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Animals3d Animated Screensaver 2.5

Animals 3d animated screensaver with music.

Animals 3d animated screensaver with music. Old Macdonald`s farm never had this much fun! Watch animals from all walks of life fly, swoop, run, scurry across your desktop! All ages will be delighted with the 3d animation of this screen saver. Free download. Fully functional. Not wrapped in ads or pop ups. Easily uninstalled. Display panel included.

Animals Species Shareware, On February 1, 2008 updated, downloaded 256 times.

Flowers and Butterflies 3.0

Wonderful animated flowers screensaver!

Flowers and Butterflies 3.0... Wonderful animated screensaver, fed up with great variety of flying butterflies and colorful flowers. It is another animated nature screensaver in our series, loved by thousands of our visitors. Every scene shows you not only butterflies, but dragonflies, bees, spiders, birds and other animals. Some features of this free flowers screensaver: analog clock, realistic water effects, sounds of nature, flexible settings.

Flowers and Butterflies 64bit

Animals Species Freeware, On August 28, 2015 updated, downloaded 146 times.

Hot Brunette`s Screen Saver 1

Hot Brunette`s on your computer screen, YES!

Hot Brunette`s on your computer screen, YES! by Free Pictures Beautiful Women

Celebrities & Peoples Freeware, On January 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 450 times.

The Great Lake Free Animated Screensaver 5.11

Free Animated Screensaver The Great Lake

"The Great Lake" is a Free Animated Screensaver by EleFun Screensavers devoted to the nature theme, namely, to the lakes. In one of the endless plains of the North America there is an unnoticeable at first sight lake. Nothing, it would seem, could distinguish it from other similar lakes. But it is not at all like that.

The Great Lake Free Animated Screensaver 64bit

Nature & Scenery Freeware, On September 10, 2008 updated, downloaded 122 times.

Free 3D Sailfish Screensaver 1.4.5

Free 3D Sailfish Screensaver

Free 3D Sailfish Screensaver 1.4.5 turns your screen into an amazing aquarium with 3D sailfish fish swimming around your desktop. This free screensaver has 10 species of sailfish and one beautiful undersea background. Download this free screensaver safely and quickly. Enjoy 3D screensaver with sailfish swimming among transparent bubbles with music. If you are interested in sailfish, then this free 3D screensaver is for you!

Free 3D Sailfish Screensaver 64bit

3D Effects Freeware, On September 13, 2015 updated, downloaded 179 times.

Speed Color Screensaver 3.0

Treat yourself and amaze your friends!

Do you like cars? If yes, this screensaver is definitely for you! We are glad to present original Speed Color Screensaver 3.0 with watch stylized speedometer. Treat yourself and amaze your friends! This product is very compact size and simple to install. Compatible with any Windows operating system and any screen resolution. Download and install absolutely free!

Speed Color Screensaver 64bit

Automobiles Freeware, On October 12, 2016 updated, downloaded 94 times.

Range Projection Light ScreenSaver 1.1

Flexible Computerized Projection Light System

A light conduction structure that generates short range projection for an object to create aesthetic sense of vision by emitting dazzling, fantastic and colorful lights; a middle layer made of color, translucent material in dazzling colors and making light passing through it to become gender; wraps up the outer side of the inner layer; includes an inner layer provided with a reflective outer side in while; an outer layer made of see-through mater

Range Projection Light ScreenSaver 64bit

Visual Arts Freeware, On October 21, 2010 updated, downloaded 80 times.

Free 3d Abstract Screensaver 1.07

Free 3d abstract screensaver.

Screensaver is another small program for computer user. Now this not for only computer but also available for mobile. Screensaver is not only images slideshow. This is learnable also. Many people use this program for entertainment. This is help us for keeping our mind fresh and clean in our personal life. Anyone now can enjoy his life with screensaver in home or office computer. 3d abstract screensaver nice also.

Games Freeware, On July 20, 2011 updated, downloaded 82 times.

Water Bubble Screensaver 1.0

Free screensaver showing the beauty of water.

A free screensaver showing you how water can make you feels calm and great. You will not get bored at all watching this. I promise.

Animated & Kids Freeware, On May 13, 2010 updated, downloaded 83 times.

Nice Flowers Free Screensaver 2.0.2

Decorate your screen with this amazing saver.

The Nice Flowers Free Screensaver 2.0.2 will show you the most wonderful items that mother-nature can show to people - flowers. People really like flowers and they are the very important part of the human culture. Women are especially delighted with flowers and like to keep them at home and see outdoors. Using this screensaver you have a chance to see the views of individual flowers, groups of them and flower fields.

Nice Flowers Free Screensaver 64bit

Nature & Scenery Freeware, On May 7, 2016 updated, downloaded 85 times.

Free Underwater World Screensaver 2.0

Shows the scenes of the underwater world.

This screensaver shows the outstanding scenes of the underwater life: the photos of exotic fishes, dolphins, tortoises, corals etc. More than 100 stunning picture transition effects are used in the slideshow. This free screen saver will dip you into the amazing underwater world. The photo-realistic colorful graphics let you enjoy real feel of the sea.

Nature & Scenery Freeware, On March 6, 2011 updated, downloaded 95 times.

Christmas Candles Screensaver 3.0

Everyone loves Christmas and New Year!

Everyone loves Christmas and New Year holidays. And everyone waits for them decorating their houses inside and out with different ornamentation: tapes, toys, colored lights and, of course, Christmas candles! Feel the holiday atmosphere looking at winter scenes and Christmas will come to you at any time of the year, even in summer! Download our new Christmas Candles Screensaver 3.0 and get the best desktop for your computer during the holidays.

Christmas Candles Screensaver 64bit

Christmas & Holidays Freeware, On September 19, 2015 updated, downloaded 126 times.

web page monitoring 1.0 web page monitoring

Free screensaver inspired by web page monitoring 1.0 with themes ranging from spying, robotics, exploration, time and cameras. Includes 36 images with almost a dozen different transition effects. Image selection and transition effects are randomized so this great screensaver is always fresh. Have fun! Sign up for a free account with ChangeDetect at

web page monitoring 64bit

Others ScreenSavers Freeware, On June 9, 2009 updated, downloaded 117 times.

Himalayas Beauty 1.0

A screensaver showing himalayas pictures.

A free screensaver showing several beautiful himalayas pictures. Packed in high resolution pictures quality.

Nature & Scenery Freeware, On March 2, 2009 updated, downloaded 255 times.

Hot RedHead`s Screen Saver 1

Red Head`s on your computer screen.

Red Head`s on your computer screen. Welcome to free pictures beautiful women. Who doesn`t like to look at gorgeous women? We will soon have links to websites where you can look at pictures of some of the best looking women in the world.

Others ScreenSavers Freeware, On January 31, 2009 updated, downloaded 242 times.

WinterScenes 1.0.0

Only $1.00! The ultimate Snow Screensaver!

Only $1.00!WinterScenes 1.0.0 Snow Screensaver is a stunning screensaver that is perfect for the Holidays or during the Winter season. View each beautiful scene as soft, animated snow falls over each scene. Custom settings allow you to control how much snow is falling. From a light breezy snow to a Winter storm!

WinterScenes 64bit

Series & Movies Shareware, On January 10, 2009 updated, downloaded 140 times.

Tons of Money Screensaver 1.0

Free screensaver that contain money pictures.

Do you loves money? If so then you can`t miss this free money screensaver. Including 100 plus different animation that will make you feel like a rich man.

Others ScreenSavers Freeware, On October 13, 2008 updated, downloaded 270 times.

CheatBook Issue 09/2008 09-2008

CheatBook - Issue September 2008

CheatBook (09/2008) - Issue September 2008 - A Cheat-Code Tracker with Hints, Tips, Tricks for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games. 401 PC Games, 70 Walkthroughs for PC and 51 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure Games to Action Games. This Database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases.Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window.

Games Freeware, On September 4, 2008 updated, downloaded 144 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardHappy Wedding Screensaver 1.0

Get a special Happy Wedding message!

Are you getting ready for your Special Day? You still have lots of things to do and are completely swirled in a chaos of wedding preparations? Sit down for a minute and relax watching this fascinating free Happy Wedding Screensaver 1.0. Charming flowers, gorgeous wedding dresses, fine golden rings and of course happy, loving, smiling newly married couples are here to send you a special Happy Wedding message!

Happy Wedding Screensaver 64bit

Makers & Tools Freeware, On August 1, 2008 updated, downloaded 120 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardABC 3GP/MP4 Converter 3.0

Freeware for convert video to 3GP/MP4 format.

ABC 3GP/MP4 Converter 3.0 is software for 3GP/3GP2/MP4 file conversion of portable device. It can convert almost all video formats, for e.g., DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, mkv, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI, AVS, ASF, H264, to 3GP/3GP2/MP4 format for playing on mobile phone or other portable video device. It integrated H263 codec which has super fast conversion speed with high quality. And it supports merge many video clip into one.

ABC 3GP/MP4 Converter 64bit

Series & Movies Freeware, On June 9, 2008 updated, downloaded 212 times.

Terminator 2.05MB
Terminator 4.1

Terminator sci-fi screensaver.

Terminator 4.1 screensaver containing a slideshow of sci-fi Terminator 4.1.

Terminator 64bit

Animals Species Freeware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 104 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardFree Military Show Screensaver 1.0

Witness the might of the military forces.

With this screensaver you will plunge into the atmosphere of a military show watching the sheer power of fighter jets maneuvering over the sky, attack submarines on an important military mission and lots more. Download it now and witness the might of the military forces.

Automobiles Freeware, On January 24, 2008 updated, downloaded 142 times.

DownloadRoute excellent award

Animated 3D Christian screensaver.

This is unlike any other free Christian screen saver you have ever seen. The crucifixion scene with Jesus on the Cross is presented in full 3D with a moving camera, animated birds, and more. The full version features 5 beautiful skies, over 100 inspiration Bible verses that can show automatically on screen, ambient sound effects and spirit soothing music.

3D Effects Shareware, On November 27, 2006 updated, downloaded 123 times.

Bikini3D 7.69MB

Beautiful dancing 3D bikini babes.

The most beautiful virtual babes ever created, dancing in their bikinis just for you. Play mp3 songs or playlists from inside the Bikini3D 1.0 dance club while you watch your favorite girl dance. Pulsating lights, laser graphics, projector displays, and neon accents bring the club to life. Use our awesome built-in `fluid-motion` camera views to keep an eye on the action, or better yet walk around inside the club in full screen virtual reality.

3D Effects Demo, On November 28, 2006 updated, downloaded 227 times.

Hola Barcelona screensaver 1.0

Hola Barcelona screensaver

Hola Barcelona screensaver 1.0 features some wonderful Barcelona pictures.

Others ScreenSavers Freeware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 82 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardFree Living Forest Waterfall 1.0

watch this amazing waterfall inside a forest

Relax in front of your computer and watch this amazing waterfall inside a forest. This sceensaver displays realistic animation of waterfall with calming sounds and nice singing birds in background. So sit down and watch this amazing green nature scenery.

Others ScreenSavers Freeware, On January 31, 2008 updated, downloaded 121 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardABF Screen Saver (OpenGL) 2.0

ABF Screen Saver (OpenGL)

ABF Screen Saver is a simple screen saver that works on any 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows. This is a freeware program, so you can freely download, use or distribute it. It is built using the OpenGL technology, but screensaver works great on any video card, even if the hardware doesn`t support OpenGL. This screen saver is a promo demo of our abilities to make any screensaver or other software.

3D Effects Freeware, On January 15, 2008 updated, downloaded 131 times.

Majestic Horses 1.0

The spirited horse in a slideshow screensaver

Enjoy the majesty and spirit of the horse on your desktop. Majestic Horses 1.0 displays high quality photos in a slideshow presentation. The full version includes 20 breathtaking images, plus the ability to choose between multiple transition effects between images. Also, choose which images are displayed (or not displayed) with a unique thumbnail view. And, best of all, no more advertisements! The full version is only $9.95.

Animals Species Shareware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 104 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardImages of India Screensaver 1.0

A stunning visual journey through India.

Take a stunning visual journey through incredible India. The customizable screensaver features award-winning travel photos from Visit the majestic Taj Mahal, Kerala`s soothing backwaters, Tamil Nadu`s bull festival, the natural snow-capped beauty of the Himalayas, as well as Mumbai, Delhi, Hampi, Hyderabad and Rajasthan. Great for those who want a slice of home or want to remember a vacation – or are planning a trip.

Others ScreenSavers Freeware, On December 23, 2007 updated, downloaded 132 times.

From Space to Earth - Europe Screen Saver 3.0

Protect your monitor with satellite-eye views

Protect your monitor with satellite-eye views of different parts of Europe. See pictures of Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy and more. This 32-bit screen-saver engine rotates photos of different locations of Europe as seen on clear days from the earth`s orbit. Over a dozen visual effects can appear between images. Plus, each of the photos can be displayed as your desktop wallpaper.

Flight Shareware, On January 18, 2008 updated, downloaded 95 times.

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