Update list for SecureFX

SecureFX 8.0.4 changelog from December 7, 2016

SecureFX 8.0.3 from October 7, 2016

SecureFX 8.0.2 from June 14, 2016

SecureFX 8.0.1 from May 27, 2016

SecureFX 8.0 from April 10, 2016

SecureFX 8.0 for Windows has new themes , toolbar icons, task scheduler, and ability to specify certificates on smart cards (PIV/CAC) and export public keys in OpenSSH format and from PKCS #11. On all platforms generate and use ECDSA/RFC 5656 and Ed25519 keys and authenticate with PuTTY PPK files.

SecureFX 7.3.7 changelog from February 25, 2016

SecureFX 7.3.6 from January 4, 2016

SecureFX 7.3.5 from September 10, 2015

SecureFX 7.3.4 from June 16, 2015

SecureFX 7.3.3 from March 31, 2015

SecureFX 7.3.2 from February 27, 2015

SecureFX 7.3.1 from January 19, 2015

SecureFX 7.3 adds a filter bar and Mac/Linux support to the session manager, an import/export tool, and PGP compatibility. Also new is an option to display filenames using UTF-8 encoding, the ability to resume interrupted transfers with SFXCL, and support for larger encryption keys.

SecureFX 7.2.5 changelog from July 26, 2014

SecureFX 7.2 introduces a dockable session manager (Windows only) and a personal data folder. Also new is SCP support for Cisco and Juniper devices, support for SHA-2 MAC, and options to transfer files automatically during synchronization and force the use of ASCII or binary for all file transfers.

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