms.
7. Any License Of Software is subject to the terms of this Software License Agreement and those terms supersede any other agreement between the Licensers and the Licensee.

The trial version of Retail Plus POS Software can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form.

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