Update list for SecureFX

SecureFX 8.3.3 changelog from May 3, 2018

SecureFX 8.3.2 from February 8, 2018

SecureFX 8.3.1 from December 8, 2017

SecureFX 8.3 from November 9, 2017

SecureFX 8.3 introduces Connect bar auto complete, multiple session drag and drop in the Session Manager and Connect dialog, and faster synchronization of large numbers of files and folders. New encryption support includes SSH2 ChaCha20/Poly1305 and AES-GCM ciphers and the UMAC-128 MAC algorithm.

SecureFX 8.1.4 changelog from August 10, 2017

SecureFX 8.1.3 from May 23, 2017

SecureFX 8.1.2 from April 27, 2017

SecureFX 8.1.1 from March 1, 2017

SecureFX 8.1 from January 26, 2017

SecureFX 8.1 updates the UI and improves smart card support (PIV/CAV) for Mac and Linux platforms. Server-to-server synchronization allows file synchronization on two remote systems. “Synchronize File Browsing” allows navigation of local and remote folders that have the same directory structure.

SecureFX 8.0.4 changelog from December 7, 2016

SecureFX 8.0 for Windows has new themes , toolbar icons, task scheduler, and ability to specify certificates on smart cards (PIV/CAC) and export public keys in OpenSSH format and from PKCS #11. On all platforms generate and use ECDSA/RFC 5656 and Ed25519 keys and authenticate with PuTTY PPK files.

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