SecureFile distribution permissions and end-user license agreement

Copyright © 2001-2002 by SecureSoft Technologies

All rights reserved.

Please read the following carefully before you use this program. If you disagree with any of the following, you are not allowed to use this program and you must remove it immediately.

SecureFile is Shareware! Shareware is software provided to computer users at no charge for a "try before you buy" evaluation period; however, payment is required if the software is used beyond its evaluation period.

The evaluation period for SecureFile is 30 days from the date of the first installation!

SecureFile is protected by international copyright laws; it is not public domain. SecureFile is offered to the user for evaluation for a limited period at no charge. You are granted a limited license to use this software for the purpose of evaluation of the software for a period not to exceed 30 days unless otherwise agreed to by SecureSoft Technologies


You are also granted a license to make and distribute complete and unmodified copies for the purpose of evaluation of the software by others. Permission is granted to distributors to charge a reasonable media and handling fee for diskettes or other media containing this software or for access to the software on bulletin boards or FTP sites, but only if the original distribution file remains intact and unmodified.

Use of this software beyond the 30 day evaluation period without payment of the license fee to SecureSoft Technologies is a copyright violation.

Payment of the license fee entitles a single user to use SecureFile. When you have registered and paid your license fee for this software you will receive your registration code. "Single user" means that the software is to be used only by a single individual but the software may be installed for that one individual`s use on multiple computers (in the individual`s office and home, for example). The software may also be installed on a single computer and be used by multiple individuals as long no two individuals can use this software at the same time. Installation with simultaneous access by multiple individuals requires a multi-user or site license. Installation on multiple PCs or a network server with simultaneous access by multiple individuals requires a multi-user license.

More details about multi-user or site licenses and other registration issues are available by e-mail from

You may distribute this software to friends and colleagues, but the only file you may transfer is the original SecureFile distribution archive and not a copy of the installed software. Please encourage them to register their copy if they find that they make use of it.

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