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DownloadRoute cool awardInternet Password Pro 1.1

Internet Password Pro- The secure Password Ma

Store dozens of usernames and passwords for frequently visited websites, forums, subscriptions, Affiliate Programs, Traffic Exchanges and more- All in One convenient Place! So easy to use, you can begin using it right away! Internet Password Pro 1.1 also features a visually pleasing interface, FREE future updates and is backed by a 15 day money-back guarantee.

Password Managers Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 129 times.

DownloadRoute good awardMail PassView 1.86

Recovers email passwords

Mail PassView 1.86 is a small password-recovery tool that reveals the passwords and other account details for the following email clients: Outlook Express Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only) Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts) IncrediMail Eudora Netscape 6.x/7.x Mozilla Thunderbird Group Mail Free Web-based email clients

Mail PassView 64bit

Other Freeware, On June 28, 2016 updated, downloaded 166 times.

PwdDoubleCheck (Passwords) 1.0.1

A security password auditing system.

PwdDoubleCheck is an easy to use application to check the strength of your passwords on Windows based systems. Activate a trial version of PwdDoubleCheck by using this product key RGm+7-rW2/B-5Z#Eu-$M6Fh.

Password Managers Comercial, On January 23, 2008 updated, downloaded 88 times.

DownloadRoute good awardCerberus Security Guard 4.1.0

Cerberus Security is a security tool

A tool to optimize your online activity (and not only) and ensure a safe and reliable Windows experience is pretty much requisite. Cerberus Security Guard 4.1.0 is a program devoted to security challenges whose purpose is to keep your computer safe from attacks of Trojan horses, keyloggers, multiple interceptors, and other kinds of system hacks, including various types of spyware.

Cerberus Security Guard 64bit

Access Control Freeware, On April 18, 2014 updated, downloaded 206 times.

HashX 0.49MB
DownloadRoute cool awardHashX

computes hash value(checksum) for any file

HashX is a powerful yet very easy to use application designed for computes hash value(checksum) for any single file, it allows you to verify that downloaded files are not corrupted or otherwise unusable before you burn them to disc or host them on your file server.

HashX 64bit

Other Freeware, On January 21, 2008 updated, downloaded 107 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardViPNet OFFICE 2.2.0(EN)

INTERNET VPN clients and gateways software

ViPNet OFFICE 2.2.0(EN) is an IP VPN and designed as unique client-to-client or client-to-site VPN software with build-in secure business applications: encrypted Instant Messaging (IM), encrypted file exchange, build-in mail system - a stand-alone solution for a standard e-mail environment to keep your Inbox 100% free-of-spam, build-in personal firewall with IDS, tunnel securing Internet traffic between your offices, online visibility of vpn users, etc.

ViPNet OFFICE 64bit

Other Shareware, On November 19, 2010 updated, downloaded 151 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardHide Files & Folders 3.597

Hide Files & Folders from viewing and search

Hide Files & Folders 3.597 is a an easy-to-use password-protected security utility you can use to password-protect certain files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching. Upon accessing any protected file or folder, dialog box querying password appears on the screen, and by entering a valid password, user gets access to the selected file or folder.

Hide Files & Folders 64bit

Access Control Shareware, On April 16, 2015 updated, downloaded 118 times.

Power Spy 3.72MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardPower Spy 11.30

Secretly logs Facebook, PC & internet use.

Power Spy 11.30 secretly logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, IMs, emails, websites visited, microphone, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches, documents and more. Logs Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, ICQ, AIM, etc. Takes screenshots every x seconds like a spy cam. Sends logs to your email. You can check logs on a remote PC, tablet, smart phone, or directly on the monitored PC. Perfect for monitoring employees, kids and spouse.

Power Spy 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On March 24, 2014 updated, downloaded 179 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardEmsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.10.0.9018

Malware scan and protection

Proactive anti-malware program to clean and protect your PC from all internet threats: ransomware, viruses, spyware, trojans, bots, adware and worms. It uses a 4-layer prevention engine: Surf Protection, Real-time File Guard, Behavior Blocker and Anti-Ransomware. This quadruple-layer blocks access to fraudulent and dangerous websites, scans for malware in real-time and catches zero-day threats like ransomware for the ultimate protection.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 64bit

Antivirus Shareware, On November 5, 2018 updated, downloaded 297 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardWord Password Recovery Wizard 2.1.2

Quickly recover passwords for Word documents.

Word Password Recovery Wizard 2.1.2 will relieve you from the difficulties associated with the loss of MS Word passwords by providing a competently organized set of tools that can restore any Word password. The wizard-like interface and built-in efficient attack profiles allow you to regain access to data stored in your Word documents with just a few clicks. The utility supports all versions of Microsoft Word.

Word Password Recovery Wizard 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On September 9, 2008 updated, downloaded 91 times.

IM Sniffer 2.66MB

Intercepts and decodes all instant message...

Intercepts and decodes all instant message traffic sent/received by the computer (currently AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and MSN but will support Yahoo in version 0.8). A high performance engine delivers real time message logging. Conversations can be viewed immediately or saved for later analysis. This program is intended for concerned parents/spouses as well as network...

Other Freeware, On January 16, 2008 updated, downloaded 150 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardMotion Detection 1.04

Creates a movie from anything in motion

Motion Detection 1.04 is an application that saves still pictures and/or makes .avi files when anything in motion is detected in front of the selected webcam. The pictures and the frames of the movies are timestamped.

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 105 times.

ScreenSpy 1.31MB
DownloadRoute excellent awardScreenSpy 2.2

Screen-Spy Screenshot Activity Recorder

Screen-Spy makes it easy to monitor spouses, children or employees. Screen-Spy is software that records a screenshot of your computer every 30 seconds. All while remaining completely hidden from view in stealth mode. Access the hidden interface to view results by pressing CTRL,SHIFT,ALT,I all four at once, and enter retinax without quotes. Playback of activity is like a movie with the easy VCR like interface. Fully functional freeware program.

Covert Surveillance Freeware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 110 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardViPNet SafeDisk Mobile (deutsch) 1.2.3

Verschlüsselte versteckte Speicherkarte

ViPNet SafeDisk Mobile ist Ihre präventive Waffe gegen gerissene Kriminelle, Konkurrenten oder neugierige Menschen, die leicht Ihre vertraulichen Daten vom gestohlenen oder verlorenen PDA erfassen können. Mit diesem Programm können Sie solche Daten in virtuellen versteckten Speicherkarten ablegen, welche via AES Algorithmus verschlüsselt werden.

Encryption Shareware, On October 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 104 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardPrivacy Eraser Free 4.44.2

Clean Your Tracks & Protect Your Privacy!

Privacy Eraser is an all-in-one privacy suite, PC optimization and cleaning tool. It cleans all of your internet history traces and past activities with one click, recovers hard drive space by deleting unnecessary and redundant files, speeds up internet surfing and browsing, boosts your PC's performance and stability making it faster, secure and more efficient.

Privacy Eraser Free 64bit

Other Shareware, On November 16, 2018 updated, downloaded 584 times.

GSM Spy Phone

Spy Phone 3.00 allows the user to call the target phone (with the installed software) which will result in the phone answering in ghost mode, i.e. answers at zero ring, without lights, call notifications and log creation. No visual or physical changes can be noticed on the target phone. More details at,

Covert Surveillance Comercial, On July 6, 2007 updated, downloaded 208 times.

Billeo 288.83MB
DownloadRoute good awardBilleo

Billeo: Simplify Your Online Experience

V. features a minor update to included Firefox 11 support

Billeo 64bit

Password Managers Freeware, On March 20, 2012 updated, downloaded 89 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardSecure Email CryptoHeaven OSX 3.8

Secure email, chat, collaboration.

Highly secure email with encrypted hosted storage. Integrated secure chat, instant messaging and collaboration for individuals and groups. Works across networks and firewalls without a need for expensive VPN, PKI or complicated network setup, administration, or maintenance. Includes anonymous email options.

Secure Email CryptoHeaven OSX MAC

Encryption Shareware, On August 9, 2013 updated, downloaded 92 times.

DownloadRoute good awardAsterisk Password Reveal 3.0

Reveal asterisk password with one click.

Reveal asterisk password with one click. No need to install and uninstall. Drag the cursor over the hidden asterisk password to reveal it. Easy way to recover password. Run Password Revealer, and drag the revealing icon to the hidden password. That`s all. To reveal IE webpages asterisk password, click "scan IE web pages password" and follow the instructions. (Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000/2003)

Password Managers Shareware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 110 times.

DownloadRoute cool awardPower Spy Software 12.45

Keylogger, Facebook, email and chat spy.

Power Spy Software 12.45 secretly logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, IMs, emails, websites visited, microphone, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches, documents and more. Logs Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc. Takes screenshots every x seconds like a spy cam. Sends logs to your email. You can check logs on a remote PC, tablet, smart phone, or directly on the monitored PC. Perfect for monitoring employees, kids and spouse.

Power Spy Software 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On July 28, 2018 updated, downloaded 653 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardViPNet Safe Disk Mobile 1.2.3(EN)

Total data protection on your PDA.

ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC is your preemptive line of defence against cunning criminals, business competitors or nosy people who can easily learn your secrets from the lost or stolen PDA. With this program, you can hide your sensitive files in secret folders which are password-protected and encrypted by AES or GOST algorithms. Your files remain inaccessible even when your PDA is switched off or in the "stand-by" mode. Encryption.

Encryption Shareware, On April 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 90 times.

Mil Shield 8.1

Automatically erases all tracks from your PC.

Mil Shield 8.1 protects your privacy by deleting all tracks from your online or offline PC activities: Cookies, Cache, History, WebCacheV01.dat and INDEX.DAT files, Registry, Free Disk Space, and many others. Some unique options in this program: Selective cleaning (selectively preserves cache, history and cookies for chosen by you safe Internet sites), Panic key combination,Automatic cleaning. Supports Win 8.1/7/Vista/XP 32&64-bit, IE 11, Chrome.

Mil Shield 64bit

Other Shareware, On June 23, 2014 updated, downloaded 115 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAnti Virus - Spyware remover - Adware removal 1.0

Anti Virus - Spyware remover - Adware removal

Protect your PC from viruses, spyware, adware, popups and spam with our Free PC Protect. This is an Anti Virus / Spyware remover / Adware removal / Pop Up blocker and Spam Filter that runs as a screensaver application in the background. You will not notice PC Protect doing it`s work by stopping viruses, spyware, adware, popups and spam. This screensaver application is Powered by - Specialized in Anti Virus / Spyware remover.

Anti Virus - Spyware remover - Adware removal MAC - Anti Virus - Spyware remover - Adware removal OS2

Antivirus Freeware, On January 17, 2008 updated, downloaded 185 times.

DownloadRoute good awardInternet Password Lock 9.2.0

Password protect Internet access

Password protect all access to the Internet (Web surfing, Instant Messaging, email, etc.). Protect children by making sure they do not use the Internet without a parent present or lock out unauthorized Internet use on business computers. Once Internet Password Lock 9.2.0 is installed, all Internet access is blocked when Windows starts. Input a password to access the Internet. You can then access the Internet freely until you lock the Internet again.

Internet Password Lock 64bit

Access Control Shareware, On May 19, 2013 updated, downloaded 89 times.

DownloadRoute good awardAnti-Hijacker 1.2

Protect your IE homepage from hijacked!

Anti-Hijacker 1.2 is a tool that Internet Explorer should have added a long time ago. Anti-Hijacker 1.2 sits silently in the background, using no computer resources, until a malicious spyware hijacker or web page attempts to change your web browser homepage. Anti-Hijacker 1.2 stops your homepage from being changed and assures it always remains as you originally set it.

AntiSpam & Anti-Spy Shareware, On January 20, 2008 updated, downloaded 123 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardInTouch Lock 3.7

Restricts access to PC, private data, sites.

Award-winning software to restrict access to your PC and private data. Allows you to block access to Internet, web sites, files, folders, disks, applications, desktop and more. Block files download, software installations and uninstalls. Prevent users from plugging and using USB Flash devices, memory cards, external HDDs, DVDs and Blu-ray recorders. Multi-user and multi-profile support. Built-in scheduler. Event logging. Stealth-mode support.

InTouch Lock 64bit

Access Control Shareware, On February 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 119 times.

Passwords Base 6.08

Keep your passwords safety.

Passwords Base 6.08 will keep all your passwords in a secure database, so you only have to remember one single master password. The database is encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms. A clickless and intuitive interface makes it easy to manage your passwords.

Passwords Base 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On August 1, 2017 updated, downloaded 229 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAsterisk Password Decryptor 3.15

Shows the password hidden under asterisks.

Asterisk Password Decryptor 3.15 instantly recovers lost passwords from most Windows applications that store passwords hidden behind the asterisks (*****). It easily recovers passwords for e-mail accounts in Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and many other e-mail clients, FTP accounts in CuteFTP, FlashFXP, FileZilla and other FTP clients. Asterisk Password Decryptor 3.15 also allows to see the hidden password on web pages in Internet Explorer.

Asterisk Password Decryptor 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On June 18, 2014 updated, downloaded 166 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardKeep It (a) Secret! 2002B

Keep your passwords, userids, etc. secure.

Keep all your passwords, userid`s, codes, etc. safe and secure in just one place. - In todays world there are so many codes, that you have to remembers - now you just have to remember one, and all the other will be revealed. Use "Keep It (a) Secret".

Password Managers Freeware, On January 25, 2008 updated, downloaded 144 times.

DownloadRoute excellent awardAIM Spy Monitor 2011 8.6

Secretly log AIM text chat messages.

Invisible messenger spy software that logs all incoming and outgoing AIM text chat messages. View log records from the program or send a report to a preset email / ftp. You can check all recorded incoming and outgoing messages by simply receiving emails or opening a web page. Use hotkey to unhide it from Stealth Mode and protect program access by password.

AIM Spy Monitor 2011 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On January 29, 2011 updated, downloaded 146 times.

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