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City: songjiang
Country:China (People`s Rep)
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  songjiang China (People`s Rep)

Submarine 3.30

Your Mission : Bomb those Nazi Submarine, Save the World, Keep alive!

Beauty Pageant 2.2.15

Can you match up the correct body? Try to match the correct head with the right body to see if you can win this beauty pageant. Will you be the beauty queen? Will you be the first or second runner up? Will you totally bomb out?

Great Tetris 3.60

Very Addictive Tetris Game. Act quickly to adjust the position of the falling blocks, make blocks fit with each other to callpse them. The more collapse you made, the higher points you get.

Color Ball 3.38

If there are more than 3 balls of the same color in one vertical line, they will be automatically dissolved and you get points. There are two special balls: 50-Point-ball and Kill-all -Ball.You can not collect them directly, but you can dissolve them

Car Racing 3.75

race your car in the busy highway. Knock down other cars and trucks. Drive safely, but do speed!

Pacman 3.50

Legendary Pacman with new map and new story. Eat all the points on the road while being chased by the evils.

Crazy Dancing 2.3.5

Push the arrow keys your person move. Watch the arrows to know which button to push. The arrows must be in the outlines of the arrows on top of the screen. Now, Let`s dance!!

Super Mario 7.5.15

There is a big variety in graphics and gameplay between all those levels. Each world is very different and the diversity of the levels is very impressive !

Maple Story 7.5.15

Enjoy this Adventure game! Fight all the strange animal, Orcs while collecting as much treasure as you can. It comes with carefully crafted story and beautifully designed scenary

IceCream Smileys 2.10

Download and install our icecream smiley, show your friend how cool you are in MS messenger.

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